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Chapter 25

Re: A Modest Proposal

We promise - no cannibalism (Bella might do some nibbling)


I finish packing my bag for my vacation with Edward. Well, I guess you could call it a vacation. Three days doesn't seem like a terribly long time away, but with as much as I've missed him in the last year, three days might as well be a month. In fact, I don't even know why I'm packing clothes. It's not like we'll ever leave the hotel room…and I plan on being naked with him the whole time.


With Edward.

In Miami.

I'm pretty sure I just came a little thinking about it.

When he first suggested the trip, I was ecstatic. Not only to have some time with him, but also because the gesture was just so fucking romantic. And so…just like him. A part of me wonders if this will be the moment, but to be honest, I've sort of given up on the idea for now.

I'm pretty sure that Edward is going to wait until he finishes his residency before he asks me to marry him. It makes sense. He's nothing if not practical. And I would wait for him forever. But I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't a little disappointed. Especially after what I found on Christmas morning. On a side note: I really need to stop looking for things in Edward's drawers.

Sometimes I find things that are wonderful (like the list) and sometimes I find things that are…not.




December 25th, 2010

7:00 AM

I wake up to the feeling of soft skin and hard body. A hard and naked and warm body.

"Edward," I breathe his name and I can't stop the smile that spreads across my face.

Waking up with him like this is so rare, but he is working late today and he gets to spend Christmas morning with me. Well, with me and his family…and my family. All first year residents have to work the holiday, so I am just grateful that he at least has the morning.

I breathe in deeply and he smells like Christmas and Edward. Well, technically, he smells like gingerbread. When he got home last night, I offered to give him a massage with this gingerbread lotion that I bought at the mall with Alice. He didn't seem to mind the feminine fragrance. When I asked him if he would let me massage him with the fragranced lotion, he said that he would let me massage him with lard. He then amended that statement by saying that massaging him with lard would be impossible, as he didn't keep any artery-clogging substances in his home.

I love him so much.

More than anything.

Fuck, he smells good.

I can't help myself as I begin to kiss and lick the soft skin of his chest. It isn't until I begin to suck softly, that I feel him stir underneath me. He says my name – whispers it really – and it never ceases to amaze me how much it means that it's my name on his lips. Even when he's dreaming.

"Good morning, Bella," he murmurs sleepily. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas, Edward," I tell him. "Mmm…did you have good dreams?"

He pulls me closer, snuggles in deeper.

"I did."

His voice is soft and thick with sleep and it makes him sound husky…sexy.

"Visions of sugarplums dancing?"

"I only dream of you," he tells me. His eyes are warm and bright…and green like the artificial Christmas tree in his living room. He doesn't like the mess that the falling pine needles make. "I rarely eat sugar and I'm allergic to plums."

"Good," I tell him, giggling. "I'm glad you only dream of me and I promise not to tell the nutcracker about your aversion to sugarplums."

We kiss softly for a while, his lips moving against mine in a way that makes me never want to leave the bed. Who needs Christmas anyway? Everything I want is right here in my arms. I could just spend the rest of the morning unwrapping him again and again.

"So, Dr. Masen," I say, "is there anything special you'd like for Christmas?"

I trail my hand down his stomach, stopping on his pelvic bone and enjoying the feeling of him getting hard underneath me. He groans quietly and then sucks in a breath as my fingers trace lightly across the underside of his cock. I love the way it twitches and jumps against my hand.

"Just this," he says. "That feels so good, but maybe…"

He trails off his head falling back as he closes his eyes. And I love him like this…all sweet and needy and I love even more knowing that I make him feel this way. That there has never been anyone else before me to do this. Not like this. Not perfect and happy and feeling completely loved.

"What?" I ask, hoping I know what he wants. It's what I want, too. "Tell me what you want."

He's so different from the man I met in the spring. Not in ways that have changed him – because he's still the same in so many ways. But now he knows what it feels like to have someone love him entirely, to accept all of the things that make up who he is. And I love him. All of him. Completely.

