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Were those birds singing? Sam snuggled deeper into his pillow trying to escape the annoying chirping noises. Really, how clichéd. He thought that being woken up by birds was a thing that only happened in the movies. What was that one chick's name that loved all those freaking animals and birds again? Ah, right, Snow White, she get could get up freaking early and sweet talk those dang birds, he wanted to sleep. Ah, but it was no use now, despite the fact that he was still enormously tired he wouldn't be able to fall back asleep now that he had woken up. Years of being forced out of sleep and right into danger had made him unable to go back to dreamland once his eyes opened. Trained to be ready for anything, and that meant no more sleep. It was just how he was courtesy of John Winchester.

Sam smiled, feeling uncharacteristically happy, for some reason. It felt like a tiny bomb made of pure light had exploded inside of his chest, coating his insides in warmth. His face stretched as he grinned unable to contain his joy. Wait a minute, his drowsy mind wondered, why am I happy again?

He sighed in contentment and pondered the question of his happiness. It wasn't his birthday was it? Naw, that was a couple of months away. Besides, it's not like the Winchester men had been that big on celebrating events anyways. No cake, no party hats, and definitely no parties.

Seriously, why was he so happy? He felt the rays of the sun sneak in through the dark curtains of the cheap hotel room, and fall across his face. It was quiet and peaceful, just how he liked it. No screams, no growling from monsters, no screeching from poltergeists, and no old rock blaring from the Impala. Just..silence.

'Dean? Say something please?'

'I. . .don't know what to say.'

Holy crap! Sam's eyes sprung open instantly, while he gasped in a breath. He quickly took in stock of his situation and surroundings, noticing that he wasn't in his usual bed at first. Dean always took the bed nearest to the door, always, and yet when Sam looked over to the unoccupied bed it was empty, the covers a little messy. Okay, so he was in the bed nearest to the door. No big deal, right?


'Can you. . . can you really forgive me? Y'know. . .instead of myself.'

The second thing that he noticed was that he was unusually warm. By nature he was a consistently cold person, always needing an extra blanket or two, wearing the full t-shirt and flannel pant set to bed. But his shirt was off right now and not even under the covers which would usually annoy him. Everything was out in the open. Just him and his birthday suit.

'I already have Dean.'

And the last thing he noticed, which really should have been the first thing he noticed, but hey, his mind worked in weird ways, was that his should be cold, but wasn't cold, bare arm was draped over a very warm person.

In his bed.

Lying next to him.

Sam squirmed a bit, not believing it, and in doing so uncovered another fact about the body next to him.

Naked. Very, very naked.

'Thank you, thank you, thank you.'

At the moment that all of this rushed through his head the person he was currently spooning with shuffled a bit and turned around in their sleep, facing towards him.



'Shut up.'

Sam's thoughts as he processed the face now nuzzling their nose into his chest as his older brothers were this…

. . . .HOLY CRAP!!!

And he must have said this out loud because Dean's eyes groggily opened and looked up at him sleepily, and omigosh if that wasn't the most adorable thing Sam had ever seen then let lighting strike him dead. Dean looked just as confused as Sam had felt moments earlier because he was looking around him cautiously, assessing, calculating, and then his gaze finally landed on Sam's face.

'Holy shit!!' Dean sat up and scrambled away from him faster than a fat girl after cake. (Note: I am the fat girl, and don't touch my cake). He landed rather ungracefully on the floor and he stared up at Sam with wide eyes. His mouth kept on opening and closing like he was trying to talk but wasn't exactly sure of what he was going to say. He kept on looking at the bed then up at Sam and finally down to his own naked self. This continued for about five cycles before he finally broke the silence.


'Ah, no need to yell Dean.' Sam winced a little bit at his brother's voice solely for the reason that it was too early in the morning for yelling.

'No, seriously, what the freak!!??'

'Seriously, I heard you the first time.' After a while Sam had finally gotten through all of last night's events in his head and a broad grin broke out across his face. He and Dean. . . were no longer Sam and Dean. They were now Sam/Dean. This might explain why he was so unbelievably happy.

'Sam?' Dean was still on the floor, completely naked, for all the world to see. Or at the moment just Sam. But that suited him just fine. Remembering the noises and looks that his brother made last night was already starting to turn him on. He needed Dean back in bed…NOW.

