Ed awoke, blinking a few times, it was still dark out, and admittedly, he was still tired. Yet something or someone had woken him up and he couldn't quite place the sound. It wasn't him as he hadn't woken up in a cold sweat. "No nightmares from me..." he trailed off with a murmur, flexing his right arm slowly before pushing himself off the bed. He could hear whimpering from the main room in Naruto's apartment and he instantly figured it out. Now the big choice between waking up the older boy-girl or letting her sleep through it. "Fuck it..." he mumbled, making his descision and rolling off the bed.

A few seconds later, he had slowly made his way out of the bedroom, towards the kitchen, peering out into the darkness, making out the two chairs that had been pulled together with Ranma laying only on one of them, curled up into a little ball and whimpering.

"Daddy...no...I don't wanna go back into the pit..." Ed heard as he quietly moved closer. "It's scary Daddy...I don't like the kitties no more." Ed peered down and could see the tears falling down from Ranma's face. "It hurts Daddy...help me!" he continued to watch as she trembled, whimpering louder and louder.

He couldn't watch this, not anymore. "Ranma. Wake up, it's okay." Ed reached down, trying to comfort the older girl, but it was to no avail, or at least not at first. The gentle touch just sent Ranma further down the spiral of insanity, in a snap decision, Ed balled up his left hand into a fist and sent it down in a forceful punch at Ranma's head.

Suffice to say, he really wasn't surprised when he found himself in the air, being thrown sideways, somehow, and towards the balcony. 'Shit..!' he mentally swore as he was about to land bodily against the door. He was surprised at the angle though, it was almost completely perpandicular to the way he thought he'd be going, if at all, not to mention the fact that he was also upsidedown. A secondary surprise made itself aware in the form of a puff of smoke.

"Careful there." A nearly emotionless male voice said from behind what looked like a porcelain mask. Ed squinted at the man, looking at the mask, making out the design, that of a wolf of sorts.

"Thanks." Ed said as he was let go, landing on his feet. "Ranma, you okay now?"

"Ed?" The girl's voice called from over by the couch. "Oh shit. I'm sorry, did I throw you or something?" All traces of the crying girl had vanished, replaced by a worried one instead.

"Yeah, no biggie. I expected it, well, not towards the door, but hey." Ed shrugged, looking back to the ANBU whom just nodded and vanished again into a puff of smoke.

"Sorry about this..." Ranma murmured sheepishly. "I was having a nightmare, huh? How'd you manage to wake me if I'm still a girl?"

Ed developed a twitch on his forehead and made a note to use water next time to cause the gender swap instead of something stupid like that. "Didn't think of the water, figured you'd wake up with a threat like I do."

"Usually I just roll around in my sleep and avoid attacks." Ranma sighed and sat up a bit more, dropping her chin into her hands glumly. "Actually, you're the first person I've thrown in a long time. Pops almost always gets the drop on me and sends me into the pond outside of the house. It's a daily thing." Ranma almost giggled at that but caught herself at the last second.

Ed blinked at that, putting that into his head and trying to think it through. He didn't know Ranma's father, but he wanted to beat the shit out of him just because he heard about the Neko-Ken. However, if he the man could get the drop on Ranma every morning, what chance did he have? "I really have to meet that father of yours."

"So you can beat him up, right?" Ranma did giggle at that, for about a second before making a small coughing noise. "Ahem. Anyway. Yeah, most people want to do that to Pops for what he's done while we were on that trip."

"...I don't think I want to know anymore. I'm going to go back to bed." Ed dusted himself off and walked back towards the bedroom. "You gonna be okay?"

"Yeah. Sorry about wakin' you up." Ranma said softly from where she sat, uncurling her legs and spreading them back out over the second chair. "I should be fine for a good while now. Guess it was jus' talkin' about it and all."

"Shit happens and all that." Ed shrugged at the door and headed back towards his bed, stopping just as he heard Ranma's voice once more.



