Aizen's Desperation

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In Hueco Mundo Aizen was pacing around racking his brain. His plan was perfect. He would have been able to defeat Yamamoto and kill the others and then he would have made the king's key, but his plans were foiled and it was all thanks to one person.

Ichigo Kurosaki.

He had put a wrench into his plans for far too long. 'I should have killed him back in the Soul Society when I had the chance.' Aizen thought. Right now he needed a solution to beat him. Aizen concluded that the only way to beat Ichigo would be to use his Bankai, but that that would leave him weak and vulnerable and someone else might kill him.

"That's it." Aizen said suddenly. He shunpoed out to the deserts. 'I never wanted to use this because they can't be controlled by my Kyouka Suigetsu. They may be weaker than Gillians, but they can block all spiritual pressure in the world of the living.' Aizen thought. He then appeared in a dark part of the desert. He opened a Garganta and then a bunch of roaring beasts went through.

Back in the world of the living it was night time. Ichigo was sitting in his private study doing some paper work. He looked out the window when they power went out. It was storming like crazy.

Ichigo decided that it would be safer if he grabbed Orihime and Hikaru and went down stairs. He also went to wake up Karin and Yuzu since they were sleeping over with them. Soon they were all safely downstairs. Then a tree came crashing through the window into Ichigo's study.

In the morning everyone went outside to see the damage. "Whoa." Yuzu said running out. Ichigo came out holding his ruined papers.

"The foods going to go bad." Orihime said holding a still sleeping Hikaru.

"Yeah, I'll hit the store before they're all sold out." Ichigo said. He looked at his papers.

"Can they be saved?" Orihime asked.

"No, they're too damaged. Once the phones are back up I'll call the Hospital and see if they'll extend my deadline." Ichigo said. "Fuck." He cursed and threw the papers into a pile.

They looked at the tree that was crashed through the window. "Oh, that poor tree. It's been hear for a long time." Orihime said. Ichigo put his arm around her shoulder.

"Ichigo, come look." Karin said running over with Yuzu.

"Don't run around, guys I don't want you guys running around." Ichigo said.

"Okay, but come on you got to see this. It's like… Holy crap." Karin said.

"Karin." Orihime said.

"Sorry, but just come on." They said and ran back. Ichigo chuckled and they followed. When they got there they found that part of the building was completely crushed by another tree.

"Damn, lucky that we don't live on that side." Ichigo said.

"It really got smushed." Yuzu said.

Ichigo looked at his watch. "Damn I better get to the store. Hey why don't you and Karin go get dressed and come with me."

"Okay," Yuzu said. They ran back inside to get dressed.

"Look at that." Orihime said pointing out to the outskirts. A heavy mist was rolling in. "What is it?"

"Mist." Ichigo said. "Left over from the storm. No need to worry, we've had mist in Karakura before."

A little while later Ichigo, Karin and Yuzu were riding in Ichigo's car on the way to the store. The storm really did a number on the town. Soon they got there and it was really packed to the max.

Ichigo pulled out a list. He handed it to Karin. "I got to go check the Pharmacy real quick. Find the stuff on here and I'll meet you there." They nodded and went into the store.

Ichigo walked over and it was really packed. 'Shit, I'll come back later.' He thought. He went into the store and it wasn't as packed as the pharmacy.

"Some storm last night eh Ichigo?" asked a man. It was a man named Makoto. Ichigo knew him since he came to the store all the time when he was little.

"I'll say. My windows are completely smashed. After this I think I need to go to the hardware store to pick up some glass." Ichigo said.

"Sounds like you got it easy." Makoto said. "Good morning Mrs. Uchida."

"It seems good, but for now, we'll see." She said ominously and walked away. Ichigo and Makoto rolled their eyes.

About ten minutes later Ichigo had everything and was waiting in line. He was making some idle chitchat with Yuzu and Karin, but then there were sirens wailing. All conversation stopped and they looked outside.

An old man was running towards the store with a terrified look on his face. His nose was all bloody. "Oh my God," muttered a clerk.

The man panted and looked behind him and barged through and into the store. "Something in the mist." He shouted startling the others. Ichigo took a hold of Yuzu's hand. "Something in the mist took Lee."

"Raido, Raido catch your breath." Makoto said putting his hand on his shoulder.

"Something in the mist took Lee." Raido panted. "I could hear him screaming." He turned to the others. "Shut the doors, shut the doors quickly."

"Ichigo, I'm scared can we go home?" Yuzu whimpered into his jacket. Ichigo picked her up and held her.

"Don't go out there." Raido said. "There's something in the mist. It took Lee."

"Screw that I'm, getting to my car." A man said running outside.

"Mister, no." Raido shouted. The man was running to his car. The mist was closing in fast. It was high. It blocked out the sky and sun. The man got to his car and was just about to get in when the mist enveloped him.

Then they all heard screams. Ichigo held Yuzu tighter and felt her shaking. The others followed Raido's advice and shut the doors. "Ichigo." Yuzu whimpered again.

"It's okay, it's okay." Ichigo said.

"What is it?" asked a man.

"It's death." Said Mrs. Uchida. Then the whole place started shaking. Things fell over and so did some people. The lights started falling down too. Ichigo pulled both of his sisters closely to protect them. About a minute later it stopped.

"Is everyone okay?" asked the manager.

"I don't think we should go out there." Said a man.

"I agree." Said another.

"I can't stay here, I have to get home to my kids." Said a woman.

