Keywords: Semi-AU, manipulation of canon characters, shounen-ai.


Enter a world where the members of Weiss that we are familiar with are more than a little insane, and the members of Schwarz are the good guys. Meet

Schatten, a telepath who bears startling physical resemblance to the one we know as Schuldich. Join him as he crosses

dimensions into the minds of those he thought he knew; and when he returns to his own world, meet the reflections of those

we thought -we- knew.


All right, I admit it, this fic is strange. I'll get right to the point: Very few people are actually going to understand this. Very few. I originally wrote it based

on a certain WK RPG that I am involved in, and it sort of... evolved from there. Now, I reccommend reading my fics "Schatten"

and "In the Shadows of the Night" before you read this. It might help you understand things better. In fact, as I recall, one of

those little blurbs has character scribbles added onto it as an explanation. However, if you feel that you want to read this one

right -now-, without taking extra precautions against brain cramps, then go right ahead. I wish you the best of luck.

One more thing- Please review, if you have the time. I normally don't request it, but I figured that this time I would really like

some feedback, considering the nature of this story.