It was nighttime, and the Flock had taken a break in the forest for the night. They had no idea what they were going to do next.

"Max, I'm cold." Angel whispered. They had built a fire for the night, but it was still chilly. Max felt heartbroken and tired as well.

"It'll be okay sweetie." She wrapped her arms protectively around Angel in hopes of giving the younger some warmth.

Suddenly, they heard explosions in the distance.

"Erasers?!" Fang wondered aloud. They all tensed for battle. The explosions got louder and louder. Suddenly, a gunshot was heard and a bullet-like object struck a nearby tree. Stars began to rapidly cover the tree until it exploded. A huge machine came upon the flock.

They were all ready to fly away, but something stopped the monster. A human-like figure with a huge sword sliced the creature in half and it disappeared.

"Are you all okay?" The person asked. He had a long white cloak, white hair that was spiked in the back, a huge sword in his right hand, a large scar over his left eye, and a monocle-like thing that covered it. Because of the cloak, they couldn't see his left arm.

"I think so." Max managed to say.

"That's good." The stranger sighed with relief. The monocle covering his eye disappeared. His cloak disappeared once the sword appeared to disappear into the place where his left arm should have been. He was wearing a black coat and black pants. The coat had red accents and an intricate cross design on it.

"My name is Allen Walker."

I apologize that the first chapter is so short. I know that this idea of Kanda and Fang being twins has been done before. BUT THIS ONE IS YULLEN! YAYS!!!!!! ^^ I hope you all enjoy it!