TITLE: Beauty Sleep – prologue

AUTHOR: KateKane

FANDOMS: Sleeping Beauty, Tomb Raider

PAIRING: Sleeping Beauty / Lara Croft (femslash)


DISCLAIMER: Anyone is entitled to reinterpret a fairytale, in accordance with the old oral tradition. Lara Croft, however, belongs to some media conglomerate – and I hereby beg them not to sue me for borrowing her.

SPOILERS: None… Unless you never read fairytales.

SUMMARY: The true story about the 13th fairy and why she wasn't invited to the celebration of Sleeping Beauty's birth – and about the ultimate kiss of love.

Beauty Sleep - prologue

Of course she didn't prick herself with a spindle on her sixteenth birthday. Parents, who base the entire upbringing of their daughter on the principle of overprotection, would obviously never leave her unattended on a date with so many mythical connotations. Not that it would have made any difference what so ever. As everyone knows, life altering events always occur when you expect them the least, and Sleeping Beauty's life was turned upside down on an extraordinarily ordinary Thursday.

As to her age at the time, it suffices to say she was at the height of her beauty. And centuries of beauty sleep have not changed this. Motionlessly lying there, appearing as soft as the silk sheets swept around her, she is the oldest young girl in history and absolutely irresistible. No wonder what is finally about to happen, happens. If I were present I'd kiss her myself.