He looks nervous for a moment and I don't want that. I want him to be able to tell me what he wants with no uncertainty. His nervousness reminds me of when we first met each other. When I would blatantly flirt with sexual innuendo – only I didn't realize just how little innuendo he actually got.

"Everything you do is p-perfect," he whispers.

"You know," I murmur, "it's okay for you to tell me what you want, Edward. I want you to. Like, I really want you to."

I bite down on my lip as I look up at him.

"You do?" he asks, his bright eyes darkening.

"Yeah," I encourage him. "I mean…well, what I mean is…don't you like it when I tell you what I want?"

"Yes," he says, his voice is lower, rougher than before.

"Tell me…please."

"I want you to…" he says. "Can you…can you suck it?"

I squeeze him, feeling him all hot and hard in my hand. Running my thumb across the tip of his head and swirling and spreading the moisture around, I ask, "You want me to suck you?"

"Yes," he hisses softly. "Bella."

"Well," I say, kissing my way down his chest, feeling him shudder as my lips press and my tongue licks across his abdomen. "You do taste good."

"I do?"

His voice is tight, breathy and I feel myself getting wet from the sound of how much he wants this…how much he wants me.

"Yeah," I say, lifting my eyes to look at him again. "Like gingerbread."

I push the comforter down, revealing him to me completely. And yeah, he still takes my breath away.

Every. Single. Fucking. Time.

I'll never get over the sight of him naked. Not ever. He's so beautiful and perfect and mine. I push up on my knees and lean over him, admiring him fully as he lays naked before me. I love the way he looks as I hold him in my hand…and I love even more the way he'll taste.

"You're so beautiful," he tells me.

"Funny," I say, swinging my leg over his and straddling his thigh. "I was just thinking the same thing about you."

"I love you," he whispers. "So much."

"I love you, too, Edward," I tell him. "It's been like that…always. And baby…" I say lowering my head and kissing his cock, loving the way it makes him moan, "never be afraid or embarrassed to tell me what you want…or how you feel. I want to hear it."

"You do?" he asks.

Looking at him, I lick him from the base to his tip, flattening out my tongue as it slides against his length.

"I do," I say. "Don't you feel what it does to me? How wet I am?"

"Yes," I hear him say before taking him in my mouth completely.

I love this. I do. So much, and it's actually really surprising because before him – before I knew him and fell in love with him – the thought of doing this didn't make me feel this way. All aroused and emboldened and completely consumed with making him happy. Making him feel good. I want to please him in this way.

"Bella, your mouth," he whispers tentatively and I lift my eyes, looking at him and silently asking him to tell me. "Your mouth feels so…oh…your mouth feels so good."

His taste is on my tongue…filling my mouth. He's slightly salty and slick skin as I suck and lick and just love him - so, so much.

My own confidence rises with his as his words praise and encourage me. I suck him harder…take him deeper, wanting nothing more than to see what I see in his eyes - love and desire and a need that never seems to lessen. It only grows with every day. Stronger and sweeter and deeper than ever. And maybe it's because we don't get to be together like this all the time…but I think that it's because it's him and it's me…and it's the two of us together. It would never be like this with anyone else. It will never be like this with anyone but him.

I hum around his cock and I wonder what he sees when he looks at me like this. Does he feel the same way that I feel? His hands are grabbing the sheet on the bed, but I see him reach out, placing one hand in my hair while he grabs my hand that is currently resting on his hip. He squeezes it tightly before twining our fingers together and this one small thing fills me up with so much happiness, I don't know if I can contain it. And just when I think that there can't be anything more perfect than this moment, I hear him…his wonderful words.

"It feels…you feel…oh, Bella…" he says. "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you…"

I want to stop so that I can tell him I love him, too. But instead…I show him. Completely. I love him with every lick...I love him with every kiss…and when he comes with my name on his lips, I love him with everything that I have.




"Your parents will be here soon," he murmurs, as he pulls me closer into his arms. "We should probably get up and take a shower."

"I don't want to get out of bed," I pout, still stroking him even though he's all soft. "You'll be gone for two more days after this."

He sighs and I feel him laughing underneath me.