"...thank you."

"Don't worry about it Ranma. Get some sleep. See you in the morning."

With that, the two lost and impromptu travellers went back to their respective slumbers. They really weren't eager to see what their second day in Konoha had in store for them, hopefully it would be less surprising than the first day.

The sun rose above the horizon, showering the Hidden Village of the Leaf in it's ever-lasting glory and radiance. It broke through the darkness and the village was slowly working it's way back from the slumber of darkness as well as the repairs from the invasion from Sound and Sand were in their final stages. After the construction was to be finished, the previously brought up plans would be implimented and in due time, the Fifth Hokage's visage would be etched into the mountain side along with her predecessors.

It wouldn't take long for the process to be started and finish, bless the uses of Ninja abilities and the Earth Element.

Regardless of as such, there was a minor wrench thrown into the thick of things in the form of two travelers that should not have even made their way to the village.

Today was their first full official day within the village. They had been questioned and deemed 'safe' and non-threatening, though with a lack of respect for most forms of authority. Not like the Fifth Hokage really cared because she didn't have much respect for authority either. In that sense, she didn't mind the two that had shown up, and they had somewhat proved their worth in their first meeting by finding an actual spy. Sure it might have just been a coincidence but that was quickly cleared up within an hour of the spy being brought to Torture and Interrogation.

Suffice to say, Anko had a riot of a time pulling information from the man while she didn't have to be under Ibiki's watchful eye. She almost got to use one of her own personal toys, yet when the spy saw the device he quickly spilled the beans. Anko was put out on that, but the information on the 'Snake-Bastard' was more than enough to put the psychopathic grin back on her face.

Yet, that was all the day before and this day was a brand new one. Filled with sights to see, people to torture and her two new acquaintences to mess around with. That Ed kid was easy to screw with, just mention something about something being small and he'd generally freak out. Ranma was a bit harder of a case, but had the similar loss of emotions when something girly was mentioned in compairison to him.

All in all? Today would be wonderful.

Or it would be if someone would wake up.

"Ed." A voice called out from the darkened abyss.

"G'way..." the muttered response was as the boy tossed and turned on the bed.

"Eeeeeedddddd...." the voice drawled out.

"...Jus' five more minutes Al..."




One Edward Elric awoke with a violent start, sitting up suddenly while instantly nrsing his soon to be bruised face.

"What the hell was that for?"

"You wouldn't wake up, d'uh."

"So you hit me?"

"Pay back for trying to hit me last night."

"You were having a nightmare." Ed deadpanned to Ranma.

"And I've been trying to wake you up for half an hour. Breakfast is almost ready." Ranma responded just as dryly.

"Food? Why the hell didn't you say so in the first place?"

"I'll keep that in mind next time then."

"Up yours."

"Don't swing that way, Chibi."

"Considering you're smaller than I am right now, you don't have a right to say anything Ranma-chan."

"Use that honorific again and you won't ever have children."

"Scaaaaary. Not."

"Whatever, y'gonna up and eat or not?"

"Yeah, yeah."

"Anyway, wonder whom those guys are. Which one is that Naruto kid."


"The picture above the bedframe, idiot."

"Dunno. I'm thinking it's the blond one. Though, they both look like punks."

"They're still ninja though."

"True, but...orange? Seriously?"

"It's a great way to practice your stealth actually."


Ranma nodded and paused, leaving the room while Ed finally got up and threw on some clothes, sitting down and waiting for the blonde to sit down with her before going on, having prepared a decent sized breakfast out of the groceries they had bought the day before with Anko.

"Yeah, think about it. It's a color that totally stands out, one peak of it and you're found. Now if you're wearing orange all the time, everyone is obviously going to know it's you, so you have to work on not being seen at all. It's a very good idea, that an' the fact that once people get used to it, a single wardrobe change and viola, instant disguise that no one ever sees coming." Ranma shrugged as she dug into her food with gusto.

