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Summary: Yugi and Yami have been in a happy relationship for over almost two years. When a school shooting at Domino High occurs, Yugi is shot in the head and ends up in a coma. Everyone is afraid that Yugi is never going to wake up, especially Yami. When Yugi does wake up, everyone is relieved. There is just one problem. Yugi doesn't remember Yami at all! In fact, Yugi only rememeber Tea, Heba, and Grandpa. Now, Yami is on a mission to win Yugi's heart again. Will Yami be able to win Yugi's heart again, despite a few people at school who want to win Yugi over for themselves? With a little help from his friends, Yami might just pull it off.

Warnings: yaoi, violence, possible lemons later on

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot!

Chapter 1- Perfect Love

Yugi and Yami were sound asleep in their bed in the Game Shop.

It was early in the morning, and no one was up yet.

After Yugi had won the Ceremonial Duel, Yami had been given the opportunity to remain in the realm of the living if he so wished. Yami decided to remain because he was in love with Yugi and didn't want to leave. The gods granted him his own body so that he could live with Yugi in Japan.

Bakura and Marik, who were also in love with their Hikaris, were also given the chance to stay and were granted their own bodies as well under the strict rule that they not use their Shadow magic for any kind of take-over-the-world plot. The two immediately agreed and were allowed to stay in the realm of the living as well.

Surprisingly, Yami's younger brother from ancient Egypt, Atemu, was granted his own body as well because he died so young and was allowed to return to live out the life that was taken from him thousands of years before.

Solomon had gladly taken Yami and Atemu in to love with them, and he had easily accepted Yugi and Yami's relationship.

Yugi's twin brother, Heba, had decided he wanted to be closer to his brother and moved from Egypt to Domino to live with his brother and grandfather. Heba took the fact that Yami and Atemu were living with them well. He found himself falling for Atemu, and the two were now dating.

Seto and Joey had finally stopped tap dancing around each other and admitted that they liked each other. Seto had asked Joey to move in with him to get away from his abusive father, and Joey did.

Tea and Tristan had also gotten together.

Mokuba and Serenity had also started dating, with their brothers' full blessing.

It had been almost two years since the Ceremonial Duel, and everyone was happy.

"Boys! Get up! You have school!" Solomon shouted up the stairs.

Yami, being a light sleeper, woke up. He looked over at Yugi in his arms and smiled.

Yami and Yugi shared a room and a bed although they had yet to have sex.

Yami did enjoy being near Yugi at all times, though.

"Yugi, wake up, Aibou." Yami said, gently shaking Yugi awake.

Yugi opened his eyes and looked up into Yami's crimson ones. "What?" Yugi asked, sleepily.

"We have to get up and get ready fro school." Yami said.

"Oh. Okay." Yugi replied.

The two then got out of bed.

"Whose turn is it to go and get Atemu and Heba up?" Yugi asked.

Yami scowled. "Mine." Yami said grudgingly.

Yugi smiled. "Yami, it's not that bad." Yugi said.

"That's easy for you to say. You weren't the one who walked in to find them both naked since the covers had been thrown into the floor." Yami said, shuddering as he remembered that morning a few weeks ago. He had shouted in surprise before running from the room with Atemu yelling at him.

Yugi giggled. "Come on, Yami. You know that won't happen again." Yugi said.

"Only because Heba insisted on them dressing afterwards." Yami said.

"True. He just doesn't want to get caught in that kind of situation again." Yugi said. He laughed. "Heba and I may be complete opposites, but neither of us care for people to find us in that kind of situation." Yugi said.

"Well, they won't find us in that situation for a while." Yami said.

"I know." Yugi said.

"I'll go and get them up." Yami said, leaving the room.

Yugi smiled. He knew that Yami hated having to get them up, but he and Yami had agreed o take turns getting them up in the morning for school. He then started getting ready for school.

Yami walked across the hall to Atemu and Heba's room. He took a deep breath before he raised a hand and knocked on the door, hoping that the two were already up.

No answer.

"Atemu. Heba. Are either of you up?" Yami asked.

Still no answer.

