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Eric and Donna Forman-married for around 18 years now, have two children.

Christopher "Chris" Forman-17 and going to be a senior in high school. Currently not dating.

Ashlynn "Ash" Forman-14, entering Freshman year in high school. Currently secret dating Jagger Hyde who is 15.

Steven and Jackie Hyde-married for almost nineteen years already have two children and are expecting a third.

Jagger Hyde-15, dating Ashlynn, oldest of Maggie and another baby on the way.

Maggie Hyde-14, youngest child soon to be middle child. Best friends with Ashlynn who only knows that she and her brother are dating.

Michael Kelso and Brooke-been married near ten years. Their daughter Betsy is starting her second year in college

Fez is currently dating. No official girlfriend or marriage for him yet. Red and Kitty Forman will be in this story as well!

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Chapter 1

The alarm clock rung loud on a September morning. Ashlynn Forman groaned as she tried to hit the snooze button but it didn't succeed. She slowly got up and out of bed and realization that the first day of Freshman year at Point Place High School was to begin. At least she would as least know a few people going.

Ashlynn Forman is the youngest daughter to Eric and Donna and baby sister to Chris. She inherited her mother's hair, which she managed to get her hair highlighted with dark brown into the red hair when she was thirteen years old. She recently turned fourteen so goodbye junior high, hello high school.

She reflected back on what happened this past summer. Jagger and Maggie were expecting another little brother or sister in the next eight months, Chris was excited that he was finally entering senior year and couldn't wait to leave home for college and not to mention that she and Jagger started to date.

Jagger was entering sophomore year so they were a year apart in age difference. They started dating after Grandma and Grandpa's annual Fourth of July Barbeque. Only his sister and best friend Maggie knows.

"Ash come on breakfast is getting cold!" her mom, Donna called from downstairs.

"In a minute" she called. "I'm so not a morning person."

"So honey, excited about your first day of high school?" Eric asked his daughter as she came into the kitchen.

"I guess" she replied.

"Ash, I hope you do realize that we have to leave in a half hour to get ready so we can get Maggie and Jagger" Chris said.

"Don't worry, besides him and Maggie are meeting up in the driveway anyways" she said.

"Who told you that?" he asked.

"Jag. Last night when we were hanging out" she replied. Only she and his dad were allowed to call him Jag.

"Well, Ash, remember to be on your best behavior" Donna said.

"Mom, I'm fourteen remember?" Ash pointed out.

"I know" she said. Donna had noticed something was different about Ash ever since the summer. The problem was that she couldn't point what it was. She knew for sure it was bothering Eric as well since he and Ash have a close bond.

"I would like to continue chatting but you little sis, get ready Jagger and Maggie are going to be here soon" Chris noted.

"Okay, okay gees." she said. Ash climbed off the stool and walked upstairs to which she went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. After she got out, she dried her hair, brushed her teeth, did her hair and went into her room to pick out her clothes. Donna and Ash went clothes shopping a week prior which didn't turn out as bad as she thought it would. Ash picked out a black and pink t shirt with light blue jeans and had her converse sneakers on. She grabbed her dark green messenger bag and went downstairs.

"Finally she arrives" Chris said.

"Oh shut up, besides Maggie and Jag just showed up" Ash said pointing out as the two other kids came through the screen door.

Maggie was the spitting image of her mother. A girly girl who likes makeup and shopping. She and Ash have been best friends since first grade and Ash was the complete opposite, who takes after Donna of course.

Jagger was only 5'11 and had his dad's personality minus the Zen mood. He has his dad's hair but his mother's eyes. He's going into sophomore year and already with a girlfriend, he was lucky enough that Maggie knows about him and Ash. They both decided to wait to tell everyone when the time is right.

Even if it means keeping it from their parents. After all, their parents were close one another since their childhoods.

"Hey guys, how's your mom doing?" Donna asked them.

"Besides her mood swings and morning sickness, never better" Jag said sarcastically.

"What he means is that she's doing fine" Maggie said, giving a look to her brother.

"Glad to hear that but come on, we got to get to school" Chris said, grabbing his bag.

"What's the matter, meeting up with some chick?" Ash asked.

"Ha, funny" he said. The kids grabbed their stuff and left the house. As they were pulling away from the house, Donna couldn't help but stare out into the window as the kids drove off.

"Everything alright, sweetie?" Eric asked his wife.

"Do you think Ash is acting weird lately?" she asked.

"I don't think so then again she and Jag have been hanging out lately, maybe getting closer" he replied.

"Probably. Sometimes I have a feeling that she maybe hiding something from us" Donna said.

"Well whatever it is" Eric said, wrapping his arms around her, "she'll tell us when she's ready."

"I hope so" Donna said. "Come on, we don't want to be late for work, and then I got to meet up with Jackie. Apparently she wants me to help her with planning on the new nursery again."

"It's hard to imagine that the devil is having another child" he said.

"Eric" she warned him.

"What? I am happy for her, this is still unexpected" he said in defense.

Donna only shook her head and kissed her husband as they both left for work.

"So when do you plan on telling your parents about you and Jag?" Maggie asked as the two girls went on their way to homeroom.

"I don't know, probably never" Ash replied.

"You got to tell them at some point" Maggie said.

"I will don't worry" Ash said, "When the time is right."

"Ash" Maggie warned.

"Well only if he tells your parents" she suggested.

"I could try and get it to work, well I'll see you at lunch" Maggie said as she entered her homeroom.

Some year this will be, Ashlynn thought to herself as the warning bell rang.

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