Title: Eternity

Author: Aimee

Beta: Dev

Word Count: 300

Rating: PG

Spoilers: A spoiler-free zone.

Pairing: Angel/Cordelia

Summary: It's Cordelia's wedding day.

Disclaimer: If you recognize them, they belong to Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt. Otherwise, they're mine.

Author's Note: Written for thefang_gang's itty bitty bang.

Cordelia Chase considered herself to be the luckiest woman alive. Today she would walk down the aisle and marry the man she loved. Today she would promise to be by his side forever. She smiled. Forever. That word held new connotations now; had since the Powers gave her eternal life.

A soft knock sounded at her door at the hotel, snapping her out of her thoughts. "Come in," she called.

"How are you doing, Cordy?" Fred asked, smiling as she entered the room. "Oh, Cordy, you look beautiful."

Cordy smiled. "Really?"

Fred nodded. "You're gonna take his breath away." Cordy wore a strapless satin wedding gown, with beaded embroidered lace. It had a lace up back and split back with lace appliques. She wore a tiara on top of her dark curls. She looked absolutely stunning.

Cordy fastened the diamond journey necklace around her neck and then fastened the bracelet in place. She looked into the mirror and smiled. He'd given the necklace, earrings and bracelet to her last night when they'd exchanged wedding gifts. "We've been through so much together already, but our real journey is just beginning," he'd told her with a smile.


As they gathered in front of their family and friends, they repeated the words that would bind them together for all eternity.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

He lovingly framed her face in his hands and lowered his lips to hers in their first kiss as man and wife.

"It is my honor to present to you for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Angel."


Alone for just a few minutes before they greeted their guests in the receiving line, Angel kissed her softly. "I love you, Cordy."

Cordy smiled tenderly. "And I love you, Angel."