Genre: Romance/Humor/Adventure

Pairing: Danny/Sam

Rating: T

Story © Phantom Misfit

Danny Phantom © Butch Hartman

Inspiration: This fanfic is loosely based on the Disney Channel movie Starstruck.

Notes: In this fanfic, Danny and Sam are both in their twenties, just so you know ;) Now, read on! And please RxR!



These curses were issued from a young adult's mouth as she ran for her life. Sam Manson, resident bull-headed veterinarian, could take on anything that life threw at her, with the exception of this. Whatever this was.

A huge, glowing green dog as big as a building was chasing her, its transparent jowls gaping. The force of its enormous paws slamming down as it ran shook the ground and crushed the concrete under the great weight. Her heart was pounding and she was extremely thankful that she was fit and able to run long distances without running out of breath or her legs turning to jelly like some people she knew.

Her black ankle boots gripped the sidewalk as she skidded around a corner and then cursed more loudly as she realized he'd gotten her cornered in an alley. She wildly looked for an exit but there were skyscraper walls all around her and then him in front of her, snarling and coming closer.

"G-Good dog," She stammered, hoping and praying that this would work. "You're a v-very good dog!"

He seemed to like that as he stopped snarling at her, tilting his head and looking at her curiously. Her brain went numb as she continued. "Yes, a very good dog!" He seemed to smile at her with his huge jaws and began to pant. His small tail began to wag. "You don't want to hurt me, do you, buddy?" She tried to smile disarmingly. "You don't want to hurt little ol' me, do you?" That seemed to excite him and he suddenly shrank to the size of a baby pug, jumping on her leg and yipping happily.

Sam hadn't realized how scared she'd been. Her legs began to shake and she fell to the ground, taking deep breath, trying not to cry. She'd thought this was the end of her life.

The dog jumped into her lap and licked her face and she petted him shakily, trying to be as gentle as she could so he wouldn't get angry again.

"Wow…that was impressive."

Sam gasped, her heart nearly stopping as another ghost appeared. He had pearl white hair, the bangs flipped over shocking neon green eyes. His suit was pitch black with a white collar, belt, boots, gloves, and insignia. It was skin tight and showed off his toned muscles.

"Phantom?" She gaped. He was famous for fighting ghosts in Amity Park, but everyone knew him, even people in other countries. There were tons of fan clubs and facebook groups just for him and his loyal fangirls, but Sam had never seen him before. Until now. She'd never wanted to. With all the magazine stories and internet posts and pictures and ugh, she just hated everything about him other than the fact that he saved their lives. She kind of had to be grateful for that, but did he have to be so pompous about it?

He smiled slightly. "That would be me. How did you calm him down? Usually no one but me can do that."

Sam shrugged. "I'm not sure. But I'm a veterinarian, so I know how to work with animals. Is he yours?"

"Um…sort of." He grinned at her. "Sorry about him. Did he scare you too much?"

"Nah." Sam said off-handedly. Then she tried to stand, but her legs gave out and she fell again. He smirked at her and she rolled her eyes. "Okay, a little more than I thought."

The smirk stayed on his face as he flew forward and picked her up in his arms, bridal style. She shrieked in indignation. "Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing?!"

"Taking you home." He said, matter-of-factly. "Where do you live?"

"I'm not telling a ghost where I live!" She said, struggling to escape his arms. Her heart beat fast as he held her closer so she wouldn't fall, and her face was pushed close to his. Her breathing hitched as she stared into equally shocked green eyes.

A squeal of tires made them both snap back to the present and Phantom hissed, "Paparazzi!"

Sam's eyebrows knitted. "What?"

"The paparazzi are after me. They always are." He let out an angry breath. "Where do you live?"

Tires squealed again and Phantom went invisible, but then his jaw dropped, though Sam couldn't see it. "Ghost trackers? They can tell where I am even when I'm invisible!"

A black truck skidded to a stop beneath them and the men jumped out of it, dressed to the nines in white suits. "We know you're there, Phantom!" They shouted directly where Sam and Danny were floating, invisible. "Come out!"

"1313 Mockingbird Lane," Sam whispered quickly. "Hurry!"

Phantom invisibly nodded and sped off.


When they arrived at her house near the edge of town, he became visible and phased them through the wall. A strange, cold shiver overtook Sam and then went as quickly as it came when they became tangible once more.

"Nice place," Phantom noted, setting her on her feet, his gloved hand lingering on her waist. She nodded and pulled away from him, giving him an icy glance. "Thanks for the ride." She said with finality, and then walked into the kitchen.

Phantom blinked, and then followed her. When she noticed him she seemed surprised, and annoyed. "Aren't you going to go?" She asked.

He drew aside her curtains slightly and she saw the vans barreling up. "Are you serious?"

Phantom nodded. "Do you think I could stay the night here?"

She looked at him suspiciously. "They're still going to be here tomorrow." She reminded him.

"Yeah, but I have a plan." He smirked.