Ash leaned back into the couch next to Misty, "I asked Brock what his first kiss was like," he announced.

"Oh yeah?" Misty casually turned to the side to look at him.

"He said it's hard to describe, like an orgasm," the teen's face turned a little pink as he said the last word.

Misty giggled, "What does Brock know about having an orgasm?"

"I don't know…I mean, you don't have to have a girl," Ash stumbled over the last part of his sentence, "to…you know…"

"It doesn't count," Misty decided, "and we don't need a boy either."

"Have you had your first kiss?" he asked her.

"No, have you?"

"No. There have been girls, that have kissed me. But I haven't had my first real kiss."

Neither one of them said anything for awhile, the obnoxious cartoon they had been watching was the only thing keeping the room from complete silence. Then, Misty turned quickly and kissed Ash softly on the lips.

When they parted, they continued sitting in silence.

"So…" Misty was the first one to speak, "What was your first kiss like?"

Ash opened his mouth to answer and then shut it again, rethinking his comment, "It's….hard to describe. But it feels a little bit like being electrocuted."

Misty nodded, "Like a tingle running from your head to your toes."


"Like an orgasm," Misty giggled causing Ash to join in.

A/N: Cuz really? I needed an excuse to make the poor kids say orgasm.

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