Yami steeled himself as he took the knob and turned it, opening the door. He looked in and was thankful that the covers were pulled over the two.

Atemu had his arms wrapped around Heba, and Heba was curled up in Atemu's arms.

Yami walked over and shook his brother. "Atemu, wake up." Yami said.

Atemu groaned as he opened one eye to look at his brother. "What?" Atemu asked.

"Get up. We have to get ready for school." Yami said.

"All right." Atemu said.

Yami then turned and left the room.

"Heba, wake up." Atemu said, brushing Heba's bangs out of his eyes.

Heba opened his eyes slowly and looked up at his boyfriend. "What?" Heba asked.

"Time for school." Atemu said.

"Oh. Okay." Heba replied.

The two got out of bed and started getting ready for school.

Yami walked back into his and Yugi's room to find that Yugi was already ready for school.

"Are they up?" Yugi asked, turning to look at his boyfriend as he put his neck belt on.

"Yeah. They're getting up." Yami answered, going to the closet and getting out his school uniform.

"Good. I don't think that they want Grandpa to come up here and force them to get up." Yugi said.

"I know that they don't." Yami replied, getting dressed in the navy blue pants and white button-up shirt along with the navy blue jacket that made up the school uniform.

Solomon was making breakfast when he heard footsteps on the stairs He turned to find Yugi and Yami walking into the kitchen "Morning, Yugi. Yami." Solomon said.

"Morning, Grandpa." Yugi and Yami said at the same time.

"Are Atemu and Heba up?" Solomon asked.

"I woke them up." Yami answered.

"We're here." Heba said as he and Atemu walked into the kitchen, wearing the school uniform.

"Just in time. Breakfast is ready." Solomon said, setting the plate of pancakes on the table.

All four started eating.

"Are you coming straight home after school today?" Solomon asked.

"Planning on it unless we make some plans with the gang while at school." Yugi replied.

"Well, I'd like at least two of you to come right home and help me in the shop this afternoon." Solomon said.

"Don't worry, Grandpa. We'll come." Heba assured him.

"I would hope so. I am an old man, and I can't do all I used to." Solomon said.

"Please, Grandpa. You're as spry as you were when I was eight." Yugi said.

"I would still appreciate some help." Solomon said.

"Two of us will come and help you, Grandpa." Yami said.

"Good." Solomon said.

Once the four had finished breakfast, they grabbed their school bags, called good-bye to Solomon, and left the house.

"You'd think he couldn't handle the shop on his own." Atemu remarked.

"You know that Grandpa just likes a little help, and after all he did for us, Atemu, you and I owe it to him. He didn't have to let us live here, and he most certainly could have kicked us out if he didn't like us dating his grandsons." Yami said.

"I know. I thank Ra every day for it." Atemu said.

"And every night." Heba muttered.

"So do you." Atemu retorted.

"Okay. We don't need to hear about your sex life." Yami said.

"Only because you don't have one." Atemu retorted.

"Nothing wrong with waiting, Atemu." Yami said.

Yugi and Heba shook their heads.

It wasn't uncommon for Atemu and Yami to have this argument, although they never meant anything by it. It just meant that Yugi and Heba were always embarrassed by it.

"Hey, guys!"

The group looked ahead to see that Tea, Tristan, Ryou, and Malik were ahead waiting on them.

"Hey, guys." Yugi said.

"Where are Bakura and Marik?" Yami asked.

"You know them. They always have to come in late." Ryou said.

"You'd think that they would be on time for once." Atemu said.

"I don't think that that will ever happen." Heba said as they started to walk to school.

"So, are you ready for that math test, Yugi?" Tea asked.

"Yeah. I stayed up a little late studying for it." Yugi said.

"A little. You were up until twelve-thirty studying it." Yami said.

"I wanted to be ready." Yugi said.

"I don't know why you worry so much, Yugi. You're great in math." Malik said.

"I just like to be prepared." Yugi replied.

"You'll be more than prepared, Yugi. You always make A's in math." Ryou said.

"In math? He makes A's in everything. That's why we have a study group together. So he can help us." Tristan said.