"Bella, I'm fairly certain your father travels with a gun and I would really appreciate not having to perform surgery on myself on Christmas morning."

"He wouldn't shoot you on Christmas, Edward," I say, laughing along with him. "He would be afraid of what Baby Jesus would think."

I feel him stiffen in my arms a bit and I look up at him, concerned.

"What's the matter?" I ask.

"Umm…" he starts. "Could you umm…could you maybe not talk about Baby Jesus while we're naked and my umm… and my…cock is in your hand?"




A few minutes later, Edward is in the bathroom starting the shower and waiting for me to join him. I just started coffee and am walking back into the bedroom. I decide to go ahead and get him some boxers…you know, just in case my parents actually do show up. As I open the drawer, I can't help but notice the small velvet box inside. My first instinct is to shut the drawer and pretend I never saw it. Who am I kidding? My first instinct is to open the little box as quickly and as quietly as possible. So, I do.

Oh. My. God.

It's an engagement ring. Not only is it an engagement ring, but it is the largest, oldest….and quite possibly the ugliest ring I've ever, ever seen. There are all these diamonds and it looks like a pillbox. You know, probably because it came from a time when women actually carried pillboxes. I don't know when that time was, but I mean really…who can't carry a bottle of pills in your purse? It's not like they're that big.

Oh. My. God.

Edward is going to ask me to marry him and I'm thinking about pillboxes. Not only that, but Edward is going to ask me to marry him and he's going to do it by giving me this really horrible, awful ring that's bigger than my hand. And here's the thing, even though it's ugly and nothing like what I would choose for myself…I'm going to say yes.

Edward is going to propose.

And of course, I'm going to say yes.

I'm not an idiot.

I mean, it is Edward.

The man of my dreams.

The person that was made to love me.

The person I was made to love.

Even if he does have horrible taste in rings.

I hear him call my name and I jump, closing the box and slamming the drawer shut. My heart is pounding in my chest and I am suddenly filled with even more love than I thought was possible. Edward wants me to be his wife. And even if I have to wear that ring…I would have it no other way. He is my soul mate…my best friend….my heart…my Edward.

I love him.

I'm going to have to suck his cock again, now.

Maybe the ring isn't so bad after all.







March 12, 2011

So now, on the anniversary of the day we met, we are getting ready to leave for our trip to Miami. This is where I'll make my fourth attempt to make Bella my fiancé.

The first three tries were a disaster.




December 31, 2010

"Hi, beautiful. You look incredible," I say to my amazing girlfriend as she opens her front door. I lean in for a kiss, which lasts for several minutes and leaves both of us panting. I'm always missing her with my erratic schedule; I can't wait until I can have her by my side at all times. I want to come home to her every night. Hopefully after tonight I will rectify this situation.

"Happy New Year, Edward," she whispers against my lips. "I'm not sure I want this year to end. It's been the best year of my life."

"Mine too, Bella." I kiss the tip of her nose. "But we have so much to look forward to. I promise to make every year with you better than the last." She beams as I help her with her coat.

In the car, she plays her "Winter Wonderland" playlist on her iPod. The joy in her eyes and the way she sings along to "Santa Baby" makes me smile and I'm overflowing with love for her. My cock is also infatuated with her; he's paying very close attention whenever she croons, "Baby, hurry down the chimney" (the lyrics are quite suggestive). But when she gets to the part where Eartha Kitt asks for a ring, she gets flustered and skips to the next song. My heart begins beating erratically and I panic.

Does she not want a ring? Will she say "no" when I ask?

The past six months have been so hectic I'm lucky she hasn't dumped me. I tell her this constantly, but she always laughs and tells me I'm ridiculous.

By the time we get to my parents' house, I feel slightly ill. I'd examine myself or ask my dad to, but I know it's psychosomatic. I'm merely feeling the nerves for my task tonight. I have to calm myself or I will ruin everything. I can't even drink because I'm on call. Even though I used every favor I was owed, I still run the risk of getting called in. My plans would be ruined, and I'd still have to go to something called "Glee night" with Dr. Newton.

