Disc: Standard applied


Prompt: Pillow Talk

Ratting: M

Words: 350

They had been married, wasn't that great?

They had finally become one. Oh yeah, mentally and physically, they had become one. That night was the best night he had ever had. That was the best sex ... err wait, it was the best love making he ever had. Sure that was not sex, at least not 'just' sex. Well, still sex, but... oh, he slapped his head mentally, the word sex however lately could make his face as red as tomato. How ironic that he was a husband now, for being blushing just by thinking about having sex with his wife was just too...

Ok, he had to forget it.

Not that he really could.

Oh, God... How could he forget it? The way she scream his name, well that was the best song he ever heard, and to think that it was him who made her made that sound... Well, however he was a healthy young man.

"Ah.. Shinichi.. Don't.. Don't stop!"

He smiled as he remembered the way her body shook violently under him as she reached the peak.


Hell, yes, that name...

"Shinichi... You haven't slept yet?"

The young raven haired conductor looked at the young pianist who used his arm as her pillow.

He smiled.

"I am... thinking."

Well, that's not totally a lie...

She giggled, "You're always thinking..." she said as she snuggled to get closer to him. She sighed happily when he wrapped his hand around her.

He smiled, "Oi, Nodame."

"Mmmm?" She murmured sleepily.

"It's 'Senpai'."

"It's uh-what?"

"Next time, call me 'senpai'..."

"Next time?" she yawned.

"Errr... when you... err you know..."



"Mmm..." she laughed sleepily, she smiled as she drifted to sleep, "You have such a weird fetish... Senpai..."

^^; do you like it? well I try to make short chapters of Chiaki and Nodame after their marriage. Some will be rated M for certain reason coughsexcough. If you like it, tell me :D And you may give me some prompt, or request chapter.

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