Yugi blushed at the praise. "I'm not the only one who makes good grades." Yugi said.

"You're the only one who does excellent in every subject." Ryou said. He thought a moment and then added, "Except for maybe Seto."

The group arrived at Domino High School.

"I wonder if Joey, Seto, Serenity, and Mokuba are here." Tea said.

"Wheeler! Kaiba! Stop that!" a teacher barked.

The looked to see Seto glaring bloody murder at the teacher.

"I'd say so." Atemu said.

The group was soon joined by the other four.

"Hey guys!" Mokuba said.

"Getting yelled again?" Yami asked.

"You'd think they'd know not to bother me." Seto growled, seething.

Tea rolled her eyes. "Just because you are a powerful CEO doesn't mean that teachers are going to let you break the rules of the school. PDA is against the rules, and you know it." Tea said.

"Shouldn't matter." Seto muttered.

Yami smirked. "That's why you do what Atemu and I do. Make sure no one is around." Yami said.

"Yami!" Yugi scolded.

"What? It's true." Yami said.

"Where is that possible?" Seto asked.

"The bathroom." Yami and Atemu replied at the same time.

Seto smirked. "I might have to follow your advice." Seto said.

"Please. You two go at it enough at home." Mokuba said.

Seto glared at his brother.

Mokuba and Serenity were freshmen at Domino High while the rest were in their senior year.

"Come on. We might as well get to class." Ryou said.

The group headed into the building and went to their lockers before they all went their separate ways to their first class.

Yugi, Heba, Tea, Seto, and Ryou all had their first class together, which was history.

"So, how was your weekend?" Tea asked, looking at Yugi and Heba.

"It was fine. We all took turns helping Grandpa in the shop." Heba answered.

"Yami and I helped more than you and Atemu did, although I get the feeling that Atemu had more to do with that than you." Yugi said.

"You know Atemu. When he get in the mood, there's not stopping him." Heba said.

Seto smirked. "I'm sure that you tried to stop him." Seto said.

Heba shrugged. "Like you'd try to stop Joey." Heba said.

The bell rang.

Students started pouring into the classroom.

The group was talking while they waited for their teacher to arrive.

Yugi didn't notice the male student behind him.

"Hey, beautiful."

Yugi turned and rolled his eyes. "Give it up, Tyler. I don't want anything to do with you." Yugi said. He then narrowed his eyes and said, "And the only one who can call me beautiful is my boyfriend, and you most certainly are not him."

"Come on, Yugi." Tyler said. "When are you going to realize that Yami is the wrong guy for you, and that I am?" Tyler asked.

"When pigs fly." Yugi retorted.

Heba, Tea, and Ryou all snickered.

"Shut up!" Tyler hissed.

"Why don't you move along? Yugi obviously isn't interested." Seto said.

Tyler glared. "He'll be mine one day." Tyler said before walking off.

"He's delusional." Yugi said.

"No kidding." Tea agreed.

"I'm surprised Yami hasn't clobbered the guy after all the ties he's hit on you. The way Yami is, I thought that he would have already beaten him to a pulp and promised death to him if he ever came near you again." Ryou said.

"He would if I'd let him." Yugi said.

"Not letting him?" Joey asked.

"No." Yugi replied.

The teacher walked in a few moments later and called the class to order.

The group met at break.

Ryou and Malik were both glaring at Bakura and Marik.

"Can't you come to school on time at least once?" Ryou asked.

"Why would I do that? I'd ruin my rep." Bakura said, leaning back against the tree.

"Yeah. Everyone expects us to be late." Marik added.

"It doesn't mean that you have to!" Malik snapped.

"To them, it does." Mokuba said.

"We know that, and that's what's so frustrating!" Ryou said.

"Come on, Ryou. After two years of this, I thought that you would have been used to it." Heba said.

"I am. That's what's so bad." Ryou answered.

Yami chuckled. "I think that we would all have heart attacks if they ever made it to school on time." Yami said.

Bakura smirked. "See, Ryou. Everyone expects us to be late. No need in disappointing them." Bakura said.

Ryou sighed. "You'll never be on time, so I don't know why I bother." Ryou said.

