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Win me Over - Part two

"Oi Shibuya! Are you cuddling your fiancé before the defeat?"

Both Yuuri and Wolfram heard with great displeasure the voice that interrupted their special moment. The dark haired Mazoku turned on his feet to glare at his friend, but he had to realize with even more disappointment that he had come with three more of their classmates.

"Hi, Higuchi. Why do you think that we will be the ones to lose?"

Higuchi smirked and got closer to the couple, hoping to have a better view of Yuuri's infamous fiancé, who was carefully hidden by his classmate's figure. Higuchi knew that Yuuri was doing that on purpose and also how get what he wanted from the other teen in front of him.

"I have my cute girlfriend by my side, so the victory will be certainly ours. Anyway, Shibuya, we four came here to see your foreign fiancé, darling, sweetheart, kitten, apple pie or whatever you want to call him. Show him off."

Wolfram stepped out from Yuuri's shadow, still unsure if he had better protect his offended fiancé's pride or ask what on Earth the unknown teen meant by using all those weird names addressed to him, and he received a stare that could match Takada's one from the entire group.

In the end, both fiancés ended up with the same question.

"Apple pie?"

Higuchi was the first one to come back to his senses to answer the couple.

"Woah, Shibuya! He really is an astonishing apple pie… You should consider the pet name."

The young Maou glared at him with what could be easily have been a 'None of your business' look, or something more vulgar that the gentle boy would have never actually spoken out loud. The only one who still couldn't get what the other teen was saying was Wolfram.

"P-pet name?"

Yuuri focused back to the puzzled Mazoku, dismissing the other boy's teasing as something that didn't even need consideration.

"He means like an endearing term… "

His fiancé's explanation didn't seem to be enough for Wolfram who still looked rather uncertain about it. His big green eyes stared confused at Yuuri's dark ones, but the young Maou couldn't understand what was the question the blond soldier wanted to ask him.

"Why should someone call someone else apple pie?"

Yuuri shrugged, giving him back the same questioning look, and hoped that the unproductive discussion could just end there, but unluckily for them one of the girls who were with Higuchi didn't seem to have the same opinion and stepped in their discussion.

"Because an apple pie is sweet, soft, hot and golden… Just like you seem to be."

Wolfram couldn't decide if he was more embarrassed or offended by what in his mind was an outrageous comment. Yuuri could sense his fiancé's anger and couldn't help being slightly annoyed himself, since not even him had ever dared to say those things to the older Mazoku.

He had had similar thoughts, of course - obviously in a friendly and platonic way - but if he actually told Wolfram something like that he would have been led straight to Ulrike for the marriage. It was unnerving how his classmate, who had never met the blond soldier until now, could easily say all those things, while he had to just bit his tongue and keep silent.

The only thing that prevented him from scolding the girl was the almost mumbled comment of one of his other classmates in the group of four and that he could make out as something like 'You don't need an apple pie to be happy.'

Yuuri could have easily said that himself, aside for the pet name, but now that he had heard it from someone else, it sounded so… racist. He felt ashamed of himself, but right now actions would be a better medicine than feeling sorry for how he had made Wolfram feel in the past, especially because it had actually been a long time since he had said things like those to the older Mazoku.

He had to realize it was a rather enjoyable view when the girl who had explained the apple pie joke kicked the leg of their mumbling classmate before he got any courage to speak louder, and he was even happier when she tried to change subject.

"Why don't you introduce us, Shibuya?"

Yuuri mentally thanked her and took Wolfram's hand, drawing him closer to him and making them both blush a light shade of red.

"Of course. Wolf, the two boys are Higuchi and behind him there is Sanada; the girls, the one who just spoke is Ueno and the other is Miyazaka. Guys, he's Wolfram Von Bielefelt."

Yuuri's classmates stared at them, evaluating the strange word that appeared to be the blond foreigner's surname, not quite sure they would ever manage to pronounce it. The dark haired Mazoku recognized the look and felt sympathy for them, thanking Shinou and all the Gods he could name for being the king in Shin Makoku and not having to call by surname not even Wolfram's relatives.

"It sounds… aristocratic."

The other three this time nodded in agreement with Sanada's mumbled words, not daring to actually ask if it was all right to skip directly to calling him by his given name. Providentially for them, Wolfram had already understood what the problem was, thanks to his previous experience with his wimp fiancé.

"It just means that I come from the place named Bielefelt… You can call me just Wolfram, I guess."

Even if the blond Mazoku's voice had sounded a little too much condescending for their likings, Yuuri's friends sighed in relief and tried to start a conversation in order to get to know the newcomer better. Yuuri successfully managed to lead the discussion away to what little information about the competition had leaked out and the made up arrangements, to hide Wolfram's identity as much as he could.

It was already hard to explain how he got engaged with a man without speaking of Shin Makoku in the first place, but it would have been even worse if his friends knew he was an eighty-four year old soldier and son of a previous queen, since it would have led to questions about the current king of the place and other stuff that were on Wolfram's 'don't tell anyone' list.

To be sure that Wolfram wouldn't venture himself in those prohibited issues, Yuuri embraced and cuddled his fiancé enough to make him tamed and well behaved. When it seemed that there would be no more questions about the blond foreigner's origins, the worst happened to ruin his efforts.

"Shibuya, Lord Von Bielefelt! You are already here, I see!"

Murata appeared and the other two Mazoku cursed him from the bottom of their heart as soon as they realized that Yuuri's classmates were staring bafflingly at the newcomer.

"Why are you calling him Lord? And who are you?"

"I'm Murata Ken" Was the quick answer. "A friend of theirs from the other school who entered the festival."

The blond soldier looked annoyed at the Great Sage, not quite happy with the words he had said and hating the way the other teens stared at him.

"I'm not your friend, though"

Wolfram's mumbling was ignored by everyone except Yuuri who would have liked to be able to say the same thing too. Murata on the other hand took in Yuuri's classmates' introductions and happily filled them on Wolfram's background despite his Maou's desperate attempts to make it look like something of minor importance.

"I can't believe you, Shibuya! You got yourself a gorgeous foreign prince and you had the nerve to not say a thing to your classmates!"

Ueno closed up the distance between her and Yuuri, and the Mazoku instinctively protected the blond soldier behind himself in case she wanted to put her hands on the newly discovered Lord.

"Why everyone should be informed of my private affairs everywhere? Murata, help me since everything is your fault!"

"Why should I, Shibuya? You should take responsibility of your own actions and, also, I'm not the one hiding."

Yuuri glared at his friend and tried to calm the girl down, receiving an annoyed growl from his fiancé behind him, clearly not pleased by how Yuuri was trying to make their engagement and his noble origins sound like they were something unimportant.