"You really think a kid like that is thinking that way?" Ed asked, a bit of a bemused look on his features as he started eating as well.

"Y'never know. Ninja are weird like that sometimes." Ranma rolled her shoulders into a shrug, pausing just before she finished with a narrowing of her eyes as she looked towards the balcony door. "I mean, hell, Konatsu back home? Apparently a once in a couple generations genius kunoichi. The only ninja I'd ever really met before...well, this." Ranma paused and smirked as she stod up and placed her dishes near the sink and started to clean up. It was times like this she was glad she gone on that stupid trip with Genma, at least she knew how to clean up after herself.

"Odd." Ed said with a faint roll of his shoulders while finishing up his food.

"Oh, that's not even the best part." Ranma grinned as she walked back over to the table.

"Seriously? It gets more odd?" Ed canted a blonde eyebrow, standing up and grabbing his plate with his auto-mail arm and cleaning up after himself.

"Oh yeah. Konatsu's a guy." The grin was in full bloom as Ed nearly dropped his plate in reaction and they could hear spluttering coming from one of the 'hidden' ANBU.

"You're shittin' me, right? How the hell is a guy a kunoichi?" Ed just blinked a few times at Ranma.

"Now that's a very depressing story." Ranma said with a rueful shake of her head. "I mean, it makes my childhood look like a happy bedtime story. I'd almost rather go through that stupid Neko-ken training again, really. He's really good, bit of a penny-pincher though."

Ed just snorted and shook his head. "Speaking of penny-pinching...we need to make some money." Pausing while putting the dishes away, not letting the annoyance of being in a place where he didn't have access to his own money get to him. "So that means we need to do some jobs around town."

"Well, let's see what that Hokage lady wanted then. Though, now that I think about it, we should probably see if we can get jobs that ain't to dangerous." She went over to the balcony door and opened it, looking at the masked man that was standing there reading a book. "I don't appreciate it when people come snoopin' on me y'know."

"Honestly, I was more interested in reading and waiting for you to finish before bringing you to Tsunade-sama." The man responded with what looked like an eyesmile. It was kind of creepy really. "Though, I am interested in that last statement, if you don't mind explaining." Ranma was only paying half attention, more lost at the gravity defying silver hair than anything, though she snapped back into reality when she saw Ed out of the corner of her eye, wondering the same thing.

"Well, really, it has to do with the way we got here. Never know when we're gonna get ported out. More than likely at a horrible time too, y'know?" Ranma rolled her shoulders into a shrug and got a nod in response.

"Well, I know how I got here and honestly, I'm not about to try and do it to get away." Ed said with a grimace and redid up his pony-tail. "I'm not like those bastards who's plans I was screwing with."


"...I don't want to talk about it right now, and if you try to force it, we're going to have problems."

"That's something I'm sure none of us visible people will ever do...nor will any of those invisible people around here, I'm sure." the man Ed and Ranma remembered as Kakashi remarked, not even bothering to glance at the hidden ANBU escorts. "Maybe in another village, but here in Konoha, we protect our comrades." Even if they didn't want it in some cases.

"Huh. I think I'm liking this place more than back home." Ranma mused, rubbing her chin in thought.

"I just wish my brother was here personally." Ed shrugged and looked over at Kakashi and Ranma for a moment. "Lemme just get my jacket and we can go. After that, I want to start showing you how to do some Alchemy."

"Sure thing, I can help you with your Martial Arts." Ranma said in kind.

"...And I'll be helping you both learn how to control your Chakra, or what we call Chakra anyway." Kakashi finished off. That caused Ranma to perk up a little while she looked at Kakashi with a canted eyebrow, noting the man smiling slightly behind his mask. "It's the least we could do for finding that Oto-Nin."

