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The betrayal

"Boy, today was horrible. First we got into detention with professor Villjé and now we have to do all that horrible homework."

Harry looked amused at his tall friend, he had changed a lot since last year. All three of them had changed. Ron had become cold, the fire in him had almost died, the fieriness that had always been such a part of him had left him almost completely. It was only in the companionship of Hermione and Harry, that Ron let himself become a little like before. Harry looked at his other side, were Hermione was also looking at Ron with a small smile. She had become one of the most gorgeous girls in their class, but that didn't interest her. She still loved reading and learning, but she never showed of in class like she used to do when they still went to Hogwarts. Harry shook his head, it wasn't a good thing that his thoughts always wandered to the old school. He directed his thoughts to Ron again.

"Come on Ron, we will be finished in no time, we did most of our homework in detention anyway."

Ron nodded his head. "Yeah, and what will we do after that? Professor Villjé said she would be late today."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Well, we could play chess, or look TV, ..."

Harry smiled, it was kind of a ritual asking that question, the three of them knew that they would end locked up in one of their rooms studying magic.

Since they had been expelled from Hogwarts their days had become a fast routine, get up at six o'clock and go run for an hour, get ready for school, go to school, work on their homework and after all that was done, study magic. Hermione stopped before a shop and bought a newspaper. After walking some more she gave Ron her bag and proceeded to look through it. Suddenly she frowned and stopped walking. The two boys also stopped and looked at her questioningly.

Ron looked at her worried, for she had become very pale. "Is there something wrong?"

Hermione shook her head slowly. "I... I'm not sure if it's bad or not."

Harry and Ron looked at each other and then back at her. "What do you mean, Phoenix?"

Harry used her nickname to make her calm down, it didn't seem like her to become agitated. Hermione took a deep breath and answered.

"Dragon, Griffin, they have caught us. I mean, the other us."

Harry stopped walking at once; he also had become very pale. The three of them looked at each other and then started running to their house were an owl stood waiting with the Daily Prophet. Phoenix ripped the paper open while Ron paid the owl. In the first page, in big headlines stood:

Potter, Granger and Weasley finally caught

The three ex -students of Hogwarts were caught yesterday evening when they tried to kill the auror Alastor Moody in his house in London. The three main supporters of the dark lord have killed dozens of people during the last year. Tomorrow they will have their trial and after that they will be given the dementor's kiss.

The article was much longer but they weren't interested in the details of how they had been caught. The three of them went to Griffin's room and locked the door. Harry looked at Griffin, he had become very pale and his expression was cold, Phoenix just sat and stared out of the window, lost in thoughts. Harry bowed his head, he thought about how terrifying it had been.

After the first murder the minister of magic had ordered their expulsion of Hogwarts and imprisonment in Azkaban. The three of them had tried to protest that they hadn't done anything, but to no avail. No one had believed them. Harry remembered in a haze how their wands had been snapped, all the students who he had believed his friends had been looking at them in disgust. After that they had been dragged out of school by six aurors. He could still remember the fury he had felt at being falsely accused. That same fury had been what had saved them. He didn't remember how exactly it had happened, but in an instant the aurors had been thrown into the castle walls. Both Hermione and Ron had looked at him with amazement written all over their faces before he had apparated the three of them out of the castle grounds, going through all the anti- aparition wards that were along the castle.

Now he understood much more about what had happened, wandless magic, he had become quite good at it. He shook his head to throw away those memories, he didn't like to remember them. Looking up, he was the first to break the silence. "What does that mean for us? How does the fact that they have been caught affect us?"

Phoenix answered without looking at him. "If they are using pollyjuice potion, like we suspect, then we will be spoken free. After that, I don't know, it depends of the minister and of Dumbledore." In an afterthought she added. "And in if they can find us."

Dragon nodded his head, and Griffin looked up. "Are we going to show ourselves?"

That was the big question, Harry thought. All the hurt of the past year rushed at him and he had to sit down in a chair. He didn't know what to say. He knew they belonged in the wizarding world, not in the muggle world, but it hurt so much to think about returning.

Phoenix finally looked at her friends. "Tomorrow I'm going to go to that trial."

The boys looked at her and then nodded, knowing they wouldn't be able to change her mind. They also knew she would be safe since she could go in her animagi form, a phoenix.

"Ok, if you are sure of it, but be careful they don't notice you."

"Don't worry, Dragon, they wont."

Suddenly they heard the front door opened and closed with a bang. The three teens winced; it seemed professor Villjé was still mad at them for skipping class that morning.

"Phoenix, Dragon, Griffin, I'm home!"

The three of them looked at each other and sighed, it wasn't going to be a very pleasant evening.

After Griffin put the Daily Pophet under his pillow, they went downstairs.

"Evening professor."

She was putting her coat in the cupboard, when they finished walking down the stairs. The professor shot them a stern look, but after that she became worried. Dragon cursed under his breath. He knew that look, she knew something was wrong. One look at Griffin confirmed his suspicion, they were still shaken by the news, and the professor always seemed to know when something bad had happened.

"What happened?"

She walked to the kitchen with the three kids in tow. Phoenix looked uncomfortable. "Nothing, professor."

The woman shoot them a piercing glare, it was clear that she didn't believe them. "Are you sure?"

They nodded their heads but tried not to look her in the eye. Finally she sighed and turned around to start and make dinner. "Go wash up, dinner will be ready in half an hour."

The three teens nodded slightly and left the kitchen.

To be continued...

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