In the end the fight switched to the two engaged Mazoku, with arguments like being selfish and spoiled for Yuuri, and being an inconsiderate wimp and a cheater for Wolfram. The young king's friends watched amazed the love quarrel, rather enthusiastic to finally see their always calm mate anger up for a bunch of nonsensical reasons.

"You really argue like a couple of newlyweds... Now I can understand why you ended up asking for his hand, you're very close."

Yuuri wanted to say something against what Miyazaka had just told them, but Wolfram's glare warned him otherwise, so he simply tried to gain back his composure and quieten down his flame tempered fiancé by holding his hand in a silent apology.

Wolfram got the message and squeezed his hand as his own admission of guilt, both of them blushing, a bit ashamed by the show they had put up in front of Yuuri's classmates.

Murata wasn't really happy about the restored peace between his two friends, because it meant that they would pair up against him and he had better pray Shinou for his own safety. As he had guessed, after the first moment of embarrassment the two Mazoku glared at him and prepared to give him an earful.

He was saved in corner by a voice calling for them all.

"Boys and girls, could you please gather around the registration stand? The competition will begin in a couple of minutes!"

Yuuri could see his literature teacher make her way towards them to escort them at the meeting point. Before she could reach them, the young Maou's classmates and Murata had already said their goodbyes and quickly left, leaving Yuuri and Wolfram unguarded against the severe professor.

As soon as he realized it, the dark haired Mazoku tried to mingle with the other students and drag Wolfram along with him as quickly as he could.

Wolfram felt uncomfortable and so lost inside all that assembling of people pressed together, that he came to the conclusion that this whole ordeal was his punishment for snapping back at Yuuri before. Somehow he managed to make his way through the thick group of people still separating them and close up the distance between him and his fiancé.

When the blond soldier thought he had finally made it, someone behind him made him lose his balance, but before hitting the ground he fell safely into Yuuri's arms. Black worried orbs stared at him, concerned and sweet in a way that made Wolfram forget everything around them.

"Are you hurt, Wolf? I'm sorry I made you run away like that, just stay close to me for now."

Wolfram nodded and since Yuuri wasn't trying to push him away he made himself comfortable in his embrace, while listening to another one of his fiancé's schoolmate's speech.

"As the first challenge, we'll have a very simple obstacle course tied up in couples. We'll allow only the quickest fifty couples to pass to the second challenge."

When they could actually throw a glance at the course they were supposed to run, most of those present began chatting and commenting nastily about the difficulty of the first trial, and Wolfram was surprised to realize that his fiancé was among them.

"Perfect, we are already out of this. It's impossible for me do this tied up to someone else."

The blond soldier, still clinging to his fiancé, studied carefully the course and evaluated carefully their situation.

"I can't believe you are scared about something this easy. It's not even one hundredth as difficult as one of the ordinary obstacle courses you have to do as a first year at the officers' academy."

Yuuri stared at the frowning Mazoku in his arms in utter disbelief. He hardly remembered that his fiancé was trained to survive almost in every situation and usually when it was reminded him he couldn't actually figure out the real implications of the statement.

"Tied up together!?"

Wolfram looked back at his dark haired fiancé, not quite understanding what the big deal was about, what he had said or what they were supposed to do.

"Of course, wimp. It's a common occurrence if taken by the enemy that you get tied up to one of your companions, because it's the easiest way to prevent the captives' movements. The only way to escape then, is to move along with him or her."

Maybe due to the fact that they apparently had the same age, Yuuri couldn't prevent himself from being rather sceptic about Wolfram's ability to do something like that, but it wasn't his fault if the blond Mazoku always seemed that vulnerable around him.

The young Maou had to say though that without him involved, Wolfram's ability sometimes could almost match Conrad's, whilst with him the blond Mazoku was always predictable in his actions. Yuuri was about to begin considering the implications of that, but his fiancé's sweet smile took him out of his thoughts.

"Don't worry if you think you can't tag along, I've been taught also how to get through something like this being tied up with someone hurt, so don't worry, I can easily help you get through this if you want to win."

Yuuri nodded quietly, beginning right that moment to ask himself why he was actually there with Wolfram in his arms in the first place. It scared him how he had done it automatically to protect the older Mazoku from a crowd he obviously wasn't used to.

While the Maou was still lost in his thoughts, the blond soldier took the red rope that someone from the athletic club staff handed him and listened to the instructions regarding the challenge. Wolfram smirked as he easily came up with the best plan to solve the situation and make his king happy.

He snapped Yuuri back from his thoughts and summed up the instructions as well as the best way to get around the traps. It was scary for the young Maou the way Wolfram was professional, as if he had actually planned a war and not a simple school obstacle course. He couldn't deny that it was all a delightful display of coolness from someone that answered only to his orders.

"Did you understand it Yuuri? Don't worry about putting your weight on my hand as we pass under those ribbons, nor when we have to climb the wall, I can handle it. Cling to me as much as you can and remember that you will have to move just like I do."

Yuuri swallowed hard, sure that if he forgot something he would be accused by Wolfram of having let his precious fiancé making a fool of himself, and he would have been killed for it. He had seen too many times how the blond Mazoku looked down to his soldiers if they couldn't achieve what he was ordering them to do and he couldn't hope to be any less fortunate than them.

It came their turn to try the obstacle course and Takada shot the start for them and some other couples. Yuuri held his breath and let Wolfram guide him towards the first part of the course like he was in a trance, then he gradually forgot all about his schoolmates judging and looking at them, and began to feel the adrenaline of the competition.

He stole a rapid glance to his companion and could easily understand from his determined glare that for the older Mazoku this joke of a competition was no different from one of those days in which he had to go and take him back home safely. For Wolfram everything that involved Yuuri was always something he was going to do wholeheartedly, because he was the man he loved and he had sworn loyalty to.

Yuuri couldn't let himself be inadequate for his fiancé's standards, because it was also thanks to Wolfram that he was slowly improving and becoming a better Maou. He could just hope that if he could put the same effort in this series of challenges made for lovers, in the end he could improve not only as a king, but also as a man and maybe become a better fiancé.

It was a weird track of thoughts, but it did the trick of helping him put the efforts needed to follow Wolfram's lead through the last part of the course in a perfect synchrony with his partner.

When they had reached the end of the course, they were welcomed by a loud applause from most of the other students, especially the ones belonging to the athletic club, who were seriously considering recruiting Yuuri in their ranks and were pretty displeased that his blond partner didn't seem to attend their school.

Another battery began the course and they all were invited to move away from the obstacle course field. They were soon reached by Murata and Higuchi together with who appeared to be latter's girlfriend.

"Hey Shibuya, great show off! You guys are the only ones who could made it without a failure."

The three newcomers wondered why Yuuri was stilly busy catching his breath, whilst Wolfram seemed as fresh as if he had just woken up from a nap, but they interpreted it as a nice try from the young Maou to show off his fiancé's abilities.

