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Chapter 8

Over the next few days, the girls would get together during lunchtime to talk about their plan for the tryouts. Ash only told Jag some details since they were still in planning mode. She couldn't help but had a feeling in her stomach that she couldn't quite figure out.

"Hello, Ash are you there?" Maggie asked.

"Sorry I spaced out" she said.

"Okay because I was getting worried there for a second" she said as they were at the Hub after school. The hub was surprisingly there since the gang hardly goes there anymore so the kids have then marked it as their hangout spot.

"I still can't believe my aunt Laurie is dating Uncle Fez" Ash said.

"I know and I'm surprised your grandpa isn't shoving his foot up anyone's asses" Maggie noted.

"Don't jinx it" Ash mumbled.

Maggie chuckled as they ate their fries and chatted a bit. "When's your brother coming to get us?"

"I don't know he said he had to take care of something" Ash replied.

Chris took a nervous breath as he walked into Grooves record store that same afternoon. He walked in and saw that there were a few people in there. Well it was a Wednesday afternoon so people must be still working. He knew deep down that he had to do this otherwise he would've been at his SAT prep courses.

Then again, there was the winter session he has time to sign up. But his parents wanted him for the fall session but he totally forgot and by the time he went to sign up, it was too late.

"Chris" he heard his name being called. He looked up and saw Hyde walking over towards him from behind the counter.

Here goes nothing.

"Hey um if you're not busy I need to ask you something" he said.

"Sure it's no problem let me get one of my employees to watch the counter for a minute just go into my office" Hyde said, leading Chris to his office. Chris sat down as he waited anxiously for Hyde to come back.

"Okay so what's going on?" Hyde asked.

"Well it's hard to explain but before I do, I need you to promise me something" Chris said.

"It depends on what it is" Hyde said. He had a feeling that it may have to do something with him.

"Promise me you won't tell Mom and Dad about the situation I'm in" he said.

"If this has to do with you and doing drugs, I really can't promiseā€¦"

"It's not trust me. I already heard the speech from Grandpa Red" Chris assured him.

"Then what is it?"

Chris took a deep breath before he started to explain the situation. He told Hyde about how he forgot to sign up for the SAT prep courses over the summer since he was enjoying it before he went off to college. He still could sign up for the winter courses but it would take longer for the applications to go out.

"I don't know man; I mean I don't have a problem with you working in the store it's just what happens if you get caught?" Hyde asked. "I don't want your Dad over my ass especially your Mom."

"I'll figure that out just take this into consideration" Chris said.

"Alright I'll let you know if anything changes" Hyde said relunctly.

"Thanks so much I got to go get Ash" he said, getting up from his seat.

"Chris" Hyde said as he as heading towards the door. Chris looked back at Hyde for a minute. "I hope you know what you're doing."

He nodded as he walked out of the office. Hyde sat down at his desk after Chris left. He didn't realize until now that he had become an adult to not only his kids but to Eric's and Donnas' as well.

"What did he say?" Ash asked later that afternoon after dinner.

"He said he's going to see what he can do for me to work there" Chris replied.

She nodded before she was heading towards her room. She waited for awhile before she grabbed the cordless phone that was in her room and dialed Jag's number.

"Hey you" he said.

"Hi you're all by yourself?" she asked.

"No Maggie's downstairs doing homework" he replied.

"I see" she said.

"I missed you after school" he said.

"Yeah sorry we were doing operation screw tryouts today at the hub" she said.

"How's that going along?"

"Eh, so far all we know the days of the tryouts and I think we might stick with the screwing up our steps" she said.

"Better than nothing" he said.

"Yeah" she said.

"Shoot I wish I could talk longer but my parents just got home. I'll see you tomorrow okay?" Jag said.

"That's fine babe see you tomorrow" Ash said before she hung up. She was getting up from her spot when she saw her brother standing by the door.

"Now correct me if I'm wrong" he said, "but calling your best friend babe seems a bit odd."

"One I was talking to Jag and two mind your own damn business" she said. "Why are even up here anyways?"

"I needed to ask you something but now that I don't remember but why don't you tell me what's the deal with calling Jag babe?"

Ash really didn't want to tell Chris about the relationship. She hated keeping it a secret from her family and he probably feels the same way. However they agree that their parents wouldn't understand or try and do something to their relationship.

"I'm not telling you" she said.


"Because I'm not so there" she said.

"You guys are dating, aren't you?" he said.

"Even if we are so what?" she asked. "When was the last time you had a girlfriend?"

"Not since freshman year" he replied. "My sister is dating? My little sister has a boyfriend?"

"Shut up" Ash said, tackling her brother down and covering his mouth. They both heard the door open and close downstairs.

"Kids?" Eric called out.

"We're upstairs" Ash called down. "If I let go, will you promise not to blab it out to Mom and Dad?"

Chris looked at her with wide eyes before he nodded slowly and she let go. She got up from the ground and straightened herself out.

"We're not done with this conversation" he said.

"Uh no shit Sherlock we're not" she said sarcastically before she made her way downstairs.

Chris took one look at her retreating back before he groaned. When has his little sister grew up? She was only a freshman in high school and already with a boyfriend. He sighed heavily as he made his way downstairs to greet his dad.

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