Of Bonds Blood & Brotherhood

Alphonse Elric looked out he train window and sighed. He was being a fool again he supposed. He was on another one of what his foster mother Ashly so charmingly called "his little escapades." He had been going on them ever since he could remember, first in Resembool then after his mom died and Ashly took him in, in Dublith where she lived. He didn't know why, all he knew was every so often his constant sence that something crucially important missing in his life overwhelmed him and he had to get away. As a kid it had been one of the many empty places in Resembool, and later, in Dublith, to some of nearby neiborhoods. However as he got older his serches if that's what they were got farther and longer until they fell into a regular pattern. He left Dublith wandering randomly from town to town until something happened and he got into some sort of trouble and ended up limping back home to recover under Ashly's care. Ashly had long since realized that she couldn't stop him so instead she made him wear a dog tag with her contact number and his home address just in case and gave him a bank account which he could use for expenses. The system worked pretty well Alphonse had to admit, but he always felt guilty for causing her so much worry and trouble. So, he in turn tried to minimize his costs spending as little as possible or paying himself with his saved money and calling Ashly every night to keep her from worrying. Al jumped as the conductor announced the trains stop at Central station. He had lost track of time. Central… He paused, The nations capital… This was as good a place as any he guessed. Grabbing his suitcase and taking a deep breath Alphonse Elric stood up and walked off the train.

Al spend his first day in Central city randomly wandering the streets. Maybe he would find it here, maybe this time he would be lucky. It could happen right? He was still pondering the possibilities of just what getting lucky might mean when a harsh voice interrupted his thoughts.
"Well lookie here boys." Jerked back to reality Alphonse' heart sank. It was after dark and he was stranded in an abandoned alleyway with several rough looking men materializing from the darkness around him.
"W-what do you want? I'm… I'm warning you…"
"Warning us of what?" the man replied. "What are you going to do? Noooo don't tell me… Single handedly take out all five of us?"
From the rooftops above them cold golden eyes watched the exchange with distain. Pathetic human criminals.
"Maybe I cant but I'm warning you my older brother is nearby and he could just fine."
It was a poor lie and it was as obvious to the men as it was to Edward Elric watching from above. Sharp pointed insizers protruded over pale lips as the watching vampire smirked, then he took a closer look at the boy below and froze, his smirk turning to a silent snarl. Something about the boy pulled at him, trying to overwhelm him and force him to open up to it… challenging him! Edward jumped down into the circle of males teeth bared in a snarl. He had to take care of this. His fist stuck out faster then the humans could accurately see striking one of the men in the chest. The man flew back with bullet like force, striking a nearby brick wall, killed instantly. The remaining men panicked eyes wide. One jumping back into the terrified boy who was likewise thrown back. Alphonse' head hit the wall with a crack and he droped like a stone. Seeing this Ed grinned. How convenient. The one remaining man ran the whites of his eyes showing. Edward let him what did he care if one escaped it wasn't like he was hunting to kill.
He turned back to the prone figure on the ground and grimaced it seemed the boy had as much a hold on him unconscious as he did awake. Lifting Alphonse he threw him grimly over his shoulder and set off fighting off his weird attraction to the boy the entire time.

"Ngghhh…" Alphonse Elric opened his eyes. He was laying on a soft bed staring up at a plain white ceiling. How had he gotten here? He struggled to remember, then pushed himself abruptly into a sitting position gasping as it all came back. Immediately pain stabbed through his head and the room spun. He put a hand to his head touching bandages as he did so and struggled to think strait. That horrible golden eyed… ma… well he didn't know what he was really, had let him live? So was he in a hospital? The room finally came into focus and Alphonse saw that it was most defiantly not part of a hospital, Hospitals where not so well furbished. Al inspected the room, a dresser, a mirror, a table with a few chairs, a wooden door, essentially it looked like a more lived in hotel room, And in the corner…. Alphonse blanched. Cold golden eyes where riveted on his face. The man… no… he couldn't be that much older then himself… Al realized. The boy really from before was sitting in a chair in the corner watching him with an odd reserved curious yet hostile expression. "You!" Al reached his arm out pointing at the boy before he could stop himself. Then he blanched again noticing that he no longer wore his clothing but had been changed into soft pajamas. He did NOT want to think about how that had happened. "You saved me?" A nod. Alphonse lowered his hand. The gold eyes where still staring at him with marked dislike. He gulped. "Um thank you"
"Don't thank me" The other boy's expression didn't change, "You're way worse off now then you ever were with them." Without another word Edward walked out the door closing it with a definitive thud that matched one of Al's pounding heartbeats, behind him.

-to be continued-