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It was a starry night in Happy Tree Town. Everyone was on Star Hill, watching the stars twinkle and glitter like golden dust in the night sky. Everyone was there: Lumpy was cooking barbeque (which could not be good); Petunia and Handy were spreading out a picnic blanket for everyone, while the rest were playing tag or watching the stars. One person in particular was watching the stars with a telescope on top of Star Hill.

"Hey, Sniffles, what'cha doing?" Toothy said, almost scaring the living soul out of Sniffles.

"If you must know, Toothy," said Sniffles, "I am looking for aliens."

"Like, E.T.?" asked Toothy.

"Exactly," said Sniffles while adjusting the telescope. "I believe there is live out there somewhere."

"Why's that?"

"Because for the past month I've been getting signals in my lab, as though something was trying to contact me."

"Wow!" said Toothy, clearly amazed. "Do you think we'll be able to contact them one day?"

"I hope so Toothy," said Sniffles. "I really do."

"Time to eat!" said Lumpy, who surprised everyone with the food and that he didn't get accidentally burned himself.

While they were eating, a shooting star appeared in the sky. Everyone gasped at the wonder of it (Except for The Mole, of course.)

"Come on, Sniffles," whispered Toothy to Sniffles, "they say it'll come true."

Sniffles closed his eyes in thought and finally whispered, "I wish I could meet aliens."

You know the saying, 'Be careful of what you wish for'? Well, Sniffles was going to learn that lesson the hard way, for hovering over the planet were the most vile aliens of all…

"Are we ready for invasion?" asked General Jierixx (Pronounced Guy-rix).

"Yes, Commander," said Hecto. "Good thing we avoided that comet."

"Yes, what a stroke of luck for us," said Jagjlie. Many people of the Grox did not like Jagjlie for his sarcasm, but they couldn't deny the young lieutenant's gift of cruelty. He had made the most valor of Warriors cry for their mothers.

But of course, they themselves were something to be feared. They were the Grox, the most feared empire in the Galaxy! Even the most low-brained carbon life form would tremble at the name of the Grox. They were the oldest empire ever, the most advanced one ever. They had laid waste to countless planets and had only laughed when they activated the Planet Buster on them. And now they had their sights on Earth.

"Where shall we land, oh most respected commander?" asked Hecto. Hecto, in a boltshell, was one of the most intelligent Grox alive. He had made great technological advancements for the Grox and had even outfitted himself with some upgrades.

"This place," Jierixx said, pointing to one place on Earth. "A place called Happy Tree Town. Our scanners suggest one of the residents there have been trying to contact us back."

He than let out an evil smile. "So why not reply?"

Jagjlie jumped out of his seat. "Oh yeah! We get to destroy!"

"Sit down, Jagjlie!" said Jierixx, and immediately Jagjlie sat down.

"I won't lie, Jagjlie, the time of war will be at hand, but now we will have to watch. But in the meantime…" Jierixx turned to Hecto.

"Contact the resident." Jierixx said, and then let out an evil laugh, for he knew what was going to happen to the little planet called Earth…

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-From Cannox