Why It'll Never Work

Well, this isn't exactly how Faith planned this moment to go.

"Buffy…" Faith tries, but it comes out more as a moan from the friction Buffy's thigh is having against her clit. Buffy's not holding her down forcefully anymore, but she couldn't move even if she tried. Her brain is screaming at her to not make this more complicated than it already is, but one touch from Buffy and her brain might as well be useless for all the good it's doing her right now.

Plus, the whole dominatrix Buffy thing is hotter than words can ever describe and Faith isn't one to kick a gift horse in the mouth, considering this is Buffy fantasy number twenty seven.

She's still pissed off and her need to run is fueling her adrenaline, but Buffy is sucking hard on her neck, right over the hickey that Kennedy left her. Buffy's need to reclaim her allows for a flood of desire to spill down her thighs as she grabs onto her back, arching her back as she gasps, fingernails digging in as Buffy bites her roughly. When she's done properly marking her, her lips press against Faith's ear and she whispers throatily, "You're mine, Faith."

Faith could have sworn that she had a proper response to that, however all that managed to come out of her mouth was something that she was horrified to realize resembled close to a whimper; and Faith doesn't whimper. She can feel Buffy smile against her neck at her little victory as her hand slides up Faith's torso slowly, dragging the shirt with her. With every little bit of skin that's exposed she'll shift her thigh, the slight friction against Faith's clit making her gasp softly. "Say it, Faith," Buffy coos softly in her ear, a slight taunt behind it because of her obvious power over her.

"You're getting cocky," Faith retorts with a smirk, finally finding her voice. As her hands descend Buffy's body of their own accord, she turns her head to get Buffy to look at her. Buffy's eyes flicker down to meet her own and she bites her lower lip softly as her hand stops shy of Faith's breast; resting on her ribcage. She looks a little more than cocky right now, and it should probably piss Faith off rather than turn her on.

Buffy leans down, but when Faith tries to kiss her she pulls away a little, just out of reach, and smirks. "You could have hit me back and ran by now," she explains in a whisper, ghosting her lips across Faith's. "I'm not holding you down anymore…" Her lips connect with Faith's for a moment and they kiss; lips, tongue, teeth, and bruising passion until Buffy pulls away and Faith groans from the lack of contact.

"You could have told me you didn't want me anymore; that you really are leaving," Buffy goes on in a soft voice, trailing her lips across Faith's jaw. "But all I see you doing is grinding your very wet pussy against my thigh," Buffy presses her thigh harder against Faith and her hips buck in response; confirming it. Buffy smirks as Faith's breathing starts to become a little shallow and her hands slide down to grab her ass.

There's just something about Buffy; Ms. Prim and Proper, using the word 'pussy' that gets Faith going like nobody's business.

Buffy seems to know it too and her lips trail back down to her ear just as her hand finally ascends over her ribcage to land on her breast. As she rolls Faith's nipple between her fingers and watches her lover bite back a moan she chuckles a little and finishes, "So yeah, I think I have a reason to be cocky, Faith."

"Jesus, B; just fuck me," Faith breathes before she can stop herself. Shit, she's about to make things so much worse, isn't she? But she can't help herself and she damn sure can't stop herself either. She's also letting Buffy top the hell out of her, which is something she already knows she'll only ever do for her. It's a weird switch; being on the submissive end of things. It makes her feel vulnerable, but it also has some sort of sexy quality around it that completely overrides the fear she usually gets when she's unguarded. But then again, that may just be because of Buffy.

The rules always seem to change for her, don't they?

Fuck. She should leave before this gets any worse. She was supposed to be getting space, having time to think and this isn't helping. Yeah, leaving is a good plan. She can just push Buffy off of her and tell her that this isn't gonna just magically fix shit. She should leave right—

Her thoughts are interrupted by a moan as Buffy's thigh is replaced by her fingers slipping through her wet folds. That was it; Faith was done. Done with thinking, done with pretending she's actually gonna get herself out of this mess. Instincts kick in and her fingers gripping Buffy's shirt tears it from the force before her lips collide with hers. They're a mess of lips, tongues, and wandering hands as Faith wastes no time getting Buffy's clothes off of her.