"So, we doing anything after school?" Joey asked.

"Well, two of us have to go home after school and help Grandpa." Yugi said.

"He wants your help?" Joey asked.

"Yeah." Yugi said.

"The rest of us could do something." Bakura said.

Seto glanced up from his laptop. "Yugi, your admirer is watching you in a rather jealous way." Seto said.

Yugi, who had been looking over his notes for his math test, looked up from where he was in Yami's lap and said, "What?"

"Tyler. He's watching, and he looks pissed." Seto said.

"Like I care." Yugi said, turning his attention back to his notes.

"He hasn't done anything, right?" Yami asked.

"No, Yami. Just his usual 'when are you going to realize Yami is the wring guy for you and I am' speech." Yugi said.

"I would have thought that guy would have given up by now. It's been what, six months, since he started trying?" Bakura asked.

"Seven." Yugi said.

"That guy is stubborn." Tristan said.

"He's more annoying than anything." Yugi said.

"Well, at least the only class you have with him is history." Ryou said.

"I am very thankful for that." Yugi said.

"When are you going to threaten him, Yami?" Bakura asked.

"As soon as Yugi says I can." Yami replied.

"Yami, we've been over this. There is no reason for you to threaten him because there is no chance that he is going to win me over. The guys is womanizing, chauvinistic bastard who doesn't like being told no." Yugi said.

"Hard to call him womanizing when he goes after boys just as much as he does girls." Serenity said.

"You get my point. I'd have to have amnesia to want to go out with him." Yugi said.

The bell soon rang, and everyone headed to their own classes.

Yugi, Ryou, and Tea all arrived at where they ate lunch first.

"Man. That was a hard math test." Ryou said.

"No kidding. I had to work my brain out big time. I hope I can think in my last classes." Tea said.

Yugi said nothing.

"What did you think, Yugi?" Ryou asked, already knowing the answered.

"Well, um, I didn't think it was that bad." Yugi said.

"You wouldn't." Tea muttered.

The group sat down and waited for their friends to show up.

"Hello, Yugi."

Yugi turned and mentally groaned when he saw Tyler. "What do you want?" Yugi asked.

"I wondered if you wanted to eat lunch with me and my friends." Tyler said.

"Tyler, I do not want to eat lunch with you or your Neanderthal friends. I would rather eat with my boyfriend and friends. Now, leave me alone." Yugi said.

"I'd be much better company." Tyler said.

"Tyler, if you don't' leave my boyfriend alone, I swear that you are going to end up in traction."

Tyler turned to find himself starring into Yami's anger-filled eyes. Tyler found himself unwilling to challenge him given the fact that Yami's crimson eyes were burning with such hatred. "Yugi will see that I'm better for him and come to me." Tyler said before walking off.

Angered by those words, Yami started to go after him, but was held back by Yugi.

"Yami, please. Let it go. He's a self-important jerk who won't take a hint. He's not worth it." Yugi told him.

Yami sighed. "Fine. I won't go after him, but only for your sake." Yami said. He sat down and saw that the rest of his friends already there.

"I would have killed him." Bakura said.

"We all know what you would have done, Bakura." Atemu said.

Bakura shrugged. "I'm just saying." Bakura said.

"Can we please just let it go now? I'd rather not ruin my appetite by talking about him." Yugi said.

The group decided to forget about Tyler and started talking about other things as they ate their lunch.

After school, Yugi and Yami volunteered to be the ones to go home and help Solomon with the store.

Atemu and Heba went with the rest of their friends to the mall to hang out for a while.

"Yami, you really need to learn to stop letting Tyler get to you." Yugi said. He was holding Yami's hand as they walked.

"I know, Yugi. I'm the jealous type. You know this. I guess being Pharaoh once really hurts." Yami said.

"Why?" Yugi asked.

"Because as Pharaoh, it would be against the law to touch you or even speak to you without permission. I could keep anyone from pulling that simply because you would be my lover." Yami said.

"You would have done that?" Yugi asked.

"Without a second thought." Yami replied.

