Genre: Romance/Humor/Adventure

Pairing: Danny/Sam

Rating: T

Story © Phantom Misfit

Danny Phantom © Butch Hartman

Inspiration: This fanfic is loosely based on the Disney Channel movie Starstruck.

Notes: In this fanfic, Danny and Sam are both in their twenties, just so you know ;) Now, read on! And please RxR!

The next few weeks were absolute torture for the both of them. Tucker had never seen his friend so down, and Sam's coworkers were beginning to get worried. They asked if she was sick, and she answered in a negative, but she moped around all the time.

Today was the day of a huge seminar for veterinaries and their employees that Sam had been looking forward to for weeks, since before she met Danny. It was like a career fair, but had booths that displayed new medical equipment for animals for sale and held lectures that taught upcoming veterinarians how to take better care of animals in the years to come, with much less pain and surgeries. There were going to be meals and beverages provided, and even a live band to liven the place up. It was one of Sam's high points in her otherwise miserable life, and she was excited for it. She and her employees carpooled to the seminar, considering she didn't have very many for her small office.

Once there, she quickly got caught up in the excitement of seeing such current, up-to-date, impressive machinery and new ways of handling sick and wounded animals. After a few hours she decided to go get a drink with some of her friends from work. The table was located near the stage for the band that was playing, a soft jazz tone that soothed Sam.

"Have you seen that new breed of dog everyone is talking about?"

"I know, it's the most hideous thing! And it has more diseases than Europe in the dark ages!"

"Sam, what do you think?"

Sam snapped out of her trance of the soft music from hearing her name. "Hm? Oh, yes, I-"

"Sam, I love you!"

The entire building went silent as a tomb when the fervently spoken words were said over the speakers. Sam's heart pounded and her blood rushed in her ears as she slowly turned toward the stage…and saw Danny, looking haggard and gorgeous. The band had stopped playing, obviously at his request, and it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

She must have looked pretty blank, because Danny jumped down from the stage and came to stand by her, still talking into a microphone so that everyone could hear. He was in ghost form, his famous form, and a few excited squeals rose up from random fangirls.

"Sam, I love you." He stated desperately, pulling her closer. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about you, day or night, since we said goodbye, and I can't stand it any longer." A few girls went "Aww" but he continued, looking deep into her eyes. "When I said I couldn't be seen with you, I meant it. I meant that if the Guys in White saw me with you, they would tear you apart looking for information. I said it in a way that broke your heart, because it was the only way I knew how to get you to leave me for good. If I'd told you any other way, you would have been too stubborn to listen." He smiled weakly as a bubble of disbelieving laughter burst from her. Tears were in her beautiful violet eyes. "But they found you anyway, and guess what happened? We got through it, together. But now they're gone, and nothing can keep you from me anymore. I could care less about the paparazzi." He continued, just as paparazzi showed up from behind displays. He had obviously told them to come, to prove his point. "That was just a cover. If they showed photos of us together, I'd be the luckiest guy in the world because I'm with the most beautiful woman in the world." He kissed her, gently, sweetly, let the few tears flow freely.

Sam finally reacted, throwing her arms around him and crying like a baby. "Danny, I love you too!" She sobbed, smiling like her world had been put back together. "I've been a wreck without you!"

Danny smiled shakily. "That's good to hear, because even though we've only known each other a few weeks…" He got down on one knee. Everyone in the auditorium gasped. "Samantha Manson, will you marry me?"

The building was quiet so fast it would make an aggravated teacher's head spin with the incredulity of it. Sam was trembling, staring down at him with huge, wet violet eyes. She fell to her knees and kissed him, beginning to cry again. "Yes, Danny, I'll marry you!"

The whole throng of people in the auditorium cheered. Danny and Sam looked around, grinning, as people came up and congratulated them.

"You're one lucky guy." A man commented, patting Danny on the shoulder as the paparazzi snapped pictures.

"I sure am." Danny replied with a grin, kissing his fiancé.

The wedding was a surprisingly quiet one, considering Danny's persona. But they had wanted a simple, quiet wedding with no pictures (from the paparazzi, at least) and only a few important guests. Sam's parents attended, trying to take over everything (of course), as well as Ida Manson. Danny's family was speechless and proud, instantly accepting her into the family. She loved them as much as they loved her. Danny's infamous friend Tucker came as well, and Sam immediately took a liking to the boy (in a purely brotherly way).

Her dress was a gorgeous masterpiece. The bust was a corset with white silky laces, which tapered down into an impossibly slim waist. The skirt was silky and poofed out in the back like a dress from the 19th century. The gown was, surprisingly, pure white. But instead of being a flat white, when she moved, the dress would shimmer in the light like glitter.

Her ring was a slim, white gold band with a flawless diamond set in the center. Tiny sapphires were set on either side of it, complimenting the gem.

Danny wore a simple black tux with a white shirt underneath, but he looked mouth-watering. Sam almost drooled when she walked down the isle.

"Do you, Daniel Fenton, take Samantha Manson to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

Danny beamed at his bride, love shining from his bright blue eyes. "I do."

"And do you, Samantha Manson, take Daniel Fenton to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

She was beaming at him too, tears in her eyes. "I do."

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." The priest said solemnly.

"Now wait just a minute!" Sam piped up before Danny kissed her. She set her hands on her hips. "Now you're just being sexist! Why isn't it husband and wife? Or man and woman? What about-"

Danny just chuckled and smothered her reprimands with a hard kiss. This would be an exciting few decades with his new bride.

YAY! It's done! Can you believe it?! XD Hahaha. Oh, and for those people who don't believe in love at first sight and don't believe Sam and Danny would marry after a few weeks of knowing each other, they had a higher bond than ANY of us have ever had. They went through ghost attacks and ghost hunter kidnappings and got through it with each other's help, so they're connected like two normal people would be who had dated for months. :)

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