"It had all been Wolf's doing, actually… Speaking of Wolfram, how can you be so fresh!? I've got much more stamina than you!"

Wolfram glared at his fiancé, apparently insulted by Yuuri's statement.

"How can you say this!? I'm not a weakling!"

Murata made his way between Shin Makoku's Royal Couple and smiled smartly at the angry blond soldier.

"Lord Von Bielefelt is right, Shibuya. You shouldn't say those things when your beloved fiancé sacrificed himself for you."

The Great Sage's eyeglasses suddenly turned white and Wolfram quickly backed away, but Murata was way faster to stop him and reach for one of his hands. Before Yuuri could ask him anything, Murata showed him the injured palm of the blond soldier's hand.

"Wolfram, why didn't you tell me that?!"

The older Mazoku mumbled something like 'It's nothing' and snatched back his hand from the Great Sage's grip, turning his head away from his fiancé in his usual uptight manner. The young Maou sighed and closed up the distance between them to hold Wolfram tight and mumble a soft 'thanks' in his ear.

Wolfram flinched at the beginning, but slowly relaxed in those familiar arms that could so easily drug him, the two of them uncaring of the small group next to them that cheerfully watched them.

"You are really cute together."

Both boys turned to stare at Higuchi's girlfriend, who shyly hid herself behind her boyfriend's shadow and excused herself for saying those things.

Despite his usual beliefs, Yuuri felt pleased by the compliment and found nothing to complain about that, thanks to the fact that he himself was beginning to think that they really looked cute together. In his opinion, anyway, Wolfram surely did look cute.

The first challenge finally ended and soon the athletic club staff called the fifty couples chosen for the second trial, thanked everyone and entrusted the following stage to the reading club. Yuuri knew that nothing good could come out of that thanks to a small little hindrance: Wolfram couldn't read Earth language.

"You will be given ten minutes, five minutes each, to make your partner guess the biggest amount of words you can."

After hearing what the challenge was about, Yuuri sighed deeply and prepared himself to put up a bad show in front of everyone.

Once Yuuri and Wolfram's turn came, the first five minutes passed with Wolfram trying to describe the lines he saw, but even when the dark haired Mazoku managed to have a guess at a word, they still had to rely on the reading club staff to know if his answer had been correct or not.

In the other five minutes Yuuri thanked Shinou for having glued them together for so long, so that he managed to make Wolfram understand the word on his sheet, sometimes even with a single word. When the time was over the reading club staff checking on them was left wondering which fantasy series featured bearbees, engiwaru birds, feminist mad scientists, grumpy older brothers inept in making plushies and spies dressing in drag.

In the end even with their handicap they somehow managed to be among the first twenty couples selected to pass to the third stage.

The good mood brought by the unexpected victory vanished again as soon as it was revealed that the club in charge of the third challenge would have been the dance club. Yuuri let his head fall and hide in the crook of Wolfram's neck, wishing that his fiancé's nice scent could lull his desperation away, along with his sense of uselessness.

"I can't dance… "

An half spoken 'I know, you wimp' made the young Maou pout at the only person who could have said such a sentence, but, when he did it, he met two brilliant green eyes smiling at him. Yuuri smiled back knowing that he could trust Wolfram's noble heritage as much as his training as a soldier even without asking or saying a word.

"You will have to dance a Waltz. If you can't you can retire and sign up as our club member afterwards and we will be glad to teach you. To make things more difficult for those who can dance it, we will ask you to switch from the male to the female part the moment you hear the sound of the gong."

Lots of people began to chat their anxiety out and the buzzing became louder and louder, but the young Maou decided he'd better question his fiancé before panicking like them and, when he looked at him, was quite relieved to see a self confident smirk on the blond Mazoku's face.

"Yuuri, I can lead you both ways, you just have to follow me. I'll go first so you can see how to dance it, and when we are supposed to switch you try to do the same."

Wolfram's idea looked appealing to Yuuri as well as to the other couples around who overheard them, but there was still something he couldn't quite get about his fiancé's apparently infinite knowledge.

"Wolf, are you sure you can do this specific dance? I mean you surely can do the ones of Shin Makoku, but how do you know that you can do this one as well?"

"Thanks to your mother, wimp. We ended up talking about what could be the first dance for the nuptial reception and she named this Waltz, that apparently is the same as one of our traditional balls. This means that is something I've been practicing since I was eight."

Yuuri was tempted to ask his fiancé when did he manage to have such a conversation with his mother without him knowing, but he skipped the argument much for his own sanity, and instead wondered what would look like an eight years old Wolfram practicing Waltz.

The dance club divided the remaining couples in two groups and gave the start to the challenge, but, much for the dance club joy, almost everyone sucked except for Shin Makoku's Royal couple and another one. Apparently his eighty-four year old experience of dancer was needed to make Wolfram's plan work.

The dance club gloated happily at seeing how most of the girlfriends forced their partners to sign up for future dance lessons, and after complimenting everyone for their thoughtful club choice they said their goodbyes, announcing a thirty minutes break before the grand finale.

"You killed my feet, wimp, I guess we should be glad your classmates were worse than you."

Wolfram huffed and let himself fall back against the school wall, waiting for his fiancé to join him. Yuuri leaned next to him laughing, amused by his fiancé's comment, and gained a heel stomped on his foot for it.

"Oi, Wolf, chill out! I just wanted to thank you for today… I guess. It was a long time since I had this much fun. My schoolmates' faces were priceless!"

Yuuri smiled sweetly at the blond Mazoku and captured his look with his sincere dark eyes, causing a light blush to make its way on Wolfram's pale complexion and both their breath to catch in their throat.

"I'm delighted that you enjoyed it even though you had to be stuck with me."

Wolfram lowered his head to look at his feet and his eyes saddened a bit. Yuuri didn't like how this was turning out, but he could hardly find out a proper way to tell his fiancé what he couldn't understand himself. In the end something came to his mind and his tanned cheeks coloured of red as he closed up the space between them to almost whisper in the blond Mazoku's ear.

"I didn't enjoy this even though I was with you, but because I've chosen you. I don't like doing obstacle courses, nor board games or dancing… But doing it with you made me happy. From now on I guess I could even stop complaining when you try to portrait me."

"You are the same wimp with no taste for art… but if you can do this, I could even portray you with a style you like better than the one you call cubist… "

Yuuri's blush deepened with embarrassment as Wolfram's eyes ventured back up to glance at his fiancé with a look in which the young king could easily see how hope, love and fear of rejection mixed up together.

"Wolf, you know… I still don't think that things like walking hand in hand, kissing and doing things you normally do on dates are funnier than baseball, but… well… maybe if it's with you I can give it a try and maybe I guess I could like it."

Wolfram tried to read through the words of Yuuri's speech, trying to not be too much hopeful about that, but eventually he decided to ignore every different interpretation of it, and let a tentative seductive smirk grace his face.