"No you can't go out there." Mrs. Uchida said. "It's death out there. It's the end of all things."

"Quiet," hissed a female clerk.

"We don't know what it is. It could be poisonous." Said another man.

"I agree, let's stay hear until we figure things out." Makoto said.

"You're not listening," shouted the woman. "I can't stay hear. Akane is looking after Shunsuke and she's only seven. Sometimes she forgets she's supposed to be watching him. I can't stay hear."

She pushed past all of them ignoring their attempts to stop her. She walked outside and took a deep breath. It wasn't poisonous. She took a deep breath and walked away. Soon she faded away into the mist. Then there was complete silence for a few minutes.

"Alright, let's stat cleaning up," said the manager. Others started cleaning up. Ichigo took his sisters into the back. Yuzu started crying a little.

"It's okay Yuzu calm down." Ichigo said holding her bridal style into his chest. She didn't stop.

"I want daddy." She cried.

"Yeah I know." Ichigo said holding her tighter. Karin came up and rubbed Yuzu's back. They just sat there for a bit trying to calm each other down.

Later Ichigo was sitting in an isle. Karin was leaning against his arm and Yuzu was lying on his lap. An elderly woman and a younger woman were sitting with him. "I haven't seen Yuzu suck her thumb like this since she was four years old." Ichigo said slowly stroking her head.

"She's in shock, all of us are." Said the younger woman.

"This is Yukina; she's new to town and teaches the special end kids." Said the older woman named Kana. "She's really good, the kids love her. Oh listen to me I'm rambling."

The others chuckled. Makoto walked up. "Hey, is she okay now?"

"Yeah, I think she'll be just fine. How's Raido?" Ichigo asked.

"His nose stopped bleeding and he's calmed down a bit. I gave him an aspirin. I don't know what got him so spooked. I've never seen him so scared." Makoto said.

It was getting a little cold, "Do you have any blankets?" Ichigo asked.

"Loading dock in the back." Makoto said. "I'll check on everyone else. If you need anything else just call."

Ichigo tenderly put Yuzu next to Yukina. "I'll be right back. Karin please watch after Yuzu." Karin nodded and sat next to her sister.

Ichigo went to the back and it was pitch black and something was stinking really badly. Ichigo walked over to the generator and had to hold his nose to stop himself from gagging. He quickly found the switch and turned it off. "Damn." He muttered and punched the generator.

Smart move it was not.

"Ow," he grunted and held his hand. "Shit," he turned around and tried looking for a light. "God damn it." Then he tripped over a box. He hit the ground hard. He rolled over and held his ribs, "Bitch," he groaned.

He looked over and realized that a flash light had landed right next to him. His eye brow twitched, "Karma's a bitch." He grunted. He picked up the flashlight and turned it on. He started looking around, but before he could go through anything he heard roaring and the sound of creaking metal.

He froze and turned around. With his flashlight on the metal door he saw something pushing on the door from the outside. Then the roaring got really loud and banged harder on the door. Ichigo ran out of the room and almost crashed into two mechanical workers and Makoto.

"Whoa, slow down Kurosaki." One of them said.

"Didn't you hear it?" Ichigo asked.

"Hear what. I didn't' hear anything. We were just going to check on the generator." He said.

"No you can't go back there." Ichigo said.

"What do you mean? We have to get the generator started and try to get some power back." He said and then the two workers and a young bag boy walked into the back. Ichigo turned to Makoto.

"I have a bad feeling about this." He said and both of them followed.

"Well we're not going to see anything in this darkness. Takamasa start the generator." He said. Takamasa nodded and started the generator. Immediately a bad smell filled the air.

"Whew, that's a stink, shut it off." He called. "Something's plugging the exhaust pipe from the outside. Someone's going to have to go outside and unplug it."

"If you can keep the generator on long enough to open the door, I'll go out and clear it." Said Takeda the bag boy.

"Whoa, hold on." Ichigo said. "You're just going to let this kid go and risk his life?"

"Will you just shut the fuck up?" Takeda said.

"Come hear Kurosaki." Kota said. "I may have a lowly job and not work in the hospital, but I am sick to death of this bullshit your spouting. So shut up. Start the generator."

Ichigo was about to retort when he was held back by Makoto. "Don't bother with these guys. It's hopeless."

"You ready kid?" Kota asked.

"Let's rock." Takeda said.

"Takeda, come on man." Ichigo said trying one more time to stop them from going outside.

Takeda spared him a glance before turning around. Takamasa started the generator. "Pussy," Takeda muttered and opened the door. The door opened, but you could only see the mist and not the ground. "Hold up." Takeda said.

He bent down and stared out into the mist. "So any boogey man?" Takamasa joked. He turned and snickered at Ichigo who was staring at the mist with a calculating eye. "Pretty scary isn't it?"

"Yeah right," Takeda grinned. Then they stopped snickering and their smiling faces turned to faces of horror.

"Takeda, Takeda." Takamasa said scared.

Takeda turned around, "What the fuck," he shouted. A huge tentacle shot out and wrapped around his left leg. "Get it off, get it off, get it off, get this fucking thing off me." The tentacle yanked and Takeda fell, then it started dragging him towards the mist.

Ichigo reacted fast and grabbed him and tried to pull him back inside. The tentacle was very strong. Ichigo cursed himself for forgetting his shinigami badge. "Somebody help me." Ichigo said quickly still pulling. No one moved. "Help me. Please somebody help me." He said. Still no one moved. "What the fuck are you waiting for?" Ichigo shouted.

