I have many things to apologize for. Reason for not updating: I was away in Japan. I'm sorry about how fast it's going. I don't have a reason for that… Lastly, I'm sorry for so little Yullen….. I'm sure Kanda's feelin in too. With such little kids around (including his brother), he can't make out with his Moyashi! TT^TT

Sorry about the fight not having much description.


The voice was that of a familiar snarl.

"A-Airi!" Max had not expected the Eraser to follow them all the way to England. Airi had brought a few fellow Erasers with him as well.

"Who's this weirdo?" Kanda asked angrily.

"Well now. Never expected the bird boy to have a twin. Is he a freak too?" Airi smirked.

"Che. Look who's talking." Kanda smirked back. Airi's face turned sour after that last comment. He snapped his fingers and the other Erasers surrounded the group.

"Kanda. One of these guys is a level three." Allen's left eye had activated. Said Akuma shed its human skin as the Erasers changed into their half-wolf forms. None of them seemed fazed by the Akuma.

"Do you think you can handle these freaks? Moyashi and I'll get rid of the Akuma. Fight now. Explain later." Kanda ordered as the fight began. The level three was fairly week. It had obviously just recently evolved. It didn't take long for Allen and Kanda to kill it with their combined efforts. Nor did it take long for the Erasers to retreat from the bird-kids amazingness.

"Damn. That was weird." Kanda commented once all of the erasers were gone.

"Sorry. I didn't think that he'd follow us all the way to England." Max apologized. It had been a surprisingly easy fight. She barely even broke a sweat.

"Who was that? Why were they after you?" Allen asked. A look of concern across his innocent face.

"That was Airi. He's after us so he can take us back to the School."


"The lab where we were experimented on." Fang answered sullenly.

"What?" Kanda felt a sense of familiarity to those words.

"We've got wings." Since the large group was standing in an alley were no one could see them, they showed their wings to the two exoricsts for a brief moment before hiding them again.

"Che. That explains it." At least he wasn't alone as far as growing up in a lab.

"So, since we told you guys about us, what are you hiding? What's the second exorcist project?" Angel asked almost too suddenly. It was actually starting to get on the entire Flock's nerves about not knowing. The suspense was suffocating! Kanda sighed. There was no use hiding it any longer.

"The lotus in my bedroom is a measurement of what's left of my life."