"Are you asking me out?"

Yuuri laughed at his own embarrassment and locked again his eyes with Wolfram's, glad to notice how they had lightened up at not having received an immediate refusal.

"I guess I am."

The two Mazoku burst out laughing. Yuuri had never felt more free than in that moment: he had no worries about politics and cultural shocks like he had in Shin Makoku and he didn't have to cover up anymore about someone who had become and important member of his family like he usually did while on Earth. He really couldn't hope for anything more except for a match of baseball as a final challenge.

"Yuuri, we are supposed to marry, you can do anything!"

Wolfram closed up the distance between their faces so that their noses almost touched, making Yuuri's heartbeat run like crazy. The young Maou had never actually thought about going on with their nonsensical engagement, but maybe, just maybe, if he just let himself do what he actually felt like doing right now, things could only turn out better.

Yuuri had never had a girlfriend but right now he couldn't care less, because even if he died without having ever had one, he would have known how it was like to have the most lovable boyfriend one could think about, and there surely were only a few people who could actually say the same thing.

He tentatively leaned forward and could feel Wolfram's irregular breathing on his own skin affecting him even more, and making him feel like he had never wanted something more than savouring his fiancé's soft lips with his own.

"Shibuya, what are you doing!?"

Annoyed, Yuuri turned to his classmate Sanada who had so abruptly interrupted him in the only moment his fiancé wasn't thinking he was a wimp. He could feel Wolfram's green eyes piercing his friend's skin and was happy that they weren't in Shin Makoku, otherwise the human would have been surely burned to ashes.

The young Maou couldn't find the right words to answer the other teen's scolding, since he himself had been acting more out of the heat of the moment than out of a coherent thought. Wolfram sensed Yuuri's insecurity and directed his anger against his inept fiancé.

"I'll wait with the G- with Murata near the sweets stand, when you have finally made up your mind about what you want to do please have the kindness of informing me too!"

Wolfram stormed away leaving an astonished couple of dark haired teens behind himself. If he wasn't used to his fiancé's anger the way he was, Yuuri would have easily turned Maou mode and direct his anger towards his friend the same way the older Mazoku had done with him, but he knew better that that.

"Couldn't you just wait before interrupting us? I'm sure he will try to kill me as soon as we are alone."

Sanada watched his classmate carefully. They had always shared the same point of view in love matters, since both of them had never had a girlfriend and hoped for nothing more than a cute normal girl that wouldn't have sentimentally involved them too much. He could not understand what had happened to Yuuri to have changed idea so much without telling anyone.

"Shibuya, you got trapped in this engagement, didn't you? You're not the kind of guy who acts so recklessly."

Yuuri knew that his friend knew him too well and that lying wouldn't help in this case, so he decided to just tell him a half truth and hope that Sanada would understand and accept his current situation without other questions.

"Yeah, you're right, it had actually begun this way, but now it changed. I think I have changed."

The black haired Mazoku's plain and sincere voice made Sanada flinch, but he had nothing more to tell him.

"Love is quite a more complex matter than what we thought, Sanada. He got under my skin and right now I can't imagine my life without him."

Yuuri broke eye contact with his friend to focus back on his fiancé who was currently talking with Murata not so far from him.

"Just a normal girl isn't enough… it has to be the girl, and if the girl happens to be a boy you'd better not make him suffer the way I did with Wolfram. It took me a while, but in the end I think I learned my lesson."

Sanada smiled at his classmate and closed up the distance between them, placing a hand over Yuuri's shoulder.

"If that's what you want, I won't try anymore to change your mind. And I'm sorry I interrupted you... Maybe if you go back to him he will forgive you for sure."

Yuuri chuckled because of Sanada's clumsy way of helping him, and soon his friend joined him, laughing even louder when the dark haired Mazoku whispered in his ear that Wolfram was the kind of guy that would have made him sleep on the couch rather than forgive him.

After that the young Maou left his classmate and joined his fiancé at his smirking Great Sage's side. Wolfram pretended to ignore him, but his anger disappeared as soon as Yuuri embraced him from behind and left a shy kiss on his neck.

He would have preferred to have the chance to say more, but he was interrupted again by the head of the student's council, who suddenly appeared on the quickly set up stage, with a huge grin on his face.

"Boys and girls, we are near the end of this Saint Valentine's competition and I'm sure we would like to see who will win this festival. Could the two remaining couples please get on the stage?"

Yuuri collected some courage, certain that if someone hadn't been informed yet about his male partner it would have been even too obvious now that the four of them were the only ones left on stage. He and Wolfram reached the chosen position next to his schoolmate, while Yuuri mentally took note to not vote for him the following year.

The dark haired Mazoku could finally see the other couple and realized that it was a couple of best friends from the class near his own. Yuuri thought that if he had seen them before the competition had begun, he could have said that they resembled quite a lot he and Wolfram, except for the fact that they were a boy and a girl.

"We will see if what you never told to each other is the same for the both of you, and this will be the last challenge! Please Shibuya, will you begin?"

It was a nonsensical challenge, and a good amount of people furrowed their brows, not understanding why hiding the same thing to one another would be a sign of a strong relationship.

Moreover the chances of 'cheating' were quite high, because the second member of the couple could easily pretend to say it was the same thing after having heard it from their partner, even though it was not.

The knowing grin plastered on his face told everyone clearly that the head of the students' council knew it, and had done it on purpose. The smart teen was quite sure that the two couples would have cheated and, when it happened, he could let the students decide which lie they preferred.

A democratic show off of peoples' power could just cheer up the students and make them accept even the fact that they hadn't been the winners. What the young leader hadn't considered was that Yuuri would never think of any strategy, not even one as simple as that.

The young Maou stared at Wolfram's green eyes, wondering whether he should actually say the truth there in front of everyone or cover up and save it for a more private setting. The blond Mazoku stared back at his fiancé as if he already knew that he wouldn't have liked what he was about to hear, but also that Yuuri could be certain that he would dismiss everything in the back of his mind just like he had always done for the usual 'But we are both boys' and 'Do not sleep in my room' stuff.

The dark haired Mazoku hated himself for that, especially because it was after he had already tried to kiss him willingly, but it was hard to find the appropriate words, mainly because he had to find them right now and in front of all his school.

If he had to die from embarrassment the following day, he would do it like a man and out himself proudly like the king he was.

"I never told you lots of things, Wolf, and even when we talked I never really answered the questions you kept asking me. I just wanted to hide while you kept pushing me forward in everything we did, and I have to confess that if I managed something good in my life is mostly thanks to you."

Wolfram smirked, delighted at his fiancé's extreme cuteness, desperately trying to contain himself from holding him tight and never let him go.