Makoto snapped out of his shock and grabbed Takeda and tried to help Ichigo pull him back in. it barely helped. Then another tentacle grabbed his right knee and seemed to bight it. His knee ripped open spraying blood everywhere. Takeda screamed in agony.

Makoto broke away and went to a case that held a giant axe. Another tentacle came up and this time it ripped his chest open. Takeda screamed even louder than before. Kota and Takamasa stared in horror.

Makoto managed to break open the case and pull the axe out. "Hold him still, hold him still." He shouted and held the axe up. He was about to bring the axe down when Takeda was ripped from their grasp and dragged to the door. Before he went out he grabbed the door and tried to pull himself back in.

Ichigo and Makoto ran and grabbed his arms trying to pull him back in. another tentacle came back in and almost grabbed Makoto, but he let go and scrambled away. Ichigo had to do the same as a tentacle almost grabbed him.

"Shut the generator." Ichigo shouted. Makoto jumped over a tentacle and shut the generator. Ichigo turned to Takeda, his grip had finally given out and he fell. He turned around and they saw his face pleading for help. Then he was dragged out into the mist and all anybody could hear were his screams.

Ichigo used a broom to hit the switch that shut the door. All the tentacles disappeared except for one of them. Ichigo grabbed the axe and started chopping at it. It screeched a bit making Makoto look sick. Ichigo chopped at it three more times before he managed to cut off the tip of it.

Ichigo dropped to his knees panting. He looked over and glared at Kota and Takamasa. "Hey I'm sorry, but how the hell was I supposed to know. You said you heard something. How was I supposed to know what you meant, you should have said what you meant. I don't know I thought maybe it was a big bird or something."

Ichigo heard enough and punched Kota across the face. "You got that kid killed." He snarled. He punched him again. "Did you get a good look? Huh, did you get a good look at what you did huh?" he punched him again.

Makoto grabbed his shoulders and pulled him away. "Stop Ichigo, don't hit him anymore. It won't solve anything."

"Assholes, you got that kid killed and I got his fucking blood on me." Ichigo shouted, and started panting, "Dah," he fell to his knees and tried not to throw up. Makoto put his hand on his shoulder and a few seconds later Ichigo calmed down. "Okay, I'm done."

"What do we do now?" Makoto asked.

"Kill the generator." Ichigo said. Makoto nodded and killed the generator.

"Hey I'm sorry." Kota said. "Let's get out of here?" he lurched forward and coughed.

"Hey man we didn't make him do it." Takamasa said.

Ichigo wiped his head. "Yeah, he's a fucking kid; he's supposed to be stupid. What's your excuse?" both men didn't have an answer. "Just get out of here." The two men just left.

Ichigo and Makoto followed soon after. Ichigo quickly discarded his shirt and filled in Kana and Yukina. "Are you okay?" Yukina asked.

"I'm fine, just hand me that shirt." Ichigo said quickly. Yukina handed him a brown shirt. "I can't let Karin and Yuzu see me like this. Their freaked out enough as it is." He put the shirt on.

Ichigo saw some people who were talking about leaving. Ichigo could not let that happen. He would not let anyone else die. He tried persuading them, but it turns out that the leader of the group was an owner of another clinic and he held a grudge against the Kurosaki's. When Ichigo tried to get him to come back and look at the tentacle he got a little physical and Ichigo tried to pull him back there, but he broke free and started screaming at him.

"Get off of me. I'll sue you. Sue your ass and you'll go to jail." He shouted and got the attention of a lot of people.

"What's going on here?" asked the manager.

"This man assaulted me. You were witness. He's crazy." He said.

"No he's not crazy, I wish he was, but he's not." Makoto said.

The manager spoke angrily to Makoto saying that if he continued to do this then he'd lose his job. He turned to Ichigo. "As for you I'm writing down names and I'm prepared to file a police report."

Makoto scratched his head. "Fine right down your names."

"I will." He said.

"But in the mean time shut the fuck up and listen." Makoto said. The manager glared at him. "This is Mr. Ichigo Kurosaki and I think you should all hear what he has to say if you plan on leaving."

Karin and Yuzu broke through the crowd and latched onto his shirt. Ichigo held them close and gave a short hand explanation of what happened. He then led some people in the back. They saw the blood stains and the tentacle sitting there. The manager poked it and it twitched violently before shriveling up.

When they walked back out they told the others one thing. "It seems that we have a problem of some sort." The manager said.

Now they were all piling up big stacks of dog food and other things to reinforce the front of the store since it was all made of glass. "Stacking piles of dog food against the windows." Raido murmured. "This is stupid."

"It's the best we can do." Ichigo muttered stacking more packs against it. Mrs. Uchida started spouting on some stupid bullshit about how this is God's wrath set upon them. She must have been spouting on for ten minutes scaring all the children.

"Ma'am please your scaring your children," Yukina said.

"Good they should be scared," she said stroking a little girl's cheek. She spouted more stuff until Kota had enough saying he ws going to kick her ass and he would have if he wasn't held back.

Mrs. Uchida spouted more until Yukina came up and smacked her across the face. Mrs. Uchida rubbed her lip and had some blood on her finger. "Another down payment," she said making Yukina sigh.

"Oh, that's nice. I can't smack her, but its okay for you." Kota grumbled.