"Hah. Ain't no problem," Ranma grinned. "We might as well head out and see the Old Lady in charge." He caught the narrowed eye coming from Kakashi and the grin turned into a vile smirk. "Oh please, it's hard not to tell, her Ki is a olt older than she looks. I could feel it easy. I deal with an old Ghoul back home that's more than a few centuries old. The Old Letch is just as old as she is too."

"You know, now that I think about it, I thought she felt kind of off too." Ed narrowed his eyes in thought and shrugged a little bit. "Might've been something I picked up from the old bastard though."

They left through the regular enterance and went down to the ground level while they continued to talk about small things they had been noticing here and there. It was as if something was different for the two of them, and outside of the fact that they weren't whenever and where-ever they had come from, everything felt cleaner somehow. To Edward it felt as if was living back in Resembool and to Ranma it was as if she was back out in the wilds, but during one of the quiet breaks that Genma once stopped on here and there.

This place seemed backwards to Ed though, it was a lot more primitive than he was used to, the lack of cars, though the fact that some things were powered by electricity and others were lit by open actual flames made the entire place seem like an old mish-mash of old and new technology. He was also starting to feel a little bit left behind as he watched some ninja hopping from roof to roof while he, a man in the Military was walking around like a civilian. Frankly, it annoyed the hell out of him.

Hell, he just saw a bunch of kids doing it.

Life was unfair.

"One of the first things I want to learn is how to do that."

"Do what?"


"Oh. It'll be hard with your leg."

"Don't care. I'll learn it, dammit."

"With Chakra it'll be easy, it's why those kids could do it." Kakashi cut in.

"Man, that kind of makes me feel pathetic. They're younger than me when I learned from Pops."

"Hell, at least you can do it you jerk. I'm just an average martial artist back home."

"Yeah, but I bet you yer more smarter than anyone at tons of stuff."

"...Well, I can conlcude I'm at least better at speaking."

"Stuff it."

Ed just grinned as Ranma gave him a red-eye and stuck her tongue out.

"Now now children, the big fancy building straight ahead is where we need to go." Kakashi flipped out his book and started to read again, amused that neither of them knew what it was he was reading.

"So, what are we exactly going to talk to her about anyway?" Ranma blinked.

"No clue." Kakashi shrugged, not even looking at either of them.

"Great. I'm pretty sure we went through most of the crap we needed yesterday. But I guess that desn't cover it." Ed sighed. "Then again, I suppose that's not that big of a surprise. Foreign country, foreign military, have to cover all of their bases."

"Does that mean I'm not a civilian anymore?" Ranma blinked a second time, then a few more times as a frown processed it's way across her face.

"Good question. Make sure to ask her that when we get to her office, if she's not drunk already." Kakashi rejoined.

"Great..." The utter lack of enjoyment just screamed amusement. Really. Honest! "So we've got an old drunk, I hope there's no old pervert too."

"Ahh..." Kakashi just barely held in the cough. "I don't believe there is." That's it Kakashi, go with the half-truth. Those usually work. Yep.

Ed and Ranma both just sweatdropped at that and shook their heads.

Not much longer after that they found their way to the Hokage's office, sure enough there Tsunade sat, though she wasn't half asleep or amazingly enough, drunk. She was, however actually doing some paperwork, causing Kakashi to stiffen as soon as he opened the door and was almost walked into. He was in the mind to run away and gather backup and also nearly voiced his suspicions about this obvious fake when she looked up at the three of them.

"Well? Don't just stand in the door!" Tsunade snapped.

"Gomen, gomen." Kakashi said without a trace of being sorry before putting his book away. "You wanted to see them, so here they are."

"Wait a minute. You're on time. Who are you and what've you done to Kakashi?" Tsunade's eyes narrowed a little at the masked Jonin.

"Wait a minute. You're doing paperwork. Who are you and what've you done to Tsunande-sama?" Kakashi rejoined with one of his creepy eye-smiles before disappearing out of the room in a swirl of leaves.