'Dean.' Sam basically growled out. His voice was husky from sleep and deep with need. Dang it, he thought, Dean get your butt over here right now!

'Sam? We…did we…I mean..' Dean couldn't get the words to come out of his mouth right. He and Sam had…had kissed! They took each other's freaking clothes off, and no place was off limits! Sam had given him a blow job! They. . .had. . .sex!!! What the heck?!

Truth be told though he had slept well after that. Great even. No night terrors, no memories of Hell permeating his mind. Alistair was just a distant unpleasantry. He was peaceful. And that had even carried over into his awakening, up until the point Sam had surprised him with his shouting. The loud noises had freaked him out ripping him from his sleepiness and so when he had seen Sam's confused almost panicked eyes, he tried to get away. That hadn't worked so well seeing as how he ended up on the floor, but whatever. He had landed on his bottom and winced immediately, he was really sore in his back side. Very very sore. It definitely didn't help by falling on it.

And then Sam had called his name, his voice deep with what Dean was sure was anger. Staring at him so intensely, Dean knew Sam recalled what happened last night, and he looked pretty furious about it. He knew Sam's expressions like the back of his hand usually, but for some reason was unable to place this one. The nearest he could get would be either be frustration or anger.

Had he been wrong? Despite all the assurances Sam had given him was his little brother regretting it? Regretting him?

'I'm sorry.' Dean whispered, hoping, wishing so hard that Sam didn't hate him. Wouldn't leave him or anything like that for what he had done. Because ultimately Dean was the older brother, so naturally anything that went wrong between them was his fault.

'Sorry for what?' Sam still wanted Dean up on the bed with him, but he had seen that familiar guilty look pass over his brother's face and could only imagine exactly what was going through his brother's head. Oh no. No way, he thought. Dean was not allowed to feel guilty or angsty (which Sam found funny because of Dean constantly reminding him that he was the one with the emo tendencies) today. Sam was about at the happiest he had been in his entire life, and he wanted Dean to experience that same happiness.

'I- I freaking took advantage of you.' Dean whispered looking at Sam with wide eyes.

'Uh, no. You didn't.' Sam deadpanned.

'No, I did. I totally did. I'm sorry Sam. I'm sorry.' Well it was official, Sam thought as his brother continued to apologize, Dean was in total denial. Seriously, this self sacrificing, let me have the whole weight of the world on my shoulders attitude wasn't healthy. Dean deserved to be happy consequence free, just once in their screwed up lives. Sighing he sat up and threw off his covers.

'Dean, let's get one thing straight.'

Sam took a step towards his older brother as Dean finally quieted down.

'You did not take advantage of me.' He squatted down in front of Dean and ran his finger tips over his cheek bone delicately.

Then he smirked. 'In fact, if someone were to look at this from an outside perspective I would guess that they would see it more as me taking advantage of you.'

He leaned forward and kissed Dean hard on the mouth, putting his hand on the back of his brother's head to push them closer together, deepening the kiss. After about a minute he pulled away, both of them gasping for air.

'So, get your butt back in bed now. Before I'm forced to just do you on the floor.' Dean just nodded, smirked and got up.

Dean laid down in the bed and Sam scooched in beside him throwing the cover over the two of them. He grabbed Dean from behind and crossed his arms over his brother's chest, pulling him tight against him. He sighed in contentment when he felt Dean relax and even move closer to Sam.

'Sorry for freaking out a second ago.'

'You don't need to apologize Dean.' Sam had his nose nestled in Dean's hair, the strands tickling his face. He breathed in deeply, and was assaulted with the scent of gun powder, cheap motel soap, sweat, and leather. Smells that should be disgusting together, but in actuality smelled really great.


Sam meant to bring his hands up and knead away the tension he felt in Dean's shoulders but stopped when he was half way up his back, feeling the rough texture of scars. Curious he looked down as he traced them with his fingertips, softly touching each one. He read the words over and over again until they seemed to lose their meaning. He knew that's what happened if you concentrated on a word too hard, or said it too many times. They wouldn't really make sense anymore, or it would just become a word without a definition. That's what he was trying to do. Make the words carved on Dean's back mean less than they really did, and then maybe they wouldn't hurt Dean so much.

He knew that wouldn't really work though. So instead he would trail his fingers across each and every slash, and then he would place a kiss on it, trying to soothe away the hurt. It was the best he could do.