He's been bugging me to go on a guys' night out ever since I started working with him (we never did go to The Backdoor). Maybe I'll bring Emmett. Michael always asks about him ever since Emmett was there to get his finger x-rayed. I think he wants Emmett to train him because he's always making comments about Emmett's muscles. I told him that Emmett works me really hard, pushing me to my physical limit every time we get together. Michael seemed very excited about that prospect. How refreshing to see a doctor take an interest in physical fitness.

Only my nana and my parents are there when we arrive. Am I the only one who cares about punctuality?

My nana is sitting in my mother's favorite chair next to my dad. My mother is at the bar. Oh, it's going to be "one of those" nights - it better not interfere with my plans. I love Nana, but she can be a bit pushy.

We greet my parents and then go to my grandmother. "Edward, my favorite grandchild. Let me look at you. Chop chop, Edward, I'm waiting. You know my cataracts are getting worse. You've seen the x-rays. And this must be Isabella. She's even lovelier than the pictures you sent me." My grandmother appraises Bella and gives me a wink of approval. I grin and kiss my nana hello. Bella looks nervous, so I squeeze her hand in reassurance.

"Grandmother, this is Bella. Bella, this is my grandmother, Kathleen Cullen. Also known as Nana." I hear my mother mutter something like "Lucifer" and "retirement home." Great, I thought only Emmett did that.

Bella hugs my nana and they begin chatting about Berkeley, Nana's alma mater. I watch, thrilled to see that they get along. I was worried because of the way she feels about –

"Edward! She's perfect. Completely worthy of you. Excellent choice. I knew you'd be the only sensible one. Look at what your father and Alice brought home. Dear lord, who would have thought your sister would marry a hippie? He probably smokes 'the weed.' And don't get me started on Es-"

"Mom, can I get you something to eat?" Thankfully, my father interrupts before things get ugly. I see my mom drain her glass and walk out. She returns with Rosalie and Emmett.

"Now the party can start!" Emmett booms. I sigh in relief when I see him, which is unusual. Normally, I sigh in exasperation. But Nana loves Emmett, and that will keep her away from mom. Honestly, she lusts for him. If he was willing…well, I don't like to think about what she'd do to him.

"Two words: Drunk. Operation. It's the Buzz Lightyear version," he says excitedly. "And Edward is not allowed to play. He makes too many comments about how unrealistic the body parts are and how the instruments aren't sterilized. He's a fucking buzz-kill."

Rosalie rolls her eyes and hugs us hello. "Ignore him. Apparently his New Year's resolution is to be a douchebag with a childish heart. Well, you know...a childish heart and a big..."

"You look beautiful, Rose," Bella interrupts, thankfully, saving me from hearing about Emmett's extremities.

"Ooh Emmett, flex for me, handsome," my nana calls out. Emmett trots over to make his pecs "dance." I don't know if watching him preen or seeing my grandmother fawn over him is more disturbing. I avert my eyes as quickly as possible.

"Hey Edward, tell your 'Nana Jaguar' to keep her paws off my man," Rosalie says with a scowl. "I don't want him smelling like Aspercreme and old Chanel when he kisses me at midnight."

Excellent. While I'm proposing to Bella, I can also keep an eye on Rose and Nana in case a brawl ensues.

Rose is scary, but I'd take odds on Nana to win. That old woman is like a jaguar.

Alice and Jasper arrive a short while later. Amazingly, Jasper is wearing a suit. He almost looks normal (the giant crystal medallion keeps him from being completely normal). Alice must be doing him some good.

"Nice suit, Jasper. You look really…appropriate," I offer. Alice beams at my compliment.

"Thank you, Edward. You know it's 100 percent organic hemp?" he says, smiling brightly.

Fantastic, he's wearing "the weed." I hope he doesn't share this information with Nana. I glance in her direction to see if she overheard. She has her hands in Emmett's shirt. I decide I'm going to only look at and talk to Bella for the rest of the night.