Tsunade managed to look only slightly disgusted before she looked at both Ranma, still a girl, and Ed. "Alright you two. As things stand, you both are going to be temporary members of the village, if you betray my trust, I'll have you both hunted down and killed, got that?

'...'Eh, sure. No big deal." Ranma shrugged.

"Same." Ed nodded slowly.

"Good, any questions?" Tsunade pushed herself back into her chair, letting out a deep sigh at the same time. She was really getting sick of all of this bloody paperwork.

"Well, one thing or another actually. Was thinking about it ealier." Ranma brought up, looking at Ed whom was obviously the better speaker so he should say what Ranma was obviously thinking.

"Jerk." Ed mumbled while rubbing the birdge of his nose. "Well, it's like this. He's not sure how he got here..."

"...She at the moment." Tsunade pointed out.

"I'm a GUY!"

"Whatever. Anyway, not sure how that happened for her, and I'm not sure how the difference in time will flow when it comes to either of us being grabbed and ported out. I mean, we could be here for months, we could be here for days. One of us might leave before the other, or maybe not. As such, I think it'd be best if we were either staying inside or near the village with people watching us or..." Ed trailed off, blinking a few times before looking over at Ranma for a moment before going on. "Or we help with important things as just two added people on top of whom would normally go so as to help expedite the process."


"Make it faster, Ranma. Seriously, we need to buy you a dictionary."

"If you don't stop makin' fun of me I'm gonna shove my fist down your throat, alright?" Said girl in question held up a dainty little fist threateningly. If Ed hadn't watched what she did yesterday, even as a guy, he would've just laughed in her face otherwise.

"I'm just sayin' is all." Ed held up his hands with a rogue-ish grin plastered on his face before looking back at Tsunade. "Regardless of as such, I'm willing to help the repairs go by faster so you'll spend less money and waste less materials and any other projects like that."

"Sounds ideal to me, anything you specifically wish to do, Ranma?" Tsunande leaned back while crossing her arms over her chest.

"Uhh, if you need me to beat someone up, I'm all for it." She let out a bit of a grimace, "All I'm good at is bein' a Martial Artist, though I guess I'm a good hand in the kitchen an' I make a great waitress. Mind you, I'm startin' to cramp up a little, so maybe I should hold off on the waitressin' so I don't bite someone's head off."

"If you need anything for that, just head to the hospital and ask for Shizune and she'll get you something." A look of sympathy crossed the Godaime's face before nodding while thinking the rest of it over. "Well, Ed, I do have a request for you to do if you don't mind and when Kakashi gets back in an hour, you can learn how to do some Chakra exercises, simple things really."

"I'm all for it." Ranma grinned brightly. If it had anything to with fighting the boy-turned-girl would just eat it all up.

"And what was it you wanted me to do?" Ed finally asked.

"Well, it's like this..."

A Couple Hours Later:

Ed stood on top of Hokage Mountain, his arms crossed and a wide smirk plastered on his face as he looked down on his newest masterpiece. Sure he could've been done hours ago, but there were actual calculations to be done when it came to operating on a scale this large, that and he was a genius and everyone knows that the work of a genius can never be rushed.

Well, outside of combat situations that is.


In turth, the FullMetal Alchemist had spent his time wisely, fixing up the overly large crack that had split the face of the, what was it, Sand dime? No? Well, the third face on the mountain in any regard, and he had also smoothed out the features of the rest so they looked a bit less unrealistic. He had used the extra mass from where the fifth face was supposed to be carved in to do that and then finally made the final adjustments to make out the face and brought the stone up underneath him in blocks so that the excess could be used in some of the construction towards making the outer walls better.

Of course, the diminuitve (not that he'd ever admit to it verbally) Alchemist had an audience of the supposed Fifth Hokage, the Kakashi dude and a still female Ranma; whom was also starting to get irritable. Yet despite that, they were obviously impressed with what Ed could do.

"I am so damn good." He finally said as he turned around, looking like a cocky little bastard.