Buffy begins to pant heavily into her mouth at the force of her passion as every stitch of her clothing is removed and she struggles to get Faith's shirt over her head. But when it's discarded to the ground Faith rolls them over, switching their positions so that she's on top before plunging two fingers deep inside of Buffy's heated core.

"Oh fuck, Faith!" Buffy cries, grasping at her back, nails digging in as she spreads her legs wider for her. Her eyes shut momentarily from the pleasure, but she forces herself to open them again and look up at the woman on top of her.

Faith's eyes are wild as she looks down at her, her long wavy hair tumbles down around her shoulders and frames her face as her lips are slightly parted; swollen from the bruising passion behind their kisses. Her eyes drink in every dip, every curve of Buffy's body as she pauses, leaving her fingers inside of her but not moving an inch. "You're fuckin' beautiful, B," Faith breathes; about the only thing that her mind can comprehend at the moment.

Buffy presses her lips together as she whimpers a little, rolling her hips into Faith's hand, trying to encourage movement that doesn't seem to be coming. "Please…" she begs softly. But Faith barely listens and instead takes her time kissing Buffy's neck, biting and sucking softly at the tender flesh. Buffy whimpers again and tries to fuck herself against Faith's hand, but the brunette uses her bodyweight to still her hips as she lays on top of her and Buffy groans in frustration.

"You think you own me?" Faith asks her in a throaty whisper that sends shivers down Buffy's spine. It's almost like a challenge.

"Yes," Buffy breathes. Faith lifts up her head and Buffy turns hers to look at her before she breathlessly continues, "But I think it's a fair trade considering you're going to own me forever…"

That seems to snap Faith out of it, at least a little. She can't do this to her; she needs to leave. She withdraws her fingers from her and starts regrettably, "Buffy…"

"No," Buffy says, her voice sounding strong if not for the little quake of uncertainty that taints it. She grabs both of Faith's hands, lacing their fingers together as she pulls her a little so that their bodies are flush together. "Please don't…"

Faith swears a little under her breath. "I have to—" but she can't get the rest of the sentence out because she's silenced by Buffy's lips on hers. They kiss for softly awhile, Faith not being able to find the strength to just get up and go; this is so much harder that she expected it to be. Buffy cups her cheek and kisses her deeper before starting to roll them back over so she can be on top. But Faith breaks the kiss, already knowing where that's gonna head if she lets it. "No, B, I—"

But once again she's silenced with lips on hers as Buffy does take full control, pinning Faith down beneath her. Her grip isn't hard, but it's still making her point. When they break she whispers against her lips, her voice choking up a little, "Please Faith… just make love to me. Decide after that, but just please…" she bites her trembling lower lip and rolls her hips into Faith, their clits bumping against each other, making both women moan.

Faith knows she shouldn't do this.


"If you're going to say goodbye then do it properly!" Buffy whispers harshly, her emotions getting the better of her. Faith swears as she sees one tear fall from Buffy's eye and wiggles her wrist out of Buffy's slackening grip to reach up to wipe it away with her thumb. "Fuck, Faith, just…" Buffy starts, then sighs as she struggles to talk without completely breaking down. "If you need space that's fine, I'll let you go, okay? I'll wait for you if that's what you want but just don't leave without…" she trails off and another tear falls and Faith does the first thing she can think of; she kisses away the tear before pressing her lips to hers, rolling her hips harder into Buffy and making her gasp quietly into her mouth.

She's probably gonna go to hell for this one.

But Faith continues to kiss her anyway, grinding her clit against Buffy's as they both moan. Buffy's hands slide over every inch of her body as if trying to memorize it. She's still softly crying and that breaks Faith's heart more than anything else and she tries to give her all she needs so she can at least be happy for a moment, no matter how brief. She grabs Buffy's hips and guides them softly, making sure the friction created between them is at its peak. Buffy's panting against her lips as she slides her hand over Faith's breast, rolling her nipple between her fingers and sending sparks shooting to her core.