"Well, I appreciate that you would go to such lengths for me, but I'll be fine, Yami. Don't' forget that you taught me self-defense, so I know how to take care of myself." Yugi said.

"I know that, Yugi. I just worry a lot." Yami said, leaning over and kissing Yugi on the cheek.

"I find it endearing, Yami. You don't have to worry. I don't think that I could ever stop loving you. Not that I'd want to." Yugi said.

"Even if you had amnesia?" Yami asked, referring to Yugi's earlier comment about having to have amnesia before dating Tyler.

"Yes, Yami. I honestly think that even if I had amnesia, I would remember the fact that I love you." Yugi said.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that." Yami said.

The two walked into the Game Shop to find Solomon working.

"Hello, boys." Solomon said.

"Hey, Grandpa." Yugi said.

"I take it that you are the ones helping me today." Solomon said.

"Yeah. Heba and Atemu went to the mall with the others.' Yugi replied.

"They'll be helping me tomorrow then." Solomon said.

"We'll go put our things in our room and then come back down.' Yami said.

"All right." Solomon agreed.

Yugi and Yami went into the house part of the shop and headed up the stairs to their room. After putting their school bags down, the couple headed back down to help Solomon.

"If you don't mind, restock the shelves, Yugi. Yami, there's a new shipment in. Go through it, and see what arrived and what didn't." Solomon said.

"Sure thing." Yami said.

The two went to work.

That night, the five that lived in the Game Shop sat down to eat dinner.

"So, how was school today?" Solomon asked.

"It was fine." Yugi said.

"Yeah. Yugi probably aced another math test." Heba said.

"I just had the test today, Heba. I don't know how I did." Yugi said.

"You always ace your math tests, Yugi." Atemu said.

"Actually, you ace all your tests." Solomon said.

Yugi blushed, "It's because I pay attention in class and study hard." Yugi said.

"We do that, too, but we don' do as well as you." Atemu said.

"It's the truth, Aibou. I honestly think that you're a genius." Yami said.

"Please don't tell Seto that. He's mad enough that I'm the one that holds the title King of Games. I don't need him getting upset that I'm as smart as him, too." Yugi said.

"He probably already knows." Heba said.

"There isn't the proof to back it up, though. I don't need the proof. He'll really be pissed then." Yugi said.

"Probably." Atemu agreed.

After dinner, Heba and Atemu washed the dishes.

Yugi was studying at the desk while Yami was lying on their bed, reading a book.

The room did have two beds, but the two always slept in the same bed.

"What are you studying, Yugi?" Yami asked.

"Chemistry." Yugi answered.

"Do you have a test?" Yami asked.

"Friday, yeah. I want to be prepared. Chemistry is the hardest subject that I have." Yugi said.

"And yet, you make straight A's in it." Yami said.

"Yeah, but I have it understand it to help Joey and Tristan in the class." Yugi said.

Yami laughed. "Yeah, and they make only C's." Yami said.

"What are you reading?" Yugi asked.

"A book assigned to us in literature class." Yami said. He scowled and said, "It's a damned romance novel!"

Yugi suppressed his laugh.

"Why can't they have us reading about a murder, a war, or something more interesting?" Yami asked.

"Just bear with it, Yami." Yugi said.

"Like I have a choice. If my grades fall, your grandfather might move me out of the room." Yami said.

"Yami, there are only three bedrooms in the house. Atemu shares one with Heba, we share one, and Grandpa has his own. I don't think he's move you out." Yugi said.

"I don't want to take a chance." Yami said.

"Sure." Yugi said.

The two finished their studying before they headed off to bed.

"Another day of Tyler." Yami groaned.

Yugi smiled. "Just bear with it, Yami. It'll be over before you know it. Besides, Tyler doesn't have a chance with me." Yugi said.

"I know." Yami replied.

The two settled down to go to sleep.

"Good night, Yami. I love you." Yugi said.

"Night, Yugi. I love you, too." Yami said. He kissed Yugi before the two settled down to go to sleep.

Hope you liked it. In case someone doesn't know, PDA simply means public display of affection. In schools, you're not supposed to hold hands or kiss or anything. Most kids don't listen, though.

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