"Like I said ealier, yer teaching me that." Ranma retorted.

"Yeah, yeah, later, I have to bask in the greatness that is myself." Ed rejoined.

"Now now you two. No need to act like little children." Kakashi said from over his book, looking like he was barely interested, placing obvious emphasis on the word that would annoy the both of them. He then cocked his head off to the side and did his creepy eye smile over his book as he looked towards Ed. "Nice job by the way, it looks pretty good from down at ground level."

"And how the hell can you tell?" Ranma asked before Ed could get a word in. Said blond had an eyebrow cocked however.

"Now that..." he trailed off and brought a single finger up to his lips. "...is a secret."

Tsunande reached out and whapped Kakashi upside the head while Ed and Ranma both sweatdropped.

"You deserved that." Ed snorted.

Tsunande shook her head and looked at them before clearing her throat to get their attention. "Alright you three, as mentioned before Kakashi decided to show up even later than usual..."

"...I was only two hours late. Besides, it's payback for that crack at your office ealier."

"Do you want me to hit you like I do Jiraiya?"

"I'll be good."

"Now, as I was saying, since you've done me this favor, and saved us months of work, not to mention all the money, the least we could do is show you the basics of survival around here." Tsunande finished.

Ranma raised her hand at that point in question. "We won't have to...kill anyone, will we? I don't remember if I asked that yet..." she trailed off, mumbling something about stupid furry hellspawn and nightmares of doom.

"Kill or be killed, in a good amount of cases." Kakashi said in a neutral tone, finally putting his book away and nodding to Tsunade, he'd just take it from here. The Hokage nodded in responses and disappeared in a swirl of leaves. "We prefer to use it as a last resort here in Konoha. We're pretty much the odd village out with most of our beliefs. We pride ourselves on that and our teamwork."

"I've got no problem with that, personally." Ed shrugged a little. "Honestly, this will probably be the longest away from my brother I've ever been, I'm used to working with him and I get along with Ranma just fine."

"I...I'm not used to working with people." Ranma grimaced a little. "There's the odd opportunity here and there, but back home it's pretty much 'Backstab Ranma Day' everyday." She sighed a little and shook her head. "They were gettin' better, but y'know, they've probably thought I've up and disappeared and am planning something perverse or am cheatin' on someone with someone else." Her voice got bitter at that last point. "I hate being called a pervert and I don't like perverts either."

"You don't hate perverts too?" Kakashi asked while him and Ed both had noticed the different phrasing she had used. The three of them were geniuses after all.

"Naw, most of them just annoy me an' all. I mean, hate is a pretty negative emotion and y'gotta do a lot to make me hate you. I mean, I've gotten mad at a few guys, but I never hated them. Couple came close, but hey." Ranma shrugged.

"I can understand and agree with that." Ed nodded silently, he did at one time, for a long time really, hate his father. Passionately at that, he despised and hated that man.

"Most people three times your age to don't understand that. Most people don't understand what hate or love really are." Kakashi nodded sagely. "Well, we might as well get on with showing you the first of the training exercises.

With that, they both spent about half an hour as Kakashi went over the basics, the sensations, feelings and movements for drawing upon their chakra. It didn't take either of them all that long to start on the basics where they could starting using it. Ranma had more experience in that he could use one half of his Chakra potential visibly, he just needed to get the other half down, and with the proper teaching, he'd be a natural at using it. Yet, Ed was the one that showed signs of being able to use his Chakra first, sure he had problems with the seals, what with his automail arm and all but he mastered the basics with unforseen ease. At first, Ed had frowned at how easy he was getting it yet the realization came to him pretty quickly causing him to grimace down at his leg and nod to himself in understanding. At the end of the second half an hour, Kakashi called for a halt to look the two over.

Ranma looked likes he hadn't exerted herself at all and Kakashi knew why after going over Kurenai report, his control was a damn sight above average as well and his first opinion held easily when Tsunade had asked him ealier from when he was spying and watching the boy turned girl. He was a natural genius to put it simply.