"So you never told me thank you? You did a couple of times and it is enough for me, you kn-"

Yuuri took Wolfram's hands, blushing a deep shade of red and fighting with his lungs to keep breathing. The small gesture made Wolfram stop his speech dead on and he could feel his own heartbeat racing in his chest in a perfect match with Yuuri's, pulsing through his fingers.

"You won me over, Wolfram Von Bielefelt. Over myself, my prejudices, my fears and my wimpiness. I know, that's lame and you don't like those kind of things, but it's the truth. Maybe I never told you because I realized it just now, but I guess you did it a long time ago little by little. That's my never told truth: you won me over."

Wolfram was so shocked by Yuuri's revelations he could barely register the president's voice asking him if he was going to say the same thing. The blond Mazoku thought about it and realized he could actually say the same thing about his fiancé, but he had overly admitted it to him a long time ago by simply falling in love with him, and even before, from the first moment their eyes met, no matter if they were following a preset plan or if everything happened by chance.

Yuuri had won over his selfishness, his temper, his own prejudices and, as he had to admit to himself, even over his hormones, but it wouldn't have been really what he had never told his fiancé. Eventually in the back of his mind the blond soldier found something appropriate to answer his king.

Wolfram's hand escaped Yuuri's grip and reached for his translation earplug, putting it in his pocket in front of thousands of astonished pairs of eyes, who apparently hadn't noticed it before. After that the older Mazoku closed up the space between he and his rather shocked fiancé, trapping him in a tight embrace and leaning over, so that his lips were just a few inches from Yuuri's ear.

"I want to be with you, Yuuri."

Yuuri's face became even redder as he shyly hugged him back and searched again for Wolfram's eyes to confirm his words. They could feel each other's heart beating through their chests and from there echoing in their ears. That warm and reassuring sound was the only one they wanted to ear around them, as they shyly searched for the courage to close up the distance between their trembling lips.

"Ehm… Shibuya, was that the same thing you said?"

The young Maou barely registered the president's voice as his eyes noticed Wolfram wetting his lips and slyly inviting him to claim them.

"No, it was not the same thing."

Yuuri lowered his head a bit and finally let his lips savour Wolfram's warm and soft ones. Their arms tightened around each other and the blond Mazoku's hand slid over his fiancé's chest to the back of his head to deepen the kiss. Around them the time passed quickly as if everyone except them had been swallowed by Shin Makoku's time speed.

It appeared that the two best friends' never told words matched and they were elected winners for the Saint Valentine festival, and in the end everyone congratulated the couples who had made it to the end, but the two Mazoku barely realized this, still being too lost in the haze of their first real kiss.

After saying their goodbyes Yuuri and Wolfram headed back to the black haired teen's house hand in hand, but the air was still uncomfortable between them, because none of them could find the strength to make the first move after what had happened. This ended up in an awkward silence that would have been even longer if the blond soldier hadn't decided that he had enough of it.

"Did you regret we lost?"

Yuuri smiled at his still embarrassed fiancé and led him closer to him, glad that the blond Mazoku had spoken first.

"Well, I don't think we lost actually, so I have no reason to regret it… and this happened thanks to you, Wolf."

Wolfram let a sweet smile adorn his handsome face and the young Maou showed how much he appreciated the view placing a soft peck on his fiancé's lips, as it was the most natural thing in the world.

"You surely changed a lot your attitude from this morning, Yuuri. Don't you fear that someone can see you?"

Yuuri laughed at Wolfram's sharp and teasing remark. The blond soldier would not ruin his mood and make him think again how to cover up, just for this single day he wanted to savour his freedom fully, before trying to adjust his current feelings to his birth world for the small amount of time left to him on Earth.

Most of his life would have been on Shin Makoku, so there wasn't actually a point in trying to mingle back between his people and lose his newly found freedom again.

"Even though someone picks up on me I think I can survive for another year. When I finish school I'll be able to fully focus just on Shin Makoku and there I won't have to worry about what you call 'Earth issues' anymore."

"It's sad you have to escape from your world like this, you shouldn't mind this much about me."

The blond soldier let his head fall in the crook of Yuuri's neck to hide his saddened expression, but Yuuri sweetly made his fiancé look back at him bringing his head up with the tip of his fingers.

"I already told Murata this when we thought I couldn't come back anymore, after my powers seemed to have drained forever: if I couldn't come back here anymore, I wouldn't complain. After all Shin Makoku is my home now, and you and Greta are my family along with Conrad and the others."

Wolfram stomped Yuuri's foot with his heel and glared at him, but didn't back away a bit from his embrace.

"I understand you are a damn wimp, but couldn't you at least tell me something important like that! I kept living in the fear of you not coming back anymore since you left the first time after defeating Soushu!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry Wolf!"

Wolfram huffed and hurried up his pace, leaving a distressed Maou following him and asking for forgiveness in front of the various passersby who curiously stared at them.

Eventually they reached home, but when they opened the door they were surprised to see no sign of Jennifer or Shouri. Yuuri went straight to the kitchen searching for messages, whilst Wolfram ventured upstairs, finding the Earth's Maou's room with its door spread open and the computer switched on, apparently abandoned while playing the same kind of games he had forced the blond soldier and his brother to buy for him while he was trapped in Yuuri's body.

The whole display was too off and Wolfram quickly walked down the stairs to report to his fiancé what he had seen and ask for directions.

"Yuuri, did you find something? Shouri left his room like he has been kidnapped or something like that."

The older Mazoku found his fiancé reading a short note with a blank stare on his face and reached him fearing the worst, but he had to consider with displeasure that the note was in Earth language.

"He has been kidnapped indeed."

"What!? How can you be so quiet about that!? Lets go to get Conrad and Brother!"

Yuuri stopped his fiancé, catching his arm before he went back upstairs.

"Wait Wolfram. I meant that my mother kidnapped him. The note I found says that she brought him away with her and that dad won't come back until evening, so we can enjoy some privacy to do… ehm, stuff. There is also a small note scratched up at the end from my brother who tells me to not do this stuff with you, and another one from my mum who tells me to not mind him and ask you if tonight you want to spend some time with her to decide about the wedding."

Wolfram stared at his fiancé, who returned him a more ashamed stare, clearly humiliated after having read those weird things written by his relatives.

"I'd like to."

Yuuri looked questioningly at his companion, who quickly turned his head away as soon as he felt his fiancé's dark orbs on him, embarrassed by his own daring.

"Y-you would like doing what, exactly?"

"Both… I'd be glad to talk with your mother, she is really nice… but I told you, I want to be with you. No matter how, anything is fine."

Yuuri dropped the note as Wolfram dared to close up the space between them and laid a hand on his shoulder bringing him closer to capture his lips after a small moment of hesitation. The kiss felt great and the young Maou completely lost himself in it, not even noticing how possessive had become his fiancé's grip on him. Apparently the blond liked it as much.

