Jared Point Of View

Logging on twitter I began to type this is going to be the longest night of my life. I can't believe that my Kim would want to have sex with someone else. I can't believe that I am not man enough for her." I said out loud to myself.

"Your man enough Jared, don't ever think different." Leah spoke from behind me.

I turned around in shock, I was so depress I didn't even hear her jump in my window.

"What are you doing her Leah, come to rub this in my face again." I practically yelled at her.

She started laughing at me. "No Jared I came for two different reasons. Both of which you are complete idiot about." She said lying down on my bed.

"Really! So what am I being an idiot about, do tell me so you can get the hell out of my room. I can't deal with anything right now." I growled at her.

Leah looked so relaxed before she began to speak. "Well first of all only you would think Twitter is private. Anyone can read the crap that you write on it. Especially if hint, hint someone has your password. I love Kim is really a smart password you stupid ass.

I was about to cut her off. Mentally kicking myself, about the whole twitter thing. Damn which pack member would be nosy enough to read my personal shit? One name came to mind PAUL! I am so going to whip his ass later. I was about to forcefully pick Leah up and throw her out my window when she said the next words that made me stop dead in my tracks.

"I talked to Kim today, we came to an agreement that since she is going to get her fun, so are you! "

"What do you mean, does it look like I am having fun right now Leah!" I said as a started to shake.

"Calm down Jared! You don't need to phase in the house. Plus I am going to be the one giving you some sexual fun tonight." She said giving me a wicked smile.

"What are you talking about? Leah you lost your damn mind." I said as she leaned down all the way on the bed and spread her legs apart slowly.

"I decided to help you with your no pun intended little problem. Kim is ok with it and I have the experience. After tonight little lesson Kim will be begging you for some." Leah said getting off the bed and brushing her lips to mine.

"Relax Jared just go with it." She told me in my ear as she walked me over to the bed.

Once we got there she started to take off my shirt. She began placing kisses down my chest. Her hand softly moving up and down my sides. Grabbing my hands she placed them on the hem of her shirt. Which quickly get removed from her. God her breast were so big and firm, I quickly removed her bra from her. She leaned down so that I was able to take her breast in my mouth. I quickly sucked on them, and she pushed herself out of my grip.

"Jared, slow down we got all night to do this. I am not Kim there is no rush. I want you to enjoy every minute of it. I also want to play a little game with you. I get to tell you what I want you to do and then you have to please me by doing it. This way I get a lot pleasure out of this, and you will learn many different positions in which size won't matter." She said to me, while she stroked her own nibbles turning me even more on.

Slowly she leaned down again and started kissing my stomach. She used her teeth to unbutton my jeans and zipper. Feeling her do this made me cum a bit. I thought for sure that she was going to remove my boxers next but she kept them on. Choosing instead to dry hump me. God this woman was going to kill me. I just wanted both us naked right now.

"Jared, I am in the mood for a little music." She said getting off of me, and walking to the stereo.

"Jared sweetie sit up and remove your boxers, keep your feet on the floor for me." She smiled sweetly to me.

Slowly Leah made her way back to me moving to the music. She pulled me closer and started to give me a lap dance. When I tried to grab her she told me I had to keep my hands to myself, and learn some control. She was sitting on me when she put her hands down on the floor and lifted herself up off of me.

"Remove the rest of my clothes Jared." She said.

Slowly she sat back down and positioned herself on me. We did so many different positions. She was like the energizer bunny. She just kept going, and going. I had finish a few times and she managed to keep getting me back up. Soon I was getting the hang of things.

I picked her up so I was leaning against the wall. "God!" I thought this is incredible.

When we were finally finished I asked her where she learned this all from.

"Not from Sam, believe me, we were both virgins. She said smiling.

"Leah! You seriously are not going to tell me!" I questioned her, looking for my question to be answered.

" I know that you want me to say Paul, but no it was not him either. Lets just say revenge on Sam is even sweeter. There might be just another reason why he no longer talks to his best friend. He knows nothing about Paul, or you. I would advise you not to let it slip out either.

"I don't do the whole cuddle thing Jared, so I am going to go home and take a long and nice hot shower." She told me leaning, placing a kiss on my forehead. Don't worry you are going to take Kim for the ride of her lifetime.

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