Edward though? If Ranma was on the level, Ed was on the hill above it and he was just that much higher in most areas and Kakashi couldn't quite place why. All of Kurenai's Genjutsu had failed on the boy, every single one and Kakashi couldn't quite fathom that; after all, She was as good at Genjutsu as Gai was at Taijutsu. The short boy didn't even need much beyond the basic explination to start drawing upon his chakra, it had been as if he had just known how. Yet, all in all, despite his great conditioning, he was still was starting to show a sheen of sweat since he just wasn't used to this kind of exertion. All in all though, he would've been the perfect student.

"Alright now, what can the two of you tell me? Ranma, you first." Kakashi clapped his hands together to make sure he had their attention.

"Ah, I've almost got it. Something still feels off though, probably cause my Ki is overpowered compared to it and I ain't used to usin' the other side, whatever it's called." Ranma blinked a few times. "Probably cause I'm used to pullin' an emotion with my Ki, and the Chakra don't use it. Should have it down later in the day, easy as pie."

"I figured of as such. This stuff is taught to kids after all, and since you're smarter than the brats we get at the academy, I hope you'll have it down soon. Ed, your turn." Another creepy eye-smile. Seriously, those need to stop.

"Figured it out, can do it stupid easy, just like Alchemy." Ed shrugged a little. "Well, it's a bit less complex than that, so it's really easier to do, but I don't think I'll have as great of a success using it as my Alchemy, it draws the power from me in exchange where as Alchemy just uses the materials available and rearranges them."

"Really? And your control?" They both blinked at each other before looking at Kakashi in thought.

Ed went first with, "Mine, I'd say is close to perfect, I can feel the differences in my body, it's pretty easy to notice."

"Ah, I'd say mine's pretty good too. I can't exactly feel it like that, but I can tell when something is draining me like that because of my Ki use." Ranma grinned and just barely caught herself from giggling like an actual girl. "I just need to work on it and I'll get it up to the level of the rest of my skills."

The silver haired Jounin grinned under his mask at that. "Excellent, this is going better than I'd hoped. Alright then, since we've still got quite a lot of time left, I'll show you how to do three basic techniques that are taught at the Academy. Transformation, the Henge no Jutsu, Substitution, the Kawamari no Jutsu, and Clone, the Bushin no Jutsu." He then proceeded to slowly show both of them the hands seals for each individual one. "Go through the sets before adding in your chakra. Try the Henge first as it's the easiest of the bunch." He looked at Ranma at this point. "Just use your imagination to become your male body when you do it." Then to Ed. "You try your brother."

It didn't come to much surprise that a few minutes later with a single puff of smoke that gril-type Ranma became male-type. "Hey th...aw, dammit, I still sound like a girl."

"Well, that's just something you'll need to work on when it comes to your Henge. It's the most minor of genjutsu one can learn." Kakashi remarked, "Let it go for now, and besides, at the rate you're going, you're doing better than almost all students at the academy." Kakashi thought back to Naruto's so called 'Sexy Jutsu' and shook his head at that. How the boy had turned a genjutsu into a ninjutsu, he'd never understand.

Ed however, had been watching and waiting for Ranma to get it before he tried it himself, he went through the hand seals slowly a few times before nodding to himself and going through them once more while adding in the sensation of chakra. One large puff of smoke later and he stood there as a giant suit of armor. "This is kind of cool." he said in a perfect imitation of Al's voice. He then proceed to check how well he did the technique and with the others watching in fascination he opened the front of the armor. "So, how's it look? There should be a symbol there in the back, is there?"

"Yes. There is, it looks like dried blood." Kakashi said softly, wondering the exact implications of what this meant. This was supposed to be his brother?

