About Me!

Bella POV

Hi I'm Isabella Marie Swan. I am seventeen going on eighteen his September. My best friend in the whole world is Mary Alice Brandon. I prefer to be called Bella and she prefers to be called Alice. I have chocolate brown hair, chocolate brown eyes and have albino in my blood, so I am naturally pale skinned. Alice is pale skinned also, but she doesn't know why. Alice lived with me, has done for years now. We have known each other since kindergarten and have been best friends since. Her parents died when she was only six. They died from an animal attack of some sort. The police never really found the animal, but told Alice it was an animal anyway. She was six, like she would think anything of it. When her parents died, my father, Charlie, took her in and helped her with her loss. Helped what was left of her family make funeral arrangements and things like that. Alice's parents weren't exactly the poorest of people, infact quite the opposite. She was rich, and when her parents died, all of their money went to their only daughter. I have to say that she doesn't just spend it on fancy cars and big houses, but on lots and lots of clothes. Her parents were billionaires and kept half of their money in a bank account for Alice where she would be able to access it after her eighteenth birthday. It wasn't her eighteenth for another four months, but mine was just one month away.

Charlie was soon to be the chief of police in a small town named Forks. He got the job he has always dreamed of having, but having to move away from the city he always loved. Me, Alice and Charlie were moving away from the sunny city of San Fransico, to a small dreary town of Forks in the sate of Washington. Forks wasn't a very populated place. Charlie was happy enough so me and Alice didn't want to stand in his way and agreed to move with him to Forks. Mainly because he cannot cook, at all. Even a can of beans, he still burns them! Charlie is still a dad and a normal one too. He has short, dark brown hair with dark, old and timid brown eyes. At least I know where I get the eyes from. My Mom's eyes were sea blue.

Me and Alice weren't that keen on the move, but we weren't that against it either. We weren't keen because we would miss the heat, and our few friends. We had looked on the Internet, one night, for information about the new town we were going into and found that during the course of the year it had a total of 354 days of rain a year roughly. We weren't looking forward to the rain, at all. We weren't against the idea of moving because Alice and I have always been the adventurous type. Always looking for different adventurous to come around the corner. It would also give us a chance to see some other part of the U.S. and a chance to meet new people. We were always up for new things. Alice was always up for a chance to shop at a different mall each weekend.

Alice was crazy about shopping. When she first turned seventeen, the first thing she did was buy herself a black Aston Martin, very fast. She had already got her licence. She insisted on buying me a yellow Lamborghini Murcielago. It was very flashy for my liking but I guess I'll accept it anyway. After all she is practically my sister.

My mother died when I was a baby. She died from lung cancer, through passive smoking. Charlie made Alice and me promise never to smoke in our lives. We promised. I miss Renee. She was my mom and I loved her so much. But I don't remember that much about her, accept that I have her skin tone. But that's about it. Everythng else, is Charlie. The hair, the eyes, even the curls in my hair! Mom and Dad first met in Forks. Maybe we could meet some of my parents old friends?

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