Bella has a few drinks and she makes me dance with her. Normally I don't enjoy dancing, but with Bella I don't move awkwardly. I daresay she enjoys the way I move against her. That's fun until I notice Emmett and Nana doing what Bella calls the "lambada."

I call that "disturbing."

But I realize my father did an excellent job on her hip replacement.




The night is very pleasant if you ignore the dirty looks between my mother and Nana, Rose and Nana, and Jasper and me (those looks are only one way).

My nerves begin to bother me again when I realize it is almost time to propose to Bella. I replay my speech in my head. I pat the ring in my pocket and prep myself for the big moment. I place the ring in the bottom of a flute and pour the champagne. I pass out the other flutes, reserving the special one for Bella.

Just when I'm about to walk over to Bella, my mother grabs the glass and chugs it down. She grabs me by the arm and drags me out to the patio.

"Mom! Why did you do that? I was going to propose to Bella."

She spits the ring out and hands it to me. I take it back, making a note to sanitize it and my hands. She's my mother, but bacteria are everywhere.

"I saw what you were about to do, Edward. Sweetheart, I just did you a huge favor. No one, I repeat, no one, should ever have to wear that hideous ring. Why do you think I'm not wearing it now?" she asks, swaying slightly.

"Because Nana doesn't like you, mom. She says you, um, imbibe rather frequently," I answer hesitantly.

"No! Because I told Carlisle I wanted a new ring. That one smells like mothballs – well, so does Mother Cullen - and looks like…oh, shit. It's just ugly. And she calls me a 'lush,' Edward." Her voice softens. "Buy a ring for her, sweetie. One that she will love."

My head tilts down in frustration. I am so bad at this. Damned Proposals for Dummies. Why would I ever trust anything with the word "dummy" in the title?

"What if she turns me down anyway?" I murmur.

She grabs my cheeks and looks into my eyes. "You are an amazing man. Bella is going to be thrilled when you ask her to marry you," she asserts.

"But only if you aren't holding that old lady ring."




January, 2011

"Damn, Edward. How did you get these kickass seats, bro? Fucking Kobe just flung some sweat on me. That's awesome," Emmett yells across the seats, holding out his fist for a presumed bump. His extreme volume is actually appropriate here in the arena. Too bad we'll have to leave in a few hours and resume our eardrum torture.

I gingerly tap his fist with mine. I hope he's washed his hands. Regardless, I plan to use my pocket sanitizer when he's not looking.

"I dissected one of the player's father's bowels. He was so happy with the results that he gave me the tickets. I paid him the face value, of course, for ethical reasons," I answer.

Emmett snorts and mumbles something like "boy scout" and "goody-two-shoes."

He had begged me to give him the tickets so he and Rose could go. Bella was present at the time, so I couldn't tell him "no" or tell him my special plans for the game.

He didn't even offer to return the tickets when I told him about my plan. He had said, "A, they're courtside versus the Lakers so you'd have to pry them out of my cold, dead hands," (I didn't tell him I briefly considered anesthesia-that would be a gross violation of my Hippocratic Oath), "and secondly, I have to see this shit in person."

Fucking Emmett. My mother already ruined one proposal. This one was going to happen.

Bella rubs my hand that's holding hers, and I bring it to my lips to kiss her ring finger. Soon my ring will be there. Well, Bella's new ring, if she'll have me. I had taken my mother's advice and purchased a ring that I think Bella will love. The saleswoman at Tiffany's said Bella was the luckiest woman on earth.

She had that backwards. I'm the lucky one.

We watch the game sipping beer and eating hot dogs. I'm not paying much attention to the game; I'm looking at my watch.

It's time.

I pull out a box of Cracker Jacks from my coat pocket. I put it my lap, reciting my planned words in my head. As I'm about to hand the box to Bella, two things happen: I get a text from the hospital calling me in for an emergency surgery, and while I'm reading it Emmett snatches the box and pours it in his mouth.

"Noooo!" I yell, grabbing desperately for the box, which is now empty. I moan in aggravation. Emmett makes a face - it's his "what-crawled-up-your-ass-Edward-face." I know it because whenever he makes it that's what he always asks. Little does he know that it might be me going up his ass to retrieve what he swallowed.