"Perfect." the disembodied sound of young boy was starting to be really creepy, especially since it came to be just coming from everywhere. A puff of smoke later and Ed stood there with a rueful shake of his head, he was then joined by another puff of smoke as Ranma let his Henge go too.

"Well, next will be the Bushin..." Kakashi trailed off and showed the signs next and it didn't take long for either of them to catch on to that either.

Notes from the Author:

Alright, before I get into anything else, like responding to reviews and minor critics, I'd like to point out that yes they're both learning how to use Chakra. Why? Why the hell not? I like the idea of it, and it makes for fun stuff to do. Though, I'm quite sure the biggest concern and comment I'm going to be addressing is how Ed is handling things, and to put it simply? He's seen The Truth, and that's just how I'm going to roll. He knows how to do this the basic level of instinct, just like Alchemy, meaning he'll be better at it than Ranma, it's cut and dry like that. Will he be able to beat Ranma? I don't know, Ranma has more training, more power and a bigger imagination, he can come up with stupid powerful attacks on the fly. It'll be interesting when I get out of this arc into the next one and I'm just about through with the beginning of this one and onto the conflict that Judah was hoping for.

Now, here's the thing. I was wondering if I should add a permanent cast member from the Naruto 'verse to our two travellers. If you've got suggestions, drop them off in the reviews. I'm trying not to do OC's in this fic either, or go with unknowns, but if you've got a suggestion, it'd be much appreciated. I mean, I might go find and steal Naruto too.

Now onto the reviews, I'll start from the back and go forward, hopefully you aren't to disappointed with me.

Fallacies: I like OP Ranma, but I won't be making him to OP when it comes to Jutsu, when it comes down to it, he'll just add it to his Taijutsu and use it to screw with his opponents like he usually would. To him, it's just another list of techniques he'll use to kick some ass, that and most of the techniques he'll learn here won't be as powerful as his usual things anyway. Though, I'll admit, he usually bruteforces it with the Moko Takashiba, he did learn it after the HSH and that requires concentration and good deal of manipulation of his own body.

Kariston Draconis: More than likely I'll have minor SM crosses if they ever get back to whenever in time Ranma is from. I've got an odd view in this fic in that the majority of manga/anime/books/shows happen in the real world. Ranma is active in Nerima at the same time the Senshi are active in Juuban in the 80's. I'd say the Elemental Countries are way back, hidden in a massive Genjutsu in the Pacific Ocean and Ed is probably in the late 20's with the same thing around Antarctica or the North Pole or something. I'm making it up as I go around, but this is 'Earth' everyone is from. I also might make back tracks later one, it's an interesting idea for sure. As for breaking them apart, we'll see later on.

Naosj: Nope, not following the Naruto time line any further than a little bit into the area between the split. It gives a writer free reign over what happens with the Chuunin exams other than the fact that people get promoted. As for how I'm taking it forward, this entire fic is an experiment, so I don't know how I'm taking it either, it's more of a surprise that way.

RobotPirateNinja: I'd have to say it's because he doesn't understand it yet, but he'll start as of now so he'll be able to counter it easier.

Vandenbz: Ranma isn't getting a pairing with any of 3A sad to admit, but that's because I have that entire bit my head, the only thing I have planned out at all is the beginning to the Negima stuff. It's an offshoot of what I mentioned to Kairston above there, Ranma happens in the late 80's...where as Negima hands a few years after the turn of the new millenia. Take that into consideration and look at the character names and you might figure out what I've got planned.

With that, I'll have to apologize to those Anko lovers, she won't be getting with Ranma in this fic, sad to say. (I love her too, she's so crazy!) and with that, I'll bring this section of notes to a close.

I hope everyone is enjoying their May, and to those that just finished their College stuff, congrats. I'll try to make my updates a bit faster and longer after this, but I'm trying to work on something that'll actually get me paid. XD. Well, that and I've got another couple of fics in the stages of planning. Maybe something dark and crazy to boot. I do that pretty well. And with that, I'm out for the evening.


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