The older Mazoku brought his king even closer and pressed against him, so that every inch of Yuuri's body could feel how much he liked the idea of 'doing stuff', as Jennifer had gently called it. The closeness was making Yuuri's mind spin around in a mix of emotions he had never experienced before.

Hesitantly Yuuri closed his own arms around Wolfram and deepened the kiss. The black haired Mazoku was quite satisfied with himself feeling how his proud companion was melting in his hold, and tried to take both the chance and the courage to get the upper hand of the making out session, but his blond lover had other ideas.

The blond soldier let one of his hands trail on Yuuri's chest in between them and rubbed keenly where his nipples were supposed to hide. The subtle movement surprised and thrilled the dark haired teen, who flinched in his fiancé's arms, letting a soft moan out. Wolfram took his chance and let his tongue slip inside his lover's mouth to explore every inch of the wet cavern that Yuuri had denied him access to for too long.

Yuuri mewled in contentment as the tiny piece of wet flesh danced in his mouth with his own tongue, and felt his knees slowly give away, overwhelmed by all the new feelings he was experiencing. His legs slid between Wolfram's and he could clearly feel his hardness bumping on his thigh driving him insane.

The older Mazoku wanted to get more from his companion, but feeling the other's need for air he let him go. Yuuri panted heavily, but even if he kept taking long breaths his body didn't seem to ever have enough fresh air as much as he wanted Wolfram's lips back on his own.

"I love you, Yuuri… "

Wolfram placed a hand on Yuuri's chest and felt his heart beat rapidly under his fingers, leading him only to consider how all those clothes were an unpleasant obstacle between him and his fiancé's long craved tanned skin. The blond wanted to just take his king upstairs and strip him down in the heat of the moment, but this would not have been a good first time for them and forced himself to wait for his fiancé's signal.

"I-I guess I love you too Wolf… but I'm not sure I know how to do this with a boy."

Wolfram's eyes twitched and he forced the shy teen in front of him to lay down on the kitchen table with his eyes gleaming in a well known feeling.

"Are you sure you know how to do this with a woman?"



Before Yuuri could duck back his head again, Wolfram took a hold of his fiancé's collar and dragged him upstairs, closing the door of Yuuri's room behind himself.

"You are talented in kissing, I'm sure instinct will take over your wimpiness even if we go a little forward. If you get uncomfortable we can stop anytime."

Those words managed to make Yuuri even more uncertain about what he was doing instead of calming him down. He had liked the kiss and wanted much more than that, but exactly what more he needed had not yet a defined picture in his head. However, luckily for him it looked like that the older Mazoku could help him with it.

Wolfram decided that he had enough of waiting for his fiancé to do the first step, and he closed again the space between them to resume the kiss. Yuuri's body seemed to have recognized those actions and blood rapidly rushed towards his lower abdomen at the recent memory.

The blond soldier pressed against his lover's body, sensing Yuuri's hard-on pressing against his own, and moaned at the pleasant friction their bodies were making. The dark haired Mazoku on the other hand felt just as he had lost any control over his own body and for a moment he didn't know what to do or where he should place his hands.

Sensing Yuuri's confusion, Wolfram began to leave soft kisses on his lover's neck before capturing his lips again, trying to awaken his fiancé's instincts, but that just weakened up the king's will even more. The older Mazoku was quite delighted to see he could do as he pleased and took gladly the upper hand, sliding his tongue back past his lover's lips.

The blond soldier began working on Yuuri's shirt in between the kiss and successfully managed to get rid of it before the dark haired Mazoku could actually realize what was happening. In the end the king managed some sort of self control again and began the counter attack, throwing Wolfram on the bed under him.

Yuuri kissed again his lover and tried to do the same thing the older teen had done to him before. His tongue won the battle with his fiancé's, and along with it the access to Wolfram's mouth in order to begin its own exploration, evoking moans full of pleasure from the other Mazoku and feeling him tremble lightly in his arms.

"Wolf, am I doing it wrong? You suddenly tensed up."

A moan answered him before Wolfram could even realize it. He blushed deeply and tried to relax, but it was too much for his heart to take all together: his fiancé loved him, kissed him, touched him and he had even managed to give him a hard-on. He couldn't believe that all that was actually happening between them.

"I'm fine, I just… never thought we would ever do this together."

Yuuri chuckled and embraced his lover tightly, leading him on top of him and bringing this time consciously their hard-ons pressed one against the other. They both groaned in pleasure at the contact, fighting with their bodies for self control and failing miserably.

"I never thought about it too… But I don't think I want to stop."

With those last words Yuuri let a leg slide between Wolfram's thighs and resumed their kiss, tightening his hold on the blond Mazoku and making him squirm above him. His arms roamed freely over his lover's slim figure, still unsure about what he was supposed to do next.

Wolfram fought against Yuuri's clothes that were still getting in his way, but his lover's inexperienced touches made him lose focus and turned him on to the point he could barely stand the tightness of his own clothing. When the blond soldier had finally managed to strip his king of everything except for his underwear, the dark haired teen got up to a sitting position bringing his lover up with him and began his own undressing work on the older Mazoku.

Yuuri could feel the cold air on his exposed skin and instinctively dragged his fiancé even closer to him as the blond Mazoku's clothes were clumsily discarded and piled up over his own.

"Yuuri, are you cold?"

The young Maou shivered in answer and Wolfram circled him with his arms to share precious body heat, bringing the younger teen to lay back on the bed next to him. Both of them took their time exploring each other's bare skin, savouring the different kind of sensations it elicited as they experimented with their bodies.

Wolfram positioned himself on top of his lover, straddling him with both his legs and hands. Yuuri glanced to the shimmering display of skin above him and found himself wondering how it would have tasted if he'd licked it. He caressed the blond soldier's sides from the hips up to the torso, holding him tight as he proceeded to give in to his instincts and savour his nipples.

The blond Mazoku moaned at the wet contact and buried his hands in the dark mane of his lover, searching for more. Yuuri assumed that he was doing a good job and tried also a little nibbling and sucking, sending Wolfram to a frenzy in such a way that he could now barely say his fiancé's name.

When he felt them hardened up under his ministrations, Yuuri let the nipples alone and reached up for another taste of his lover's lips, wondering which ones were softer. Wolfram was finally brought back to a familiar place and soon took the chance to finally get something for himself from the tanned skin in front of him, quickly ending the kiss to proceed licking and nibbling at the dark haired Maou's neck first and then down to his chest.

The blond soldier's hands roamed free wherever he could reach until he finally dared to get to Yuuri's backside and from that downwards along his thighs, using that grip to make their erections press again against on another. His hands eventually reached his king's hips and without him noticing they began to tremble lightly.