Yukina ran her hand through her hair. "I'm sorry, but this ladies view are just too old testament for me."

"Regardless of what you say, I can assure you that before this is over you will be on your knees begging Mother Uchida." She said.

"That's fine," Makoto said coldly. "But in the meantime if you don't shut up I'll wrap this tape around your mouth."

"You just try it Makoto Shikio." She said in an equal cold voice. "And you bitch," she said to Yukina. "You hit me again and just see what happens." She turned around to see Makoto glaring at her. She scuttled past him and walked away.

Makoto turned to the others, "For those of you that aren't from around here Mrs. Uchida is known in town for being… unstable."

"No shit, "chuckled a Harley rider. "What was your first clue?"

A little while later Ichigo and the others were standing in a corner. "We need a weapon of some sort." He said.

"I got a shot gun in my truck. I could try for it." Said an old man.

"I don't think that would be a very good idea Mr. Sagara." Ichigo said.

"Wait," Yukina said. She pulled out a six-barrel gun and a few packs of bullets. "My husband's idea. I shot it at a target range; hit the target a few times."

"Great, we got a gun." Raido said. "Anyone know how to use it… well?"

"I do." Makoto said taking the gun and six bullets.

"Real funny Makoto." Kanryu, the manager, said. Makoto ignored him and popped the bullets in and snapped the barrel shut.

"Took some lessons, taught a few people and was the champion of 94 and 95." He said.

Then some commotion came from the front of the store. They all went to the front to see the guy trying to leave with some of his people. "Let us pass please."

"Look man calm down. Mr. Nakamura was going to barbeque some chicken on the gas grill." Ichigo said trying to stop him from going outside.

"Shut up," he hissed. "Look I'll agree that there's something unnatural about all this. I don't know whether it's manmade or natural, but I definitely know it's not supernatural or biblical, and no offense Mrs. Uchida, but the only way we're going to help ourselves is to seek it. We're going out."

"Alright Kakushi," Ichigo said turning around.

"I'm not discussing this anymore." Kakushi said.

"I know, I just have a favor to ask." Ichigo turned around with some rope in his hand. "Tie this around your waist."

"What for?" he asked.

"To let us know that you got at least 300 feet." Ichigo said.

"I'll go." Said the Harley rider.

"You're throwing in the towel?" asked Raido.

"Me, no it's not my style. I'm afraid your body hear is too tightly wound. He's going to get us killed." Kakushi scowled. The Harley rider turned to Mr. Sagara. "I'm thinking that we could really use that shot gun of yours. I saw where you parked. Red pickup, far entrance?"

He nodded, "Son you got brass balls." He handed them his keys. "The shells are in the glove compartment." Ichigo tied the rope around his waist.

"If anything happens, cut the rope off." Ichigo said. The man nodded. Ichigo then walked up to Kakushi. "Are you sure there's no way I can talk you out of this?"

"Ichigo," Kakushi said, "There's nothing out there. Nothing in the mist."

"What if you're wrong?" Ichigo asked.

"Then I guess the joke would be on me after all," Kakushi said softly. "We'll bring back help."

"You'll die out there, all of you." Mrs. Uchida said. Kakushi ignored her and walked outside. The others followed.

"Hey crazy lady," he said to Mrs. Uchida. "I believe in God to. I just don't think he's the bloodthirsty asshole you make him out to be."

"You take that up with the devil. Just chat it over." She said scathingly.

He walked out and held the rope in his right hand. Kakushi looked around, "To the center part of town." He said and soon they all disappeared into the mist. Ichigo and the others were slowly letting the rope go out.

"Nice and lax." Ichigo said. Complete silence for a few minutes before the rope went slack. Then a few seconds later it got up and kept going. "Alright."

"They're doing good." Yukina said. Spoke too soon. The rope was suddenly being tugged. Ichigo screamed as the rope burned his hand. Others were forced to let go. Makoto wrapped his apron around it to stop the burning. The others were screaming.

Kota acted fast and tossed Ichigo an apron. Ichigo caught it and grabbed the rope. He had a good grip, but they were being dragged towards the door. The others finally grabbed the rope and pulled back.

"Come on, pull harder, come on." Ichigo shouted. Now the rope was at the roof of the door as though something big was pulling it. Finally it went slack and they all fell back. "Pull it in." Ichigo said.

The others grabbed the rope and started pulling it in. soon the rope went from white to red. The others gasped and Yuzu buried her head into Karin's shoulders. Ichigo didn't stop pulling even though blood was soaking his hands.

Soon they saw what they were dragging. They were only dragging half a body. The upper half was missing spilling blood and organs everywhere. They all screamed. "Cut the rope." Ichigo said. Kota cut the rope and Ichigo quickly shut the door.

"Now do you see?" Mrs. Uchida said to Ichigo.

Now it was night time. Ichigo and the others were sitting together. Karin and Yuzu were leaning against him. Ichigo stroked their hair as they slept on. Ichigo wished that this wasn't happening. He wanted to spare Yuzu and Karin from all this.

He gently lifted their heads up and put pillows down. He walked to the front of the room. Makoto and Kanryu were watching the outside. You could still see the mist, but since it was dark out, it was really scary.

"How's it going?" Ichigo asked.

"Fine so far on my end." Makoto said.

"Fine here too." Kanryu said. Then something hit the window in front of him. "Holy shit." He screamed and jumped back. Ichigo ran over and saw that it was some kind of big bug.