'Sam?' Dean had felt what Sam was doing, tentatively touching his scars, kissing them gently. He didn't mind it though, not like he thought he would've. Yesterday he had fought tooth and nail to keep them a secret, but Sam had just kept on pushing and cajoling, of course he had succumbed to him. It was Sam after all. But now he was actually kind of relieved that Sam knew. It made it so much easier not having to hide all the time, making sure he was never without a shirt in Sam's presence, having to treat his own wounds because letting Sam look over his body was out of the question. Now he didn't have to do all of that.

'Dean, I'm sorry.' Dean frowned, he hated when Sammy did that. Apologized for something completely out of his control. Heck, when the angels asked him to torture Alistair they had left Sam behind with no way of knowing where he was. But he had found him in the end, had rescued him. Sam had saved him in more ways than he could possibly ever know.

'Don't be sorry. If it wasn't for you showing up I would've been dead. So can we agree to just not…talk about it anymore?' Dean knew that was a lot to ask of Sam. The boy ran on emotional feedback, and talking was a street that he couldn't help but walk down.

'I'll try.' Sam finally conceded. He knew he wouldn't be able to completely put this behind them but if Dean was willing to try that he sure as heck would to.

That lasted all of two seconds.

'It's just, I hate it. What he got away with. You are not his property Dean, you never were.'

'I know Sammy. I'm yours.' Dean turned around and smiled at Sam, his eyes crinkling at the corners.

Sam looked at him kind of stunned for a second and then grinned.

'Hey Dean?'


'I have an idea.'

Sam eyed the building warily, okay now that they were actually here he wasn't so sure about his 'great' idea anymore.

'Well Sammy, I gotta say I never pegged as the type of guy who would do something like this.' Dean had of course noticed his brother's discomfort and in typical big brother fashion had to exploit it.

'Uh, yeah me neither.'

'You know I heard of this guy once who got one and a month later it fell off.'

Sam knew Dean was riling him up but couldn't help and rise to the bait. 'What?'

'Yep.' Dean nodded sagely as they approached the door. 'The entire thing just came right off of him. Epidermis, dermis, I think it might have even come clean off right to his bone.'

'Shut up Dean. You're lying. Besides that's just an urban legend.' Sam took a deep breath as he and Dean entered the tiny establishment.

'You're doubting urban legends? After what we do for a living?'

'It's just not plausible.'

Dean plastered on a smile as they walked up to the counter. 'Sammy, when are our lives not not plausible?'

Sam just gulped. The sound of buzzing filled the air and a radio on the corner was set on a local rock station. It was clean. That was a definite plus. Mostly when he imagined places like this it was usually roach infested, covered in graffiti, and dark. But on the contrary it was basically spotless, brightly lit, and yeah there was graffiti, but it looked like it was done on purpose, and was actually pretty neat to look at.

'Hi there. My name's Krystal, how can I help you boys?' Krystal was a short petite brunette with pink bangs. Sam really tried not to stare but he honestly had no idea that one face could hold so many piercings. He tried to count them but eventually gave up around the fifteenth or sixteenth one.

'Yeah, we're here to get a couple of tattoos.'

'Are you sure?' Krystal looked a little bit pointedly at Sam whose face seemed to take on a lighter shade already.

Dean just chuckled and clapped him on the back. 'Yeah, oh this one has been dying to get a tattoo for ages. As a matter of fact he was even thinking of getting a piercing.'

'Dean!' He turned back towards the girl. 'No, seriously I just want a tattoo,' he looked at Dean as if to emphasize his point. 'NO PEIRCINGS.'

"And what's so wrong with piercings?' Krystal looked at him sternly as she crossed her arms appearing to be offended but winked at Dean behind his back. Dean caught on and decided to play along.

'Yeah Sammy what's so wrong with piercings? I was even thinking you could get one. . . .down there.'


'What's wrong with getting a piercing down there?'

'N-no I didn't mean they were bad or anything, I just, I just, I mean..They look good on you! I swear. And I'm sure any others. . . not visible. . .are cool too. At least. . .I mean. . .I think they are. Look they are just not for me…is all.' Sam trailed of awkwardly and hanging his head.

'Awwww. You're adorable. I was just kidding.' Krystal laughed at the blushing boy before her. She did notice when she called him adorable that the other guy tensed ever so slightly. Oooh, someone was a jealous boyfriend.

'So what do you guys want?'