"Wolf… "

Yuuri could barely manage to say his lover's name out loud because of his uninterrupted panting, but in the end he was able to take a hold of Wolfram's trembling hand and shyly tried to kiss away his fears, or at least to make his fiancé tell him what they were.

"Are you sure… you want this? I mean… Can I?"

The young Maou smiled at his lover, understanding the reason behind his hesitations, and led the same hand he was still holding to his lower abdomen, over his pants. The effect on his hard-on was instant and the dark haired Mazoku had to bury his face into the crook of Wolfram's neck to muffle his growl.

Yuuri's action affected even the blond soldier, who could barely contain himself from giving into his primal instincts and devour his king whole. Wolfram licked his lips in anticipation and removed the final obstacle between him and what he was going after from the first night he'd slipped into his fiancé's bed.

The dark haired Mazoku blushed hard as he noticed the way his lover was eyeing him like he was his dinner. Wolfram on the other hand didn't wait for Yuuri to get used to his complete exposure one second more and knelt down between his legs.

Yuuri felt something wet circling his length and a loud moan escaped his lips, earning a knowing smirk from his blond fiancé who kept licking and sucking on him. The older Mazoku felt his king harden under his ministrations and began squeezing his balls in rhythm with his stroking.

White pre-cum slightly formed on Yuuri's slit as Wolfram's hand went up and down his length and the blond Mazoku's tongue ventured to lick at its base and down to the balls. He nuzzled the dark curls there and, breathing in his lover's scent, resumed the pumping with his mouth, while his rough fingertips searched and teased the soft skin around it.

The double attack sent Yuuri almost over the edge, and he had to force Wolfram to stop before he ended up coming straight into his mouth. When the blond haired Mazoku came up again his fiancé noticed a small trail of pre-cum dripping from his lower lip and stared wordlessly as he seductively got rid of it licking it clean right in front of his face.

Yuuri swallowed hard and, feeling like he had been drawn towards those reddened petals, he claimed them even more excitedly when he discovered he could savour himself on his lover's lips. His dark orbs clouded themselves with pure lust and he reached for Wolfram's G-string to return the favour, but his fiancé fiercely stopped him in his movements.

"Yuuri, what do you… want to do?"

The young Maou's brain couldn't understand what his fiancé meant, so while he was busy thinking he decided to keep his hands and mouth busy roaming over the blond Mazoku's pale skin a little more. He found out that he liked this kind of foreplay even though it was becoming rather painful to bear.

"What… do you… mean?"

Wolfram's scent was intoxicating him and if he'd known how to do that without hurting his lover he would have gladly taken him the same moment the older Mazoku left his member alone. The blond soldier seemed to be in the same aroused state Yuuri was in, so the young Maou tried again his way through his fiancé's G-string and this time found no obstacles.

"Do you want… to take me?"

Yuuri's hungry stare was all that Wolfram's needed to see to have his answer, so he let his king follow through his original plan and let him kneel down in between his thighs. The dark haired teen tried to copy his fiancé's actions from before, and after a rather shy and inexperienced beginning, nature took over and the young Maou managed to bring his lover's member to a full erection as well as to elicit seductive moans from him.

The blond curls tickled him, but the skin there was soft and hot in a way that clearly begged to be cooled down. Yuuri couldn't help but let out small puffs of air over that moist surface, but after the first moment of embarrassment he discovered that his actions were just turning Wolfram on even more and that the older Mazoku was about to reach his limits.

"Yuuri! Search in my pockets… please… "

The young Maou did as he was asked, even though he didn't understand at all why, not even when he produced a small envelope from the pile of discarded clothes. He curiously opened it and found a small vial and something that looked like a condom inside of it. His mind couldn't produce any decent explanation for such things inside Wolfram's pockets, but before jumping to any weird conclusion he simply stared at the blond soldier still panting breathless on his bed.

"My brother… Conrad gave me… before we came back."

Yuuri tried to delete that piece of information from his mind, not wanting to ruin his first time by thinking that he was taking his godfather's precious little brother and concentrated back on the piece of unknown material that was supposed to be a Mazoku condom.

"Wolf, you know… I can take a couple of exams… if you don't want to use them."

Wolfram brought himself up on his elbow and stared at his lover with eyes both confused and clouded with lust, just as much as his mind was. After the complete lack of answers from the dazed soldier, Yuuri understood that he had to try to be more specific.

"Well you use this to protect yourself from sexual diseases, don't you?"

"Se-sexual what? We don't have… something like that… Yuuri, we use that… to not have children. Günter said it was the same… in both worlds… "

Now was Yuuri's turn to get confused, and desperately wished that they had had such a conversation before and not duringtheir sexual intercourse, but he had to actually admit to himself he would have happily skipped the discussion no more than the day before.

"Yeah… but human men don't have children."

Wolfram rolled his eyes, having finally got what the problem was even through his dazed state of mind and his painful hard-on.

"Do I look like a human man to you? I'm a male Mazoku and we can bear children too!"

To ease the situation Wolfram added a seductive smile to his annoyed tone, hoping that it was enough to make Yuuri forget the argument and go on with their sexual intercourse.

"C'mon, Yuuri, if you get your cute package back here I can show you how we do that."

Ignoring the clear reference to Tzerisama's comment, Yuuri gravitated back to the older Mazoku, totally captured back in the mood. Wolfram took the condom from his hand and spread himself back comfortably on Yuuri's bed, so that his fiancé could easily see every inch of his creamy white skin.

"Oil your fingers Yuuri… stretch me… one finger first and then add the others."

The young Maou did as he had been told and observed in delight Wolfram lose himself in the pleasure of his nervous penetration. Yuuri had actually never considered being on the bottom of a homosexual relationship to be something he could enjoy, even in his hidden fantasies, but after having seen his fiancé's state of pure bliss maybe he could reconsider.

When Wolfram realised that he couldn't take it any longer he shoved his lover away from him and took the condom's transparent wrapping between his teeth before breaking it open with a single movement and sitting up to put it on Yuuri's member.

"It has its own lube on… so we can skip quickly to the funniest part."

Yuuri blushed a bit seeing Wolfram smile maliciously, but nonetheless he made his best efforts to look as seductive as he could in order to remind the blond soldier who was going to top this time. He just hoped that his 'cute package' would be enough for his lustful older fiancé, and placed himself between the blond soldier's thighs bringing his legs up over his own shoulders.

He placed his cock near Wolfram's entrance and pushed in, following his lover's moaned advices in the process as much as he could, despite being so lost in the pleasure of feeling his fiancé's tightness around his hardened erection. After having gone in all the way the blond soldier had allowed him to push, Yuuri waited painfully for whatever sign of permission Wolfram could give him.

When a small nod came the young Maou began thrusting in and out of his lover, losing himself in the unexpectedly overwhelming pleasure. He could hear Wolfram's moans at each trust and that familiar voice lost in delight was enough to send him quickly over the edge.