"What the hell." Ichigo said. Others woke up and came to the front. They watched as more giant bugs latched onto the window and started crawling around. Ichigo then noticed that most of them seemed to be drawn to the light from the lanterns that hung up. "Turn the lights off, turn them off quickly." He yelled.

"Shit," Makoto yelled as some winged beast flew by. Everybody was running around trying to shut the lights off, but it was too late as a pterodactyl like creature crashed into the window and broke it. The beasts started flying in.

"Look out." Ichigo said. Ichigo picked up the axe and swung it at the beasts. He hit a few of them, but most of them flew past him.

Yukina picked up a broom and dipped it into a bucket of lighter fluid and then lit it on fire. She swung it and lit a few beasts on fire.

Another man in the front did the same thing, but he tripped and the beast took it's chance and bit into his head making him scream and bleed out.

Ichigo quickly lit his own broom and set the beast on fire making it shriek and fly away, but it was too late to save the man.

On the left side of the store another man had just lit his own room on fire and went to the beasts, but he tripped over the bucket and spilled the content all over himself and the floor. The broom hit the fluid lighting the floor and the man on fire.

The man screamed and ran around smashing into things. "Where's the God damn fire extinguisher?" Ichigo shouted. He ran to the back and his heart almost stopped.

One of the beasts was right in front of Yuzu and Karin. Ichigo stood perfectly still. He heard some others putting the man out. The beast then roared and charged at them. Before it could get to them a gunshot was heard. Makoto had his gun pointed it. Ichigo then picked up the axe and chopped it.

Ichigo turned to his shell shocked little sisters and pulled them close.

A little while later Ichigo went to the back of the room. "How is he Yakata?" he asked.

"Very bad." Yakata said.

"Nakata, how you holding up?" Ichigo asked gently.

"Ichigo, that you?" he asked

"Yeah it's me." Ichigo said. He was really badly burnt. All of his hair was burned off, his clothes were ragged and his skin was so badly burned that you could see his muscles.

"You know, I never imagined anything could hut like this." Nakata said. "You got to help me and if you can't then you got to end it."

"No," Yakata said.

"If there's nothing you can do, then please end it. Makoto's got that gun right. Use that." Nakata said.

"No Nakata, you're going to be fine." Ichigo said.

"Don't lie to me," he cried. "Give me the gun, I'll do it. I can't take the pain, just give me the gun." He sobbed.

Now it was morning. Ichigo listened as Mrs. Uchida was gathering more and more followers. Ichigo was getting seriously creep out now. He was also worried about Orihime and Hikaru.

Ichigo turned to Makoto and Kanryu, "Are there any meds in here that deal with burns? Nakata really needs them or he's going to die from infection."

"No, I'm sorry, but all we've got here are Nyquil and Aspirin." Kanryu said. "Everything you need for his wounds is in the next door pharmacy."

Ichigo stood still for a second and stood up. "You're not serious are you Ichigo?" Yukina asked shocked. "What about your sisters."

"I'm not going to let that man die." Ichigo said dangerously. He then pulled out his keys. "My land cruiser can hold up to ten people. If I don't make it back then you take as many as you can and get out of here."

Yukina just nodded and took the keys. Ichigo went to break the news to Yuzu and Karin. "No Ichigo, you can't." Yuzu said crying.

"I'm sorry, but I can't let him die." Ichigo said.

Karin was crying a little too, "Just promise that you'll make it back. Please promise."

Ichigo pulled her close and kissed her forehead. "I promise you both."

They got a few people to go with them. "Are you really this stupid?" Mrs. Uchida said. "Are you really so eager to leave your little sisters without a brother?"

"And let Yakata's brother die." Ichigo hissed.

"I'll go by myself if I have to." Yakata said.

"This is why God has brought his wrath on us. It's this kind of pride and defiance," she was interrupted when a can of peas hit her in the head.

"Shut up you miserable cow." Kana yelled.

"You old bitch." Mrs. Uchida screeched and charged at her. Takamasa jumped in between and pushed her back.

"Stoning people who piss you off is perfectly fine. They do it in the bible don't they? And I got lots of peas." Kana said.


"Come on, let's go." Ichigo said.

"Kota Ryuuma." Kana said. "I had you in grade school didn't I?"

"Yes ma'am." Kota said. "Me and my sister Mizuna."

"A pair of under achievers if I ever saw some. After you." Kana said with a slight smile.

"Yes ma'am," he grumbled. He took a knife that the butcher offered while muttering, "Shit."

"So this is all, everybody. Everybody that's going." Ichigo said. "Okay, single file, one by one, let's get this over with." Ichigo opened the door and all the volunteers went out clicking flash lights on. "Stay together," Ichigo whispered.

Back inside Yukina guided Yuzu and Karin away. "Mrs. Uchida you're not helping." Kanryu said trying to keep the door ajar a bit.

"I don't care shut it." She said.

"Shut the hell up," a man yelled.

"You shut up." She yelled back.

Back outside Ichigo was leading them along slowly. He clicked his flash light off. "Save the batteries." They all clicked them off.

They moved slowly and silently through the mist. Ichigo held his axe up in a ready position. Soon they arrived at the Pharmacy and saw that the door was propped wide open.

Ichigo flicked his flashlight on, "Shit they left the doors propped wide open."

"Do you think something got in?" Raido asked.

"I don't know." Ichigo picked up some bandages, "Let's just get what we need and get the hell out of here."

