Chapter 1

It was dark and soggy right outside the woods just outside of Elkhorn, Wisconsin. It had rained that morning, making the grass spongy and wet beneath the two hunters' feet as they stealthfully crept through the maze of trees and brush in the crisp dark night.

The Beast of Bray Road was a nasty dog-like or wolf-like creature with the head of a dog, but covered in dark fur over its muscular almost human body. It walked on two legs, so it could use its front claws to devour its victims with ease. But it could just as easily switch from two legs to four in the event of a chase, it's running on four legs gave it the advantage of speed which a human didn't possess.

And contrary to popular belief, this thing wasn't a werewolf. It was once a man actually. A well respected man in his village, a man of law and religion – but of course back in that day, religion and law was nearly the same thing.

And one day the man fell in love with a powerful witch. He however, did not know that she was a witch – though in that day and age, a woman who didn't go to church was often accused of witchcraft.

But he never paid attention to the signs. To him, she was his whole world – and he was hers.

One day the man went to a neighboring village to seek aid in its church with the promise to his wife that he would return in three days time with guests from the other village.

See, one of the man's villagers was being accused of murdering three virgin women in their beds. He was found at the scene of the last victims' house with blood on his hands…but the last victim was his wife, so he requested a trial so he could plead his innocence.

But once the man reached the other village, the first person there to greet him was another woman. A wonderful, interesting young woman – who he could not help but be attracted too.

Eventually the two fell in love.

When the man didn't return to his wife after the third day as he had promised, she decided it would be best to go out and search for him on her own.

Once she reached the neighboring village she was met with the sight of her husband holding the hand of a woman younger than she. The look in his eyes told her that her husband was courting this woman.

So the witch returned to her village in a blind rage and prayed to her demons. She prayed to whichever god would listen to her, until one finally visited her.

A man in the form of the judge of their village came to her with black eyes, telling her that her thirst for revenge would be sated at the price of her soul. So she obliged.

With the help of the demon, the witch cast a curse on her husband to transform him into the dog that he is. His transformation would be slow, and would eat at his soul and humanity slowly as the days past. The curse made the Beast immortal, besides a few weaknesses that burned impure things (salt, silver, etc), but as long as the Beasts' body remained, so did the man's soul. It would remain trapped in that body, somewhere locked deep inside – not able to move on and rest.

It was a cruel and truly wicked curse.

Ten years later, the widowed witch died. Her death matched the victims of her husband, so no one suspected anything funny when her body turned up torn completely apart in a pool of her own blood. Her soul left to blister in the bowels of Hell.

But of course this was just what John Winchester had heard. It was the legend that made the most sense to him, so that was the tale he copied into his journal to leave for his sons.

However, John Winchester took the Beast out years ago – when Sam and Dean were very young, in fact.

But maybe there was another beast. Maybe the witch made two, because now John Winchester's sons Sam and Dean were in Wisconsin because the brutal slaughters had started up again a few months ago. Witnesses said they saw a Beast, and it was described exactly like the Beast in John's journal was.

Police had scoured every inch of those woods and never once saw any such creature. So of course they assumed that the survivors of the attacks were nuts.

But Sam and Dean knew better.

In the woods, Dean took the lead holding his rifle at the ready while Sam brought up the rear holding a small silver plated dagger close to his chest.

It was a bit difficult however, because there was no moon in the sky to light their way. They couldn't see so well in the pitch black darkness of the woods, so they crept slowly.

They knew this wasn't a werewolf. Hell, it wasn't even similar to a werewolf (werewolves didn't grow wolf hair). So of course it wasn't bound by the moon either. The most recent attack was two days ago.

But now it was getting rather late, and the boys had been out in these woods since the sun went down hours ago. So of course Dean heard about it.

"If this thing hasn't popped out by now," Sam whispered in a whine, "I doubt it will at all."

"Nah, Kujo's out here." Dean muttered surely.

"What makes you say that?" Sam demanded in a hushed tone followed by an impatient eye-roll.

"Look down." Dean instructed simply, nodding toward the cluttered woods ground.

Sam chanced a quick look at his feet and scrunched up his face in disgust. The ground was already so squishy from the rain; he hadn't noticed the difference when he stepped in the Beasts' last meal…or its remains anyway.

Under Sam's feet lay a large pool of blood, darkening the dead leaves that littered the ground already. And directly next to his right boot lay a white hand with a wedding ring placed neatly on its finger.

"Great. Thanks for the warning." Sam said sarcastically as he shifted his gaze to his brothers' back.

Dean smirked in silent satisfaction, but didn't turn around to share the look with his brother.

Both Dean and Sam suddenly came to an abrupt halt when a low feral growl was heard around them. Dean pointed his rifles toward the shadows in front of him, but couldn't make out what he was aiming at. He didn't want to shoot just yet; he had to reserve his ammunition.

Sam on the other hand, tightened his hand around the handle of the silver-plated dagger.

The growls suddenly stopped, but was followed by a scrape in the brush directly behind Sam, causing the brothers to whirl around to face their hidden opponent.

"It's toying with us." Sam commented in a hushed whisper.

Dean didn't respond as he cocked his rifle, signaling to the monster that was watching them that he was ready for it.

"Come on, ya son-of-a-bitch." Dean muttered to himself.

