Jacob P.O.V

As I am running to the Cullen's house.

I was thinking about Nessie and if her feelings had changed about me.

I love her so much and I want her to feel the same way.

I was getting extremely close to the Cullen's.

When I heard a growl it was Edward he hates me thinking about Nessie wait thinking about her full stop.

I walked in to the Cullen's house.

"Hi Edward" I said (I love your daughter) that earnt me another growl and a teeth griding

Right then down came Renesmee looking as beautiful as ever

But I wonder how beautiful she would look without the cloths

I yell back "YOU DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN" then Edward went and sat next to bella

Then Nessie became distant like she was really thinking about something

But what cloud she be thinking about was it me I hope it was cause her eyes where

Still on me

This is my first story on fanfiction so please tell me if you do or do not like and I also wanted to say I AM TWILIGHTS BIGGEST FAN IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE GALEXY MILKY WAY AND EVERY EHERE SO IF YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE TWILIGHTS BIGGEST FAN LETS HAVE A COMP TO SEE WHO KNOWS THE MOST ABOUT THE TWILIGHT SAGA AND I WILL WINCAUSE I HAVE REAH EACH BOOK MORE THAN 30 TIME SEEN TWILIGHT THE MOVIE 20 TIMES AND I OWN IT ON DVD AND I SAW BOTH NEW MOON AND TWILIGHT AT MIDNIGHT WHRN THE FIRST CAME OUT AND NEW MOON IS STILL IN CIEMAS AND I HAVE SEEN 6 TIMES AT THE MOVIES SO YOU WANT TO GET THE TITLE LETS HAVE A COMP Jokes But still true anyway I love all my readers and I want see hoe im going and btw im not scary and also I have many different version of how after breaking dawn life would go but this is just love ya all xoxogossipgirl1

Renesmee P.O.V

Oh my god Jake is so hot his abs and everything I can see but I so wish it was just alone and we had no close on about to do something my dad would hate.

Then I heard my stupid father growl then say "I AM SO NOT SO NOT STUPID".

Then I had a laughing fit as I made my way down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs I jumped into Jacobs arms and gave him the biggest hug I could.

Then I went in to the kitchen and let out a small growl

Jake laughed and asked "what's so bad about eggs and cereal and fruit."

I replied with "the eggs I like (I got that from my mum because that's the only human food she ate when she was pregnant with me) but the cereal and fruit not so much"

Jake got some food and sat beside me

I didn't bother to get any food cause one Jake can eat all the food on his own and second I will not eat human food so yea I went outside to hunt and told Jake I would me back later.