"The meds are over in the cubical." Kana said. They walked along collecting meds and other things they needed. Kota accidently crashed into a wall making a loud noise. Everyone jumped and pointed their flash lights at him.

"Will you not do that?" Ichigo hissed.

"Sorry." Kota said.

"We need Penicillin." Makoto said.

"It's over behind Ichigo, check there." Kana said.

"Yeah hear they are." Makoto said. "Perfect Oxycontent." He said it a little loud.

"Quiet." Ichigo said.

"Oxycontent." Makoto said putting it in a bag and passing it to Kana. Then Raido heard the sound of scuttling.

"Guys," he said nervously getting their attention. "Hurry it up. I hear something. Something fucking weird."

Ichigo picked up his flashlight and walked next to the others. They looked up and nearly wretched. "Oh God, oh no, oh no." Kota moaned.

"Oh fuck," someone hissed.

The walls were littered with bodies that were rotting and wrapped in some web. "Look there's another one." Kana said shining her flashlight on more bodies.

Kota backed up to a pillar still muttering. "Guys let's get out of here." Ichigo said. Then a hand shut up and grabbed Kota's shoulder.

Kota screamed drawing all attention to him. He struggled and broke out of the grip. "Shit, shit."

There was a man on the pillar panting and covered in web. "Please, please help me." He said and then groaned loudly. Ichigo and Kota over trying to pry him off, but the web was like super glue.

"Oh, he's really fucking glued to this thing." Kota hissed.

The man then shot his hands forward and gripped his stomach, "Oh I can feel them. I can feel them." He ripped his shirt away and, to their horror, his skin was crawling and bubbly.

Then his face bloated a bit and his cheek split open. A small spider came crawling out and down his body.

"Oh God." Kota said and turned to his left. Then a giant spider jumped on a pillar. Kota screamed loudly and the spider shrieked about to attack. Makoto acted fast and shot the spider.

Ichigo then leaned to his left. A web shot by and fell to the ground. When it hit green smoke rose from it signifying that it was acidic. The man on the pillar started crying in pain as the spider shot more webs.

Everyone managed to dodge the webs, "There's another one hit it." Someone shouted.

"Makoto there." Shouted another. Makoto shot more spiders, but more kept showing up. One of them shot out a web and it wrapped around Yakata's leg.

Yakata screamed as the web cut though his clothes and his leg spraying blood everywhere. He screamed trying to pull the web off

Ichigo had just hacked a spider in the back when he heard the screams. He let go of the axe letting the spider carry it away. He ran over to Yakata and so did some others."A belt, who's got a belt." Ichigo yelled.

The man managed to break off of the pillar and was running towards them moaning in agony. Ichigo had just strapped the belt around Yakata's leg when he fell and split in half making little spiders running around everywhere.

"To the exit, hurry." Ichigo shouted. They grabbed Yakata by his jacket and dragged him to the exit.

A man had broken off and ran, but a spider appeared in front of him and shot webs at his face, which hit and caused the man to chock and fall the ground where it continued to wrap him in web.

The others had almost gotten to the exit when a spider dropped in front of them and snarled. Kana held up a can of raid and a lighter. She lit the lighter and then blew the can of raid creating a giant flamethrower.

"Go, go, go, go. Come on." Someone shouted. They ran to the exit. The man hit by the webs was struggling to get free, but the webs held him down and burned him badly. A big one came up and bit him in the throat making him gag and go sill and letting little spiders crawl into his mouth, ears, eyes and nose making him a living human basket.

They were just about to leave when a bigger spider blocked the exit. "Makoto," Kota shouted.

Makoto came up and pointed the gun at the spider, but nothing happened when he pulled the trigger. They were out of bullets. "Kill it. Kill it." Kota shouted.

Raido came up with a broken broom and stabbed the spider in the neck. It shrieked as Raido picked it up and then tossed it away into the mist. "Fuckers," he panted.

"Oh no, oh God, he's dead, he's dead." Someone whimpered as they felt Yakata's pulse. He must have bled to death. "Come on let's get out of here. Come on. Come on Kurosaki." The guy whimpered and pulled Ichigo out of the Pharmacy. They left Yakata's body to be either devoured or stuffed like a basket.

Back in the market everyone was waiting in silence. Kanryu was staring out the window and didn't see anything. He turned to the others and shook his head. Yukina held Karin and Yuzu tighter.

Then Kota crashed into the door screaming, "Open the doors." They quickly opened the doors and everyone ran back inside. Ichigo collapsed to his knees.

"Ichigo," Karin and Yuzu cried and tackled him sobbing into his chest.

"They're dead, they're all dead." Kota cried and collapsed sobbing. Mrs. Uchida just watched them with a blank face.

A long while later Ichigo opened his eyes and sat up. "What happened?"

"You passed out. It's about 8:00 at night." Makoto said.

Ichigo rubbed his head. Then his eyes widened, "Nakata, what happened to him?"

"He died of his burns while you were asleep." Makoto said sadly. Then they heard Mrs. Uchida spouting some bull shit about how the blood of expiation will save them.

"What will save us?" she asked.

"Expiation." They shouted.

"Say it like you mean it." She shouted.

"Expiation." They all shouted.

"Welcome to Sesame Street. Today's word is 'Expiation.'" Makoto said sarcastically.

"Hallelujah, hallelujah." Kota shouted.

"Poor boy's mind hasn't been right since the pharmacy. His mind's just snapped." Raido said.