"Fuck, Buffy…" Faith moans, her words a bit muffled from Buffy's lips on hers.

Buffy wishes she could fool herself into thinking that if she gives Faith an orgasm that it'll make her stay, but she knows she's not going to. She still doesn't know why and it's killing her. Making love to Faith right now might also be killing her but she can't just let her leave without knowing for sure that Faith really does love her.

Buffy can see it in her eyes though; when she looks down at Faith as they both grind against each other, panting and moaning at every feeling that flows through their bodies. She can see the love behind her eyes, but she can also see the fear… and the regret she knows she's going to have once this is all over. Maybe it's cruel, but Buffy doesn't plan to save her from that regret because she knows she's going to have some of her own.

"I love you," Buffy pants out as her body slides against Faith's, the pressure building as she approaches the orgasm that is coming far too quickly. "Faith, I love you so much…" she breathes, her voice cracking as she chokes back a sob.

"I love you too," Faith tells her breathlessly. As she sees another tear fall from Buffy's eye she reaches up and wipes it away, "Shit, B, don't cry… please." It's like a knife in the gut all over again to see Buffy in so much pain and to know she's the cause of it, but just like back then; she doesn't know what to do about it other than run. It's what she's good at, after all.

Maybe she hasn't grown up as much as she thinks she has.

"Don't leave," Buffy suddenly chokes out, all of her emotions finally getting the best of her as she breaks down and sobs as she collapses on top of her, burying her face in Faith's neck. Faith wraps her arms around her as she stills her hips. God, she knew this was a bad idea. Neither of them could handle this. "Please don't leave me, Faith…"

"Shhh, B… come on, don't cry…" Faith tries as she strokes her hair, but all it seems to do is make Buffy cry harder.

"You're such a fucking asshole, you know?!" Buffy cries, pushing herself away from Faith before hitting her chest with her fists… hard. Faith winces at the pain but Buffy doesn't give her a chance to say anything, "Why can't you just be happy? Why can't you just stop running from everything that makes you feel good?!"

"B, I don't wanna do this again with you…" Faith sighs softly, rubbing the area where Buffy hit her. She sits up and tries to grab her clothes, realizing that sex is definitely a bust, but Buffy grabs them out of her hands and throws them across the room.

"Well too bad!" Buffy screams, tears streaming down her cheeks. "I'm gonna continue screaming at you until you tell me why you want to leave!"

"I didn't say I want to leave!" Faith protests.

"Oh no, you just need to then, is that it?" Buffy mocks, scorned. "Bullshit. Tell me, Faith! Tell me why you want to leave so badly! What the hell has got you so scared that you need to run away from me like a pussy little bitch?!"

Whoa, what the fuck did she just call her?

"Fuck you, Buffy! You don't get it!" Faith yells. Not that she can really blame her, considering she has yet to explain it, but whatever. There's no fuckin' need to call her a pussy bitch. She's not running because she's scared!

"Then explain it to me!"

Faith shakes her head, "Just forget it, B. I gotta go." She gets off the bed and takes all of one step until Buffy grabs her arm and roughly pulls her back down before shoving her with all her strength. Faith falls back a little and looks at her, eyes flashing.

"I ain't afraid to hit you," she warns. This is getting ridiculous. Buffy can't force her to stay here!

"Then hit me," Buffy challenges, her voice dangerously calm. "Come on Faith, it's what you want, isn't it? Some big fight so you don't have to feel guilty about breaking my heart because you aren't woman enough to keep it in the first place!"

Yeah, she's purposely trying to piss Faith off now. It's working.

"I'm all the fuckin' woman you'll ever need!" Faith yells, offended by that. Not woman enough… what the fuck? "Hell, I'm all the fuckin' man you'll ever need too! Don't fuck around with me, B!"

"I'm not; I'm just waiting for you to stop being such a pansy bitch and prove it to me!"

"I'm not scared, so stop callin' me shit like that!" Faith yells. God, she's never been called a pussy or a pansy bitch ever in her whole life and now she gets called them both in a span of two minutes? What the fuck.

"Really? Because you look pretty terrified to me."