'Well I know what I want.' Dean said. 'But it's kinda a surprise.'

'That's cool. Hey Jay!! We got one for ya!' A rather pale man came out from behind a curtain wielding a paintbrush. He had light brown hair and a goatee, and had absolutely no piercings or tattoos anywhere. Not a person you would expect to be working there.

'Can't you get someone else? I'm almost done!' He was obviously in the middle of an art project if the paint splattered all over him was any indication.

'No! You're employed here. Go freaking make your living!'

Jay grumbled about a Nazi dictator woman as he led Dean to the back of the store and settled him into the chair.

'So what do you want?'

Dean told him and Jay grinned. 'Nice.'

Krystal looked expectantly at Sam. 'So? What do you want?'

Sam looked a little shy, and shuffled his feet. Oh, jeez, she thought, she had a bashful one.

'Okay, how about we go back into my office first, 'kay?'

Sam nodded at that. 'Sounds good.'

Sam walked past where Dean was getting his already done. The tattooist, Jay, was concentrating on his work. Dean seemed to be getting it on his hip bone. Dean looked up suddenly and saw Sam. He grinned mischievously and nudged Jay.

Jay seemed to slip up and starting to scream. 'Oh crap, oh crap!! Don't worry! We can fix this!!'

Dean started to scream in pain and Sam was about to rush in there when he saw Jay's shoulders shaking.

What the-?

'Omigosh!! You were right!!' Both of them were laughing now, and pointing at him. 'Dude, your face!! That was priceless!!'

'Nice, man, nice.' Dean leaned over and gave Jay a fist bump.

Sam glared at both of them. 'I hate you both.' And followed Krystal the rest of the way.

'Nah, you know you love me!' He heard Dean shout at his back.

Sam walked into Krystal's 'office' and looked around. Not much was in it really, just a chair that strongly resembled one that you would find at a dentist's office and more of the graffiti on the walls.

'Alright, take a seat. That is if you still trust me after those two's little prank.' She patted the seat and went to wash her hands.

''kay. And I'm good.' Sam nervously wiped his hands on pants, sweating as profusely as they were.

'You have anything in mind specifically?'

'Uh, yeah.'

Krystal waited a minute and then started to tap her knee impatiently. 'Y'know, it might help if I knew what you wanted? Unless of course you just wanted me to start drawing and see where the road takes us. Though I must warn you if that happens you might end up with stars on your face and unicorns on your ass.'

'What?! No, uh, I want a phrase. Just in black. Plain text.'

'Oki doki. What's the phrase?'

Sam mumbled something unintelligible so softly that Krystal couldn't understand it.

'Sorry? What was that again?'

'I said I want it to say 'Property of Dean.''

Krystal just grinned at him as he grew redder and redder. 'Awww. Now isn't that sweet? I'm guessing that Dean is lover boy that came in with you?'

'Uh, yeah.'

'And where do you want to get this tattoo blushing boy?'

'Um, on my right hip bone.'

'Same as Dean right?' She pointed to the general spot that she thought he meant.

'Yeah.' Sam nodded. 'But maybe just a little bit lower?'

Krystal swiped his skin with an alcohol pad making sure to get it completely clean. She got out her inks and mixed it, needing only one color, so it didn't take too long. She got out a new needle out of the plastic package and put in on the handheld electric instrument. After that she started to pump her foot on the foot pedals to get the machine started and it started to whir.

'I'm guessing you've never gotten a tattoo before?'


'Okay. Well, I'm gonna start it now. First off I'll just barely touch you with it to get you used to the sensation, and then will see how you do from there.'

Sam tensed a bit in anticipation as she tapped the needle to his skin leaving a black dot. He let out a sigh in relief, alright, he decided, that wasn't so bad. A little burning sensation, and that was it.

'You good?'

'Yeah, yeah I'm good.'

She quickly started, and carefully free handed the script. Sam would watch her occasionally but mostly he looked at the art on the walls. There was a lot of graffiti type stuff, and a lot of it didn't really make a lot of sense. Random pictures and phrases that didn't seem to have any connection at all.

'You admiring my work?'

'You did all of that?'


Sam studied the pieces a little bit more seriously and noticed how detailed and good they really were.

'They're awesome.'

Krystal chuckled a little at that. 'Thanks. I can't paint worth crap like Jay can, but give me some spray paint and I'm all good.'