"I agree." Yukina said. She turned to Ichigo. "You were right, I would rather die trying to escape than wait hear for death."

"What about the beasts?" Kogoro Sagara said. "Remember Kakushi and his group."

"They got over two hundred feet from here. I'm parked at half that distance." Ichigo said.

"You really think it will work?" Takamasa asked.

Ichigo nodded, "We leave at dawn."

Hours later it was nearing dawn. Ichigo woke up first and quietly woke the others up. "Come on, we've got snacks packed in bags at the front. We just get them and get out of here." Ichigo said. He took his sisters hands and they set off.

When they got to the front they found Mrs. Uchida sitting there twirling a knife and drinking a bottle of milk. "Trying to leave are we." She said and then the others came out. Each of them holding weapons.

"Look, we've left you alone, but we just want to leave okay." Ichigo said calmly.

"Just want to leave," she scoffed as she got up and walked out to face them. "It is you people who have brought this upon us. It is you who have angered God and it is from among you that sacrifice must be paid. Among them, the blood of expiation."

Ichigo reacted fast and picked up the last broken broom. "You try it. You fucking try it." He snarled. Yukina pulled Yuzu and Karin back. "Come on."

"We want the girls." She said. "We want the girls." The followers started attacking.

"Get back." Ichigo shouted. He smacked Kota with the handle. "You get back." He smacked the butcher away.

"Ichigo, what do we do?" Yukina panicked as several arms almost grabbed them.

"Grab those girls, grab them. Don't let them get away." She shouted, Ichigo kept smacking them away and the others were also trying to keep them away. "Grab them and get the whore too. Kill them, kill them all." She shouted.

Then there was a gunshot and the sound of a breaking bottle. "Mrs. Uchida had a bullet in her stomach and was bleeding badly. She fell to her knees and saw that Makoto had shot her. The gun was still smoking.

Makoto walked up making everyone else back off. He shot her again, but this time in the head. Everyone else screamed. Makoto pointed his gun at Kota, who dropped his knives. Then at the butcher, who also dropped his knife.

"I killed her." Makoto said quietly.

"Thank you Makoto." Ichigo also said quietly. They moved to the doors. "Get that ice machine out of the way, please."

They moved them away and they got to the door. "You killed her, you murdered her." Snarled a lady. They ignored her and Makoto went to the door preparing to open it. Ichigo had Karin and Yuzu in his arms since he knew that they couldn't run as fast as he could.

"I wouldn't have shot her Ichigo. Not if there had been any other way." Makoto said.

"Don't feel bad Makoto. You did well." Ichigo said.

"Well, okay then." Makoto opened the door. "Let's go." He shouted. They all ran out of the door. Takamasa tripped and Kanryu and Kogoro helped him up.

"Come on Takamasa, we got to go." Kogoro said.

"My ankle." He said and soon they all disappeared into the mist.

Makoto ran in between cars on the way to Ichigo's car. Ichigo panted as he wasn't that far behind. "All the way down." He said turning back to see if the others were with them. Takamasa, Kogoro and Kanryu were missing. The others soon caught up.

"Kanryu," Ichigo called.

"Takamasa," Raido shouted.

"Kogoro." Kana said.

They were trying to catch up, but they couldn't. "I think I broke it." Takamasa groaned. "Fuck."

"Come on, go." Kanryu said getting them to go faster.

"Come on we got to go." Yukina said.

"They're lost." Kana moaned as they ran along. Makoto had gotten to Ichigo's car and opened the doors on the driver's side and turned around panting with a little smile on his face.

The others stopped about ten feet away from him. "Oh Shit." Ichigo said panicking.

"Makoto." Raido called.

"Makoto," Ichigo screamed.

Makoto turned around and was immediately grabbed by a giant creature that was half mantis and half lobster. He screamed as it lifted him up high.

Back with the others they were stopped when a spider came up on top of a car, snarled and jumped on Takamasa and started eating him. He screamed and struggled to get free, while the others backed away.

Ichigo and the others only watched in horror as Makoto screamed and was soon silenced when he was bitten in half. Blood fell on top of Ichigo's car and the gun fell on the front.

Meanwhile the spider had just ripped open Takamasa's face and then really started eating him. Kanryu ran back whimpering. Kogoro screamed and ran the opposite way in between cars.

Then the giant beast turned and walked away, it soon disappeared. The others took their chance and ran into the car. Yukina jumped over into the passenger. Kana and Raido hopped into the back. Ichigo passed Karin and Yuzu over and now they sat in the middle of the front. Both doors slammed shut.

"Are they out there? Can they see us?" Raido asked. Ichigo started honking the horn in a rhythm. Kanryu heard them, but was too afraid to go to it. He tripped over three cars and turned around and the market was right in front of him.

"Let me in, let me in." he cried hysterically as the horn honked again. Kogoro was screamed a little as he passed another car. He turned and narrowly dodged a web. Four spiders surrounded him. He screamed and tried to get away, but the spiders were faster and got him. His screams filled the air.

Ichigo and the others waited, but no one showed up. "Are we going?" Kana asked. Ichigo put the keys in the ignition, but before he turned it on he saw the gun sitting on the car.

Yukina seemed to know what he was doing, by following his eye site and his tensing muscles. "Ichigo, no, don't do it."

Karin also followed it. "No Ichigo, don't do it."

"Ichigo no," Yuzu whimpered.