In the brush directly in front of them, a pair of bright feral looking golden canine eyes glared at them as if it were evaluating its prey.

Sam and Dean couldn't see anything else besides its eyes, but that was enough for Dean.

Dean suddenly fired multiple shots in the spot where the Beasts eyes had been. But once the shots came to a halt, the brothers took a look at the bushes and saw that the pair of eyes were gone.

And Dean had to reload.

"Damnit!" Dean cried as he lowered his weapon, and skillfully reloaded it with haste.

"What happened to reserving your ammunition, Dean?" Sam asked suddenly alarmed as the deep harsh growling returned.

"I thought I had it! It was right there!" Dean yelled, defending himself.

At that moment was when the Beast decided it was going to strike. It took a running start on two legs directly into Dean, knocking him to the ground with ease, and sending his weapon flying.

Dean landed on the ground with a loud 'OOF!' as the Beast began to tear into his back with its sharp front claws.

"Dean!" Sam cried with worry as he ran to where the Beast held his brother.

Without much thought, Sam plunged his dagger directly into the Beasts' shoulder. It surely wouldn't kill him, but it would stun him.

The Beast reared its head back and howled loudly in apparent pain as the raw skin surrounding the blade that was lodged in its skin started to blister and crackle as steam rose from it…as if the silver burned it.

That was good to know, Sam noted to himself silently.

Sam figured he would pull the blade from the Beasts' shoulder blade, and then aim it directly at its heart in one swift motion – then that'd be that.

He saw the recognition in Dean's pain-filled gaze as he too understood what Sam was about to do.

Sam nodded to himself in encouragement, and then bravely pulled the dagger from the Beasts' shoulder.

But in that moment when the blade was dislodged from its shoulder, the Beast roared in anger and then turned around and struck Sam with such ferocity it surprised him. This wasn't just a wild animal, but something evil.

The Beast was now on top of Sam, looking down at its new prey with a gaze of joy almost. Then it leaned its head in and opened its jaws wide.

In that moment, Sam lifted his arm to shield the Beasts' white fanged mouth from his face. And then he felt its teeth pierce his flesh beneath his long-sleeved shirt and jacket.

Sam screamed in obvious pain as the Beast opened its jaws again and nosed past Sam's wounded arm, and bit hard into Sam's left shoulder – he was then rewarded in another scream from his prey.

At the sound of his brothers' second scream, Dean sprang into motion. He lifted the silver-plated knife Sam had dropped, and then lunged at the Beast on top of his brother.

Without even having to think about it, the dagger slid smoothly into the Beasts' chest plate, and penetrated its heart. Dean felt it with a sick pleasure he almost hated to admit.

The Beast didn't have time to howl in pain or even release Sam's shoulder from its hard bite. It just collapsed all of its deadweight on top of Sam.

Now Sam wasn't a small man, Dean knew. On the contrary, Sam came in at a whopping six foot three. Where Dean only came in at six foot. But the Beast was taller than Sam by at least three or four inches.

Not wasting any more time and ignoring the harsh scratches on his back, Dean shoved the dead beast off his brother and saw that Sam was remarkably still conscious.

If you could call that conscious, Dean thought to himself. His eyes were open at least, but it looked like maybe Sam wasn't with him. Like the lights were on, but no one was home.

"Sam!" Dean called as he helped Sam up into a sitting position as he looked at his wounded arm and shoulder which weren't that bad either, strangely.

Dean rolled up Sam's sleeve and noticed with wide-eyes that the wound was barely bleeding. Well…maybe his brothers' many layers softened the blows, Dean thought to himself.

Surely his shoulder would be worse.

Dean then pulled back the collar of Sam's shirts and jacked and saw that, that wound also seemed pretty small. Not even medical-attention worthy.

Maybe all those years at Stanford had softened his brother more than he thought.

But it still didn't explain why Sam was caked with blood on his clothes and face.

Dean smacked Sam's face lightly and called his name again sounding more urgent. This time, to Dean's relief, Sam responded with some weary blinks and a groan.

"You alright, dude?" Dean questioned worriedly.

Sam looked down at the dead Beast at his side, and nudged Dean with a surprised look on his face.

Dean looked down at what Sam was looking at, and could hardly believe his eyes.

There, where he left the wolf-like creature just moments ago, now lay a dead, bloody, very human looking naked petite young woman with long blond locks caressing her curves down to her buttocks.

"What the hell?" Dean muttered to himself as he found he couldn't pull his eyes away from the dead woman.

What just happened?

Okay, I wanna get a couple things straight before I go any further. Haha.

1. I will still be continuing with my other stories. Yes, i know I shouldn't have started another one when I have 3 still in the works, but I couldn't help myself.

2. This is me as the author we're talkin' about folks, so this is mostly a Sam-centric fic. BUT...I've gotten some requests strangely to write some Limp!Sam. So I've delivered folks. This story is gonna be mainly Limp/Hurt!Sam. :D

3. This is a were!chester fic. (I know, I've written like 3 - but I love them so much, I can't help it!) But it's not like my other ones actually...has anyone reading this ever seen Ginger Snaps?'ll sorta be like that. Sorta...again this is me as a writter so I'm gonna throw you off somehow. :)

4. This is set in early season 2, but this is an AU where John is still alive somehow...I'll leave the why up to your own imagination unless I feel like touching on that a little later. :D

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