He looked down and noticed she was now going over the lines she already did making sure she got all of it. It had only been about ten minutes since she began and he hadn't really felt a thing. He had faced numerous monsters, gotten beaten up, stabbed, and shot more times than he could possibly count and he had been worried about a tattoo? It wasn't that big a deal after all.

She finished him up wiping him down with a towel a few times, and then told him how to take care of the tattoo, after wrapping it up and bandaging it.

'Alright, it's done, but you need to take the bandage off after about two hours, at the least, and then wash it with some soft soap and lukewarm water. And here,' She handed him a little tube of something,' this is Bacatracin, it's an antibacterial ointment. Keeps you from getting an infection. And that's about it.'

'Alright thanks.'

'No prob, brave little toaster.' Of course Sam blushed yet again.

Sam walked out to see Dean already done and waiting in the front area. His shirt was covering up his bandage, and he was looking at some of the other tattoos on the walls.

'Hey, you ready?'

'Yeah. I already paid, let's go.'

They opened the door and Sam stepped out.

'Thanks for the tats guys!' Dean shouted as they walked away.

Crap, Sam thought, he suddenly had the urge to scratch at where his tattoo was. It had been like a five minutes since he had gotten it! He predicted a long itchy night. He glanced at Dean, noticing his jeans were riding a little low on his hips, exposing a bit the white bandage. He didn't seem to be scratching his at all, nor did he seemed bothered in slightest about getting one the entire time.

'So how was it?'

'Uh, fine.'

'Didn't pass out didya Sammy boy?'

Sam snorted, 'No.'

'Are you sure? You did look a little green around the gills as you were going in.'

'And of course that had nothing to do with the fact that my brother and that tattoo guy decided to play a little trick on me, making me think that he messed up pretty badly.'

'Nah, course not.'

Sam just shook his head at his brother's antics as they spotted the car. Dean lovingly ran his hands over the hood as he walked to the driver's seat.

'Hey baby. You miss me?'

'Dude. Doesn't it seem a little bit odd how you talk to the car like it's an actual person?'


'Of course not.'

Dean smiled, leaned over and gave Sam a peck on the lips. 'Don't be jealous Sammy. You'll always be my baby first and foremost.'

'Is that right?'


Theyt opened their doors and slid into the leather seats. It was baking outside so Dean immediately turned the key to get the Impala going and turned the air conditioning on high.

'So what did you get Dean?'

'What did you get?'

'Nuh uh. I asked you first.'

'So? I'm oldest.'

'What does that have to do with anything?'

'It means you have to do what I say. Now show me your tattoo.'

'Fine, fine.' Sam slid his jeans down a little bit and rolled his shirt up, not noticing when Dean licked his lips in appreciation. He picked at the sides of the bandage with his fingernails, knowing it should stay on for a few more hours, but not really caring. He ripped it off feeling the cold air hitting the very sensitive skin.

'There. You happy?'

But Dean didn't answer; he was looking at Sam's tattoo in shock. He looked up him, a slightly surprised expression on his face. Then he started to laugh.

'Dude! Property of Dean?!'

Sam frowned and pulled his shirt back down and angrily crossed his arms. Well, he had thought it was a cool idea at the time, and wanted Dean to know how much he meant to him. If Dean found humor in it, so be it, he liked his tattoo.

'Laugh all you want, I like my tattoo.'

'Ah, Sammy, don't be mad. I wasn't laughing at you. I was laughing at me.'

'What? Why?'

Grinning Dean pulled up his shirt and lifted the bandage covering his own tattoo. When Sam saw what it was he had to smile. 'Property of Sam', written in bold lettering was permanently etched onto Dean's right hip bone. Pretty soon Sam was laughing too.

'Dude! Seriously?!'

'What can I say? I guess great minds think alike.'

'Well, one great mind and an average mind, in this case.' Sam smirked.

'Shut up Sam.'

Sam looked at Dean's tattoo and then his own, grinning. They had both chosen to say the same thing. When he had suggested the tattoo idea, he had always known what it was going to say. Property of Dean, true in every way. Dean had raised him, been there for him, and had always owned his heart. This was just another way of showing it physically. And to know that Dean had done the same thing sent butterflies into his stomach.

'I love you Dean.'

Dean leaned over and gave Sam a long slow kiss, as his fingers traced his tattoo very, very delicately.

'And I love you too.'


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