Ichigo ignored them and opened the car door and reached for the gun. "GET BACK IN THE CAR, ICHIGO, GET IN. AHHH." The three girls yelled. They saw a spider coming towards them fast. Ichigo also saw it and his eyes widened.

It scuttled along the street and hopped up onto the car. Ichigo managed to reach the gun at the last second and get back into the car before it smashed into the wind shield cracking the glass.

The spider snarled and crawled over the car and soon disappeared. The others were trying to catch their breath. Ichigo started the car and turned on the wind shield wipers to wipe the blood off. Then he turned on the head lights, the lights on the roof and the one light on top of the left view mirror.

They then drove slowly off. The people in the market watched in shock as they managed to make it and drive away. Kanryu watched them go with a single tear falling down his cheek as though he was trying to apologize to them for deserting them.

The first place Ichigo drove to was back home. The whole place was covered in webs. Ichigo adjusted the light to look in his house. He saw the broken window, but no one else. Ichigo tried sensing Orihime's spiritual pressure. He found it. It was fluctuating and weak. She must be very scared.

"Okay, this may be stupid, but I'll be right back." Ichigo said.

"What, no you can't go out there. You'll die." Karin wailed.

Ichigo turned to her and smiled slightly, "Sorry." He said and then he dove out of the car with the gun and shut the door ignoring their call.

Ichigo headed to the place where he felt Orihime's spiritual pressure. He came to a small hatch. It was used in case of Tornadoes. Ichigo opened it and once he was through he closed it.

He looked around. It was very dark. He ran around looking, "Orihime," he shouted.

"Ichigo." Said a voice. Ichigo turned around and saw a very scared Orihime holding a whimpering Hikaru.

"Oh thank God." Ichigo said. Ichigo gave her a quick kiss. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I barely managed to get down here. They came in so fast. I grabbed Hikaru and managed to make it down here before they got me." Orihime said.

"Okay, can you run?" Ichigo asked. Orihime nodded. "Hold Hikaru tight and run as fast as you can. I'll be right behind you and run in the direction I tell you too,"

Orihime nodded and they got up to the hatch. "Okay," Ichigo said taking a deep breath. "3… 2… 1, GO." He shouted. They pushed through the door and ran for their lives.

"Left turn now." Ichigo said. She turned and then a spider came out. Ichigo quickly shot it. "Right turn." He said shooting another spider. Ichigo could see the vehicle in site. Then two spiders appeared behind them and shot webs at them.

Ichigo grabbed Orihime and jumped to the side. He turned and shot the two spiders. Then one really big one came out. Ichigo tried shooting it, but he was out of bullets.

"Fuck," he cursed. He threw the gun at the spider and nailed it right in the face stunning it for a second. Ichigo threw the door open and Orihime jumped inside. Ichigo quickly went inside and shut the door.

"Orihime, you're alive." Yuzu said happily hugging her. "So is little Hikaru." She added.

"How did you find her?" Karin asked.

Ichigo smiled, "When you're married, you will understand."Well, now we drive south and see how far the fuel takes us."

"Maybe we'll be clear of the mist." Yukina said.

Now they were driving through a mist enshrouded Karakura. They saw overturned vehicles, dead bodies and limbs lying everywhere. They even passed a school bus. Ichigo shined a light and saw a few dead kids covered in webs and their skin almost completely gone.

Soon they drove onto a lone highway and then there was thumping. Ichigo stopped and then a giant beast appeared above them. It was towering with tentacles spraying over its back. It roared magnificently. They watched with their breaths held and soon it walked away giving one last roar.

Ichigo looked over to see all of them looking scared and hopeless. A few hours later the engine started humming violently. Ichigo looked and saw that they were now out of gas. The car came to a stop.

"Well, we gave it a good try." Raido said. "Nobody can say we didn't." they heard roaring outside.

"We have no weapons and we're surrounded by monsters. We're doomed." Karin said.

Orihime cried a little holding Hikaru. "Oh, my baby."

"We can give you a chance," Kana said. They all looked at her. She looked at Yukina and Raido and nodded to them and they nodded back.

"What do you mean?" Yuzu asked.

"We can distract them long enough for you guys to get away. We are on the edge of Karakura so the mist shouldn't go any further." Kana said.

Ichigo's eyes widened, "Are you crazy? You're willing to give up your lives to save us."

Raido smiled, "You are young and we are old. You deserve to live more."

Yukina nodded, "Go guys." The three of them opened the doors and ran out. Ichigo and the others also got out and ran for their lives. They then heard screams and the sound of ripping flesh.

They kept running for what seemed like hours, but they were still covered in mist. Karin and Yuzu were tired and couldn't go anymore.

They had to stop and then they heard roaring. "We tried, but it wasn't enough." Orihime said holding Hikaru tight.

"I won't go down without a fight." Ichigo said. "Come on. Damn it. Come on you ugly mother fuckers." Everyone looked at Ichigo shocked. "Come on, come on." Ichigo said starting to cry a little.

Then he saw the mist starting to clear and out walked dozens of Shinigami. Ichigo and the others watched as they past. More came along in gigais guiding survivors. Ichigo saw the one woman who had to get home to her kids and her kids themselves.

More of them came along shooting Kido at webs and at other spare beasts that were still roaming around. Ichigo turned to the others and they all broke out in big smiles and hugged each other tight.

Ichigo looked up into the sky and saw a garganta closing. His eyes widened in fury. 'Aizen, you are so dead.' He thought angrily glaring up at the sky.

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