"What the fuck? Were you dying for some Cracker Jacks, dude?" Emmett says in disbelief. "I'll buy you another box before you cry and shit."

Bella and Rose are now watching our exchange so I resist the urge to do bodily harm. One blow to his larynx and he wouldn't be so smug.

"They were for Bella. I had planned to give them to her tonight, remember, Emmett?" I say through clenched teeth. He gets a look of recognition, which turns to horror as he grabs his throat and starts coughing.

"Jesus Christ, Emmett," Rose says. "Swallowing. It's really not that hard. Well, not after anyway."

Bella snorts at that comment.

"Bella, I just got called into the hospital, can you go home with Rose and Emmett?"

"Of course," she says, kissing me on the cheek. "I understand."

I quickly text the hospital and then the scoreboard operator, cancelling my surprise. I kiss Bella goodbye and demand that Emmett walks me out. As soon as we're out of earshot he says, "Dude, I'm fucking sorry. I didn't know the ring was in there. Don't worry. I'll eat some nachos and it'll be out in a jiffy." I nearly choke him when I grab him by the collar and glare right into his eyes.

As calmly as I can muster, I say, "You have three choices. One, you throw it up immediately. Two, I surgically remove it from your body. Three is your plan, which involves nachos, a toilet, and you owing me fifty thousand dollars. So choose wisely."

As I'm walking out I hear gagging noises. I make a mental note to buy a gallon of bleach and more rubbing alcohol.




March 12, 2011


I hate everyone. No, that's unfair. I intensely dislike all of my relatives and friends.

But, I really love Bella.

Hence, the reason I dislike everyone. They have ruined my plans to propose to the woman I love. Numerous times.

The last was probably the worst because my Bella got sick - how was I to know that she got seasick so easily? It was only a twilight cruise on the bay. Holding her hair while she evacuated the contents of her stomach was not the plan for our Valentine's Day. Sigh. I believe she would have been pleased by the trained dolphin carrying her ring.

Jasper said it was "bad karma" for exploiting an animal. Screw Jasper (not literally - that would be wrong). I don't know why Alice has to tell him anything, anyway.

If I believed in "fate" or "signs" I would start thinking that we were not meant to be together. But of course that's ridiculous. Bella and I are MFEO.

Made for each other. Yes, I finally watched Sleepless in Seattle.

I don't mean that in a fairy tale sort of way, I mean that we are mentally, emotionally, and physically perfect for each other. My mind tells me that she is my other half, my soul mate. My heart says…well, my heart doesn't speak, obviously, but if it did it would say, "Marry her, idiot" (my fictitious, speaking heart must be rude).




It's almost time to leave for the airport and I ask her to check the flight status while I load our bags in the car. When I walk back into the bedroom, the screen doesn't have the flight departures or our itinerary.

Son of a...

She has my proposal file open. The one with all the details of my failure. Panic floods my system, but I shove it down. There's no way I'm failing this time. All of these elaborate plans with scoreboards and yachts and trained mammals - it just wasn't right. That's why none of it ever worked.

I don't need gimmicks to show her how much I love her.

I just need to tell her. Now.

I pull the blue box out of my pocket and get down on one knee.

"Bella, can you turn around?"


I open his computer to check the flight status and I see that he has a document open. I click on it, not because I'm trying to snoop - Edward never keeps anything from me anyway. But when I look at it, I see these words...these crazy, unbelievable, beautiful words. And I'm stunned...and all of the breath in my body leaves.

He was going to do it.

All of those times...he was going to do it and I didn't know.

And now...now I don't know what to do. My mind is racing and my heart is pounding and I feel the need to scream or shut the computer and...what? Pretend like I didn't see it? Yes. That's exactly what I need to do. Except I don't. I don't because I'm crying. And I'm crying because he loves me. He loves me and he's going to ask me to marry him. He wants me to be his wife...he wants to be my husband.

"Bella, can you turn around?" I hear him ask from behind me and I freeze.