Without any suggestion from his lover, he adjusted his angle to have a better grip on Wolfram's panting figure, and accidentally found out what was his fiancé's sweet spot, seeing how the cries below him became low growls and Wolfram's pale hand clenched desperately the bed sheets.

Yuuri quickened his pace and took Wolfram's erection in his hand to help his lover reach his release. He had never felt that much pleasure in his entire life, and he had never thought that someone normal like him could make a well trained and gorgeous soldier like his fiancé whimper in a such writhing and defenceless state.

Heat built up among them and their bodies desperately searched for whatever contact they could manage in their state, whether they were sloppy kisses or light caresses.

Yuuri felt that the blond Mazoku was close, because he could already feel his muscles begin to tighten around his pumping member, bringing the young Maou as well close to his release. He could easily guess that his partner was trying to hold it, but was failing miserably.

His green eyes were closed shut and the blond silk like tresses plastered on his sweat dampened face, reddened by the heat of the passion. The young Maou couldn't help but think that he had been an idiot to hold back this much before claiming what was his from the very beginning.

With a couple of more thrusts Yuuri's body began to tremble, signalling him that he couldn't hold back anymore even if he tried, and came in a shoot of pleasure calling out his lover's name, his whole body shaking from the explosion of his orgasm.

In the haze of his passion he could only hear his own name screamed by his shaking partner as he came too, filling the small space still left between their chests with hot white semen. Yuuri tried to keep his position to not collapse on his blond fiancé and hurt him, but his limbs gave away and he fell over his lover, who apparently was waiting there ready to receive him and cuddle him.

"Oi, Wolf… this was great… "

Wolfram tightened his arms around his fiancé and let a soft kiss on the dark hair tickling his chin. The blond was happy as he had never believed he would ever be. Never in his whole life he had ever dreamed that he would really end up with his Yuuri like this, nor that it would have been this beautiful.

They laid like that for a while, simply breathing their own scent and letting it lull them in their rest, until at last Yuuri gained back enough strength to reach up for another kiss and his fiancé was way too willing to oblige. That was enough to make him find back all his strength, so the young Maou switched their positions so that he could lay again atop of Wolfram and place loads of sweet feather kisses on his lover's cheek and from there down to his neck.

"Nnn… Yuuri wait, we have to get rid of that… "

The dark haired Mazoku complained as his fiancé warmness slid from beneath him to take the condom off, but then he watched attentively his movements to learn how to do that himself.

"You seem quite experienced… "

Wolfram snorted, but nevertheless he meekly laid back again next to his king without harming him.

"It's just that you are a wimp… I'm sure that you were asleep when Günter explained that to you… "

Yuuri pouted and punched his fiancé on the shoulder, earning nothing more than a cheerful laugh from the blond soldier. The dark haired Maou decided he liked his lover laughing that way and let the argument fall, resuming his attack on Wolfram's neck instead.

"Yuuchan! We're back!"

Jennifer entered his younger son's room giggling happily, and her smile grew even larger when she saw the hot display in front of her. Yuuri blushed madly and pulled the covers over them, just in time before Shouri appeared behind his mother, calling his name.

A scream followed and Shouri almost fell over the brown haired woman, who was ready to catch her oldest son and drag him out of the room.

"Take your time, don't mind us! Cuddles are the most important side of a relationship."

Both brothers screamed at the same moment for their mother, but they were both welcomed with a simple 'Call me mama', and with that she closed the door dragging a crying Shouri along with her back to the kitchen.

Yuuri felt like his entire world was crashing around him, not seeing how he could deal with his mother and brother knowing what they had done, but as soon as he saw Wolfram's reassuring smile he felt relieved.

"I guess that since you won't give back the envelope untouched, your brothers will soon know too… "

Wolfram shrugged and captured Yuuri's lips in a soft kiss.

"I can tell Conrad I lost it… anyway I don't think he would say something against this… "

Yuuri smiled inside the kiss and snuggled in his lover's arms, pleased by the sweetness his fiancé was showing him right now, but for once wanting his lover to push him forward in their relationship. Anyway if Wolfram didn't do it he could always do it himself, for once.

"What if I want to take responsibility?"

Wolfram blushed deeply at the implications of Yuuri's words.

"I don't want you to feel obliged to marry me for an afternoon of sex… "

Yuuri pouted and looked sweetly in his fiancé green eyes, trying to make him understand how serious he was even though he was smirking.

"You wanted me to marry you because I slapped you."

Wolfram's blushing deepened, but Yuuri just smiled and brought him up with him.

"Let's go and have a shower, Wolf… we are all sticky and I want to save myself at least in my father's eyes. After that I can even allow you to talk with my mother about the wedding arrangements."

The blond soldier was happy that Yuuri didn't catch his occasion to humiliate him further and accepted gladly the bathrobe his fiancé was handing him. Now that he was finally getting what he wanted he couldn't believe it was really happening, but he wouldn't let his cold feet get between them.

Yuuri embraced him happily and let a small kiss on his cheek, fearing that he had somehow scared his fiancé without even knowing it, barely daring to ask a question that he had kicked to the back of his mind during their lovemaking, but kept bugging him now that his lust had been satisfied.

"Hey Wolf, if we can really have children of ours, can we have a boy? We already have Greta and it would be nice if we could have a girl and a boy… "

Wolfram stared puzzled at him, not quite understanding how the dark haired Maou could accept male pregnancies more easily than what he called 'gay marriage'. He had always thought that humans were strange, but sometimes his fiancé was barely tolerable, even though the idea of not having to chase his husband for children like he did with his fiancé for marriage really pleased him.

"Why not another little girl? I'm sure Greta would be happier."

Wolfram's answer was greeted by Yuuri's laughter.

"Guess I'll simply accept what Shinou gives us… He seems to have the great skill of understanding what I like."

And with that he gave Wolfram a last kiss before leading him out of his room to go bathing together.

In the meanwhile in Shin Makoku a blond haired king was carefully being mentally filled in with the pleasant outcome of his well designed plan. Ulrike stared at him knowingly and waited to be filled in with the news herself.

"You did a great job, I could have expected nothing less by you, my Great Sage. I'll eagerly wait for your return."

Blue eyes opened as he broke the mental contact with the dark haired sage and saw Ulrike smiling at him.

"I see you are quite satisfied, Your Majesty Shinou. Should I begin preparing for the Royal wedding?"

Shinou smirked and walked back towards the place where the four boxes were collected to sit lazily on one of them, ignoring the silent scolding he received from the priestess.

"We'll wait for my chosen Maou to make the first move now that he has finally understood his feelings, I'm sure it won't take him too long."

He couldn't suppress a small chuckle and the fair haired priestess tried to ignore it, as well as Shinou's ego boasting freely in the huge room.

"In the end I won both of them over."