Hello everyone, this story was originally a one-shot by Penslinger. I loved the idea and with permission, I am going to turn this into a regular story. I just hope that I do it justice. This first chapter is only an introduction to the story. I will be adding some lemons to the story in good time. I may at some time have to change the rating to M. If I do I will let everyone know about the change.

Paul's Point Of View

I tried to hold in my laughter at Jared. He just opened up a Twitter account to keep all his secrets in. He is such an idiot sometimes; I am going to have so much fun with this. I knew what his passwords were and, all I got to say was payback is a bitch.

When I got home I logged on to the account, to see what he has been writing on here.

I couldn't believe what I was reading. This boy has completely lost his mind. The very first page was the legends of our tribe. That itself was not bad, what scarred me was when he described in detail what it was like to transform into a wolf for the first time.

Jared's Twitter

I remember the first time that I transformed for the first time. I just got into a fight with my mother over my friendship with Paul once again. She thought that I needed to end my friendship with him.

"He is going to amount to nothing, mark my words Jared. He is going to rub off on you and bring him down with him. Do you really want people to think of you like that?" Jared mother yelled at him once again.

After we yelled a bit more at each other, I stormed out of the house. I was so upset with everyone telling me what to do. God couldn't anyone let me make my own decisions in life. School was the same; I was treated like I was a little kid, or a criminal if I was around Paul. Let me clear something up right now. Paul may be an ass, but he never has done anything that seriously wrong!

For the last few days I felt like I was running a fever. My mother wanted to make me an appointment with the doctor, but I refused. Paul and me had gotten into a fight at school that day because we both wanted to take the same girl out. Well I wanted to take her to the movies and go slow, he just wanted to get her into her pants.

I don't ever know why I snapped at him. I just needed to go for a walk and blow off some steam. I started to walk into the woods, behind my house.

Since the beginning of that day, I felt myself getting more and more upset with everyone, over anything that was said to me.

As I started to think back, I began to shake; and couldn't control myself. I never felt this type of pain before. I felt like a rubber band, getting pulled apart for a slingshot. My eyes were going in and out of focus. I could feel, and see my bones, and muscles change shape. I screamed out in pain, I didn't understand what was happening to me. The next thing I saw was a paw. I had freaking paws, what the hell happened to me. I was so scared; I didn't know what to do. I must of howled out in fear, when suddenly someone was in my head with me.

The voice in my head had turned out to be Sam. He explained to me what was happening to me, and what it all meant. It took me two days to transform back to my human self.

I was not a protector of my people; it was both a blessing and a curse.

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