That was it, Alphonse thought, pulling himself together; He had to get out of here. He would sneak out if he must. Alphonse waited for night to come before trying to sneak out. He took every precaution, tying extra cloths around his shoes to muffle the sound, avoiding the creaking steps on the stairs, making sure he opened any doors very slowly so as not to make a sound… Finally he placed his hand on the front doors knob, and for a moment he thought he'd actually done it. Then a dark voice interrupted his thoughts "Going somewhere?"
Alphonse whirled around to face Edward "I…" The sound broke of with a gasp as a hand grabbed his throat and squeezed lifting him off his feet. Alphonse struggled as Edward's hand cut of his access to all air…

Edward kept it there, squeezing until the boy's struggles stopped and he went still. Ed wasn't even looking at him; his eyes where on the window. Thoughts flew through his head. He wondered when his father would get back this time. Hoho was always busy with something; if it wasn't what business or research it was something else. It seemed like his father would do anything not to stay for long with his only son. And when he did come back it was with company Ed despised and was forced to endure; as they stayed at the house as long as Hoho liked.
What was he going to do tomorrow? His thoughts switched direction abruptly; days seemed to merge together lately. With nothing to do and no point to his existence Ed thought he might soon become part of the building he was so bored. Sighing he looked back towards the boy named Al
Alphonse's head was tilted to the side against Edwards's hand. His soft neck was red and bruised, His eyes where closed. He was completely limp and pale as death, just dangling there, with no sign of moment or the slightest resistance to him. "There" Edward thought with satisfaction "You're through."
Suddenly something roared to life in Edward. Pain such as he had never felt in his life overwhelmed him. He didn't want this boy to be dead… In fact, he realized, what he did want, more than anything, was for him to be perfectly happy and completely safe, shielded from all the evils of the world. Edward let go of the boy's neck and caught him gently in his arms as he fell. Kneeling down he held him desperately. Looking for any sign of life.
"Please" He whispered, "Please…" He rubbed the boys chest and throat, not knowing how to help him. "Don't go… Don't go." He massaged the limp body desperately, trying to restore life to the fallen boy. "Don't die…" He began to weep. "Don't let me have killed you" "C-mon. come back… come back…
Time passed. Each moment agonizingly slowly for Edward. The body remained lifeless in his arms. Ed could feel his heart shatter in his chest.
That was it. He had killed him.
Suddenly the heart underneath his rubbing hand lurched. Alphonse gave a weak gasp and started to cough, curling up and contorting as he tried to gasp up enough air. Edward nearly died with relief. Gently he stretched Al out and lifted up the boy's back, sitting him up so could breathe better. Alphonse's head lulled back and Edward bit his lip then winced slightly as the fangs nipped his flesh. Stupid teeth! His eyes where riveted on the pale face of the boy he held up in his arms
As Al breathed in and out his face started to return to its normal pinkish color. Finally, slowly, his eyes fluttered open and widened as he looked up at the face of his attacker. Nearly dying in relief yet again, Edward pulled him into his arms. "Thank God." He rubbed a hand up and down the curve of gasping boy's back. "Thank God"
Alphonse, thoroughly confused, felt something inside himself melt. He leaned against Edward tears streaming down his face, allowing himself to be comforted by the man who had tried to kill him. It felt so right somehow… Edward's lips brushed his hair as he hugged him. His rubbings slowly turned to caresses. Then slowly, gently, he turned Al's head up with a trembling hand and kissed him on the lips. Warmth surged through Alphonse tingling as it ran through his veins. He felt himself melt against his former attacker as the other boys arms wrapped around him lovingly.
"This is insane" the more practical part of his mind objected. But as the feeling swamped over him and his fear evaporated he didn't care much about that part of his mind right now. He trembled and would have fallen other if it weren't for the other boy whose gentle arms held him firm. He was so confused, "I… I think I love you" he heard himself whisper.
"Good" the vampire smiled back at him. "I love you too."