"Fuck you. Fuck this," Faith spits out, getting off the bed before beginning to grab her clothes off the floor. She sees Buffy move off the bed from the corner of her eye and as she turns to tell her to seriously back the hell off, she's greeted by a fist to the face and she falls to the ground, losing her footing from the unexpected blow.

She reacts instinctively; eyes wild as she feels threatened, springing to her feet, and launching herself at Buffy. She dodges the first punch but the second connects, and connects hard. The bruise is already starting to form on Buffy's jaw as they start to circle each other, eyes dangerous. "What the fuck is your problem, B?!" Faith screams.

"What the hell does it look like, F?" Buffy taunts, her eyes still glistening with angry tears. She's channeled her sadness into anger; something Faith has learned to do very well in the past and yet it still comes as a bag of bricks to the face when she sees it on someone else.

"Looks like your beggin' to get your ass kicked if ya ain't gonna let me walk out that door," Faith tells her.

"You'd hit the woman you claim to love?"

"You already have!"

"And you just did! So damnit, Faith, what the hell do we do now?! Is this all it's ever gonna be with us? We fight then we fuck and you tear my heart into a million pieces and then stomp on them like I'm worth shit to you?!" Buffy screams, stopping deliberately in front of the door so Faith can't leave.

"How can you still fuckin' say that you think your heart is worth shit to me?!" Faith screams. "Seriously Buffy, are you that fuckin' retarded?!"

How did they get here; naked and fighting with each other like this? This is why she needs to go; this right here. All this craziness, all this fuckin' insanity. Buffy's right; they fuck, they fight. They ain't ever gonna have anything normal and Buffy… she deserves better than that.

Faith's pretty sure she should deserve better that that too.

Buffy's eyes flash; the only warning Faith has before she lunges at her again. They're a mess of fists and fury as they trade blows; some connecting and others just barely being dodged. Faith's lip gets split open again and she growls, spinning around to have her elbow connect with Buffy's face. The blonde stumbles back but regains her footing almost immediately and ducks down to dodge another blow that's sent her way, sweeping her leg down and successfully tripping Faith so that she ends up falling hard to the ground.

They both wish that they were strong enough to stop this; to be able to get up and walk away and realize that fighting like this isn't gonna get them anywhere but more fucked up. But it's what they do best, the both of them; fight out their issues like they're still screwed up adolescents. With all the growing they've done as women over the last seven years, when it all comes down to it, it's worth shit when they're around each other. They still act like children and can't deal with their problems like normal people.

Maybe it's because they're Slayers; fighting is what they were built for, after all. But both of them know that's not it; that it has more to do with the way they are with each other more than anything else. They fell into a pattern long ago that neither of them can get out of.

Faith tries to get up once she hits the floor, but Buffy's on top of her, straddling her and using her thigh muscles to pin her down as she lands two blows to Faith's face. Her face is contorted in anger and sadness; tears still falling from her eyes as she chokes back a sob and furiously tries to hit her again, but Faith grabs her wrist before it connects. "Fuck you!" Buffy screams, distraught. "I wish I never fell in love with you! FUCK YOU! I knew you were going to hurt me!"

"Get the fuck off of me, you crazy bitch!" Faith yells, keeping a tight grip on Buffy's wrist before using her other hand to knock Buffy clean across the jaw. But Buffy looks like she barely even feels it as she grabs Faith's free hand and pins it above her head.

"I HATE YOU!" Buffy screams, looking down at her furiously. They're both at a stalemate; each of them knowing they'd have to let go of the other one to move themselves. So they stare at each other; breathing heavily in their fury, the silence becoming deafening after Buffy's heated words.

That moment seems to stretch on forever until suddenly it stops as they kiss each other passionately; angrily as they let go of each other's wrists and use their hands to touch every part of each other that they can reach. Neither of them really knew who moved first, maybe they did at the same time. But it didn't matter. This is proof though; good, solid proof of how screwed up they really are with each other, and how they won't ever be able to have a healthy relationship.