He's here and he's obviously seen what I've seen and I fear that I've ruined it. Again. Slowly, I turn around. My face is flushed and wet from my tears and I'm almost afraid to look at him, but I force myself to look up and when I do...I'm stunned once again.

He's kneeling before me and before I can think...I speak.

"All of those times," I whisper. "All of those times you were going to ask me, weren't you? I didn't think you would. I mean...well, what I mean is, I knew you would...eventually. But I didn't think it would be then. And I was willing to wait. Would have waited for you forever. I thought...I think...I don't know what I think."

I'm rambling and I stop myself. Mostly because I've run out of breath, but also because it strikes me for the first time that he's not just kneeling. He's kneeling...on one knee and I can see the love shining in his eyes.

"I don't want to wait forever. In fact, I can't even want to wait until we get to Miami. Bella, the second I saw you in that bar in Miami I knew I had to meet you. When we were together that night, I knew that you were special. That's why I had to find you again. And when I fell in love with you, I knew that you had to be my wife.

Isabella Marie Swan, I promise to love you every single day of forever. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?"

I'm sitting on Edward's bed...in yoga pants because I thought they would be the most comfortable clothing to fly in. I'm crying and my hands are shaking and I fear that I may drop and break his computer because I have lost all ability to hold onto anything.

But none of that matters.

Not any of it.

At all.

"Do you remember when you asked me to be your girlfriend?" I ask him.

"Of course. I have perfect recall. But Bella, I just asked you a question. I-I'd like an answer."

"I know...but you probably don't know that when you asked me to be your girlfriend...after I read the email I was so happy...elated, really. It was the happiest night of my life. Well, up until then. Every single day with you has gotten better and better."

"I'm thrilled to hear that, but...I'm waiting here on bended knee, Bella," he replies nervously.

"You told me that night, in your email, that you wanted me to be yours. You know, in a non-ownership, 50/50 kind of way...but, Edward, you have to know that you have owned me since the moment I read your first email. Completely," I tell him, placing the laptop beside me and kneeling before him on the floor. "And my answer to this question is the same answer I gave you that night. Yes, Edward! Yes...yes...yes...a hundred times...yes! I love you, Edward. I love you so much and I will spend the rest of my life loving you. Yes!"

Edward blows out a long breath and breaks into a huge grin. "Do you want the ring now?" he asks excitedly.

I nod my head, not caring that he's about to give me the ring that I saw. I don't care about the ring. Fuck, I love the ring because it means that I get to be his wife.

"I hope you like it." He opens the blue box and takes out...oh, my god. It's not the ring. It's a ring...just not the one that I was expecting. This ring...well, it's the most beautiful ring I've ever seen. "I was originally going to give you my great-grandmother's ring - a family heirloom, but my mom convinced me that you deserved your own ring. If you don't like it, I'll buy you anything you want, Bella. I'd do anything for you."

"It's perfect, Edward," I whisper. "You...you're perfect."

He slips it on my finger, his hands are shaking as much as mine. And it fits me perfectly...just like him.

He reaches up and strokes my wet cheeks before pulling me to him and kissing me...deeply, passionately. His tongue is sweet and he tastes the same as always. Like peppermint and happiness. Only this time, it's mixed with the distinct and wonderful flavor of forever. Which, by the way, tastes a lot like chocolate.

"Bella, I could kiss you all night, but we need to catch our flight. I really want a 'do-over' in Miami," he whispers between kisses.

"I don't know, Edward," I tell him. "I think we got it right the first time."

"I wasn't talking about the proposal. I was talking about the sex."







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cosmogirl7481: I want to recc' a O/S that I read this week that absolutely blew me away. While in the Moment by yellowglue. This was genuinely one of the hottest things I have ever read. Ever. It was so good and would definitely be worth you checking out. Please, leave the author some love.

Marvar: I'm in love with Just4ALE. Not only does she write the amazing Tunes with Tony Masen, she also wrote the "American Vampire Series," which is complete. Check them out, and leave a review or four.

Also, I love a good sports fic. Try First & Ten by Nolebucgrl if you want a super-hot QBward.

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