Buffy cries out as Faith's teeth sink into her neck, slamming her hand down against the carpet and grabbing onto it as she rolls her hips into Faith. Her lips are trailing across every bit of skin that she can reach; biting and sucking as she marks every inch of Buffy that she can. Buffy's gasping as she tangles her fingers in Faith's hair and grinds her clit against her thigh as she cries out, "Fuck, Faith, yes, oh god!"

Faith growls at the sound of Buffy's pleading tone and roughly flips them over, lips crashing against hers as her hand finds its way between her legs, slipping her fingers over the blonde's aching clit. Buffy moans hard in her mouth and grabs onto her back, spreading her legs wider as Faith bites down on Buffy's lower lip just as she slips her fingers inside of her.

"Oh fuck," Buffy gasps hard, bucking her hips to meet Faith's fingers. She clenches her muscles and pulls her deeper inside of her as she pants against her mouth, right before Faith starts to fuck her so hard she can barely remember her own name; let alone where she is, what she's actually doing, and how screwed up it was that they got here in the first place.

The way Faith pounds into her, looking down at her with such a look of unadulterated lust in her eyes, has Buffy practically screaming, begging, whimpering, and panting so hard that she can barely get time to take a breath before she's letting it out again with another cry of ecstasy. Buffy wraps her arms around Faith's neck and holds on, the only thing she can do as she screams Faith's name over and over, which seems to be the only thing that her mind can comprehend at the moment.

Her first orgasm comes quick and the second even faster than that. Buffy's pretty sure she's stopped breathing but Faith still continues to fuck her with abandon, never letting up for a second. Buffy's vaguely aware of her screaming, "Don't stop!" over and over before screaming again, a third orgasm ripping through her body like a violent tidal wave and ends up sending her to another dimension since the colors she's seeing and the feelings she's having can't possibly exist in this one.

Faith does give her time to rest after that one, but only just barely. She's kissing her again; hard and wild as Buffy pants breathlessly into her mouth, still holding onto her since she's pretty sure she can't move her arms, let alone any other part of her body. But then, somewhere in the distance, beyond the haze that is Buffy's mind, she hears Faith moaning and she realizes that she's started fucking herself on top of Buffy, too worked up to wait for her. Buffy finds some control and effort inside of her and manages to let go of her and roughly push Faith's hand away from her own pussy before slamming her fingers inside of her.

"Fuck, Buffy!" Faith cries, her hips bucking wildly against the blonde's hand. Buffy tries to keep up, but three orgasms hasn't done much for her coordination. She's mostly left with having to let Faith fuck herself against her fingers, which she surmises is acceptable since she still gets to be inside of her. She can feel Faith's walls pulsating around her fingers and she bites down on her neck in a way that's bordering more on painful than pleasurable, but Faith cries out like it's the best she's ever had, slamming her hand down hard against the carpet and swearing loudly.

"Come all over me, Faith!" Buffy demands, her voice hoarse from screaming. She curls her fingers to hit Faith's g spot and she feels the orgasm start to quickly course through every inch of Faith's body, making her muscles tremble and her eyes fly shut before she has the biggest orgasm Buffy thinks she's ever seen someone have in their entire life. It freaks Buffy out for a minute with the amount of wetness that pours from Faith's body before she realizes that she's actually squirting all over her. The warm liquid splashes on Buffy's hand and then down, all over the lower half of their bodies. Buffy moans hard, feeling it cover her pussy and she kisses Faith with reckless abandon as she palms her clit hard, making Faith climax for a second time just moments after.

They're both breathless as they collapse against each other, both of their heads spinning from the intensity of their lovemaking. They're both tired; worn out physically and emotionally exhausted as they lay there, struggling to stay in the waking world for just a moment longer. But sleep overtakes them both and they pass out; Faith on top of Buffy on the floor after the blonde has an idle thought about how they might be screwed up, but they're screwed up in their perfection.

Buffy knew it was coming, but when she awoke hours later she was still surprised and mildly horrified to find herself completely alone. She tried not to cry, but as she gathered her clothes off the floor she found the tears to be streaming down her cheeks as she prayed to whoever was listening that Faith would find her way back to her.