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Prologue (No Offense to Artemis but, Seriously, Girls!)

"Hurry up," called the satyr to the girls following behind. "It's catching up with us!" The one with blonde hair and gray eyes slipped in a puddle of mud. Her right leg flew out in front of her. In a desperate attempt, she swung it back only land with her leg at an awkward angle beneath her. "C!" the one with brown hair and eyes cried out. She ran back to help her friend, along with another blonde one. They helped her run. "Just two more miles!" the satyr shouted back at the girls.

"I don't think she can make two miles!" The other blonde said to him.

"Me nei-" the brown eyed one was interrupted by "C".

"I-can."she said through gritted teeth.

With a roar, the monster started to catch up…


Nico di Angelo looked in horror as he found a bloody gauze band-aid in his locker. Shaking his head threw in the trash bin which resided next to his locker.

"Want some hand sanitizer?" Said a soft voice behind him laughingly, making him jump.

"N-n-n-no th- thanks." he said, turning around. He (barely) resisted the urge to slap himself. You fought against Kronos, but the prospect of a cute girl possibly talking to you scares silly?

"Good 'cause I don't have any. Will you sign my yearbook? " It was a simple question. He could handle that, right?

"Sure, 'Celia," calling Cecelia Dokyng by her nickname. "If you sign mine."

Cecelia Dokyng was, in Nico's opinion, the most beautiful girl he had ever met. In her knee length white skirt, blue tank top and white sweater, she had an almost angelic appearance. The fact that she had golden blonde hair to the middle of her back and, bright, clear blue eyes helped, too. Curse his stupid crush.

She handed him his book back, and for a brief moment their hands touched and he felt like he was going to melt. When the book was in his hands, he noticed there was something else underneath it. Cautiously, he took it out. The first thing he saw was the shape, a card-like one at that. Then the words "You're Invited". Finally, the date June 19th. He would be at Camp. "Sorry, I won't make whatever this is."

Looking at him suspiciously her eyes suddenly widened, mouth open a little bit. With a slight nod, she took the card back and then took out a pencil and scribbled something on it. She winked and flashed him a smirk.

Nico took the card back and watched Cecelia flounce back to her friends, wondering what the whole nod thing was about. Then he looked down at what she had written. Once he had deciphered what she had written (darn dyslexia) his heart skipped a beat.

"She likes you, ya know," came a voice from the locker next to his, causing his heart to skip another beat. Jeez, why do people like freaking him out so much?

"Jan, shut up. Cecelia Dokyng does not like me." He replied. "She likes me as much as you two like each other."

Jan sighed. She had short brownish blackish hair and the same color eyes, wearing a cookie monster t-shirt and jean shorts that she had ripped from a pair of jean that were too long for her. If she wasn't so tough and if she didn't have a protective twin brother a lot of guys would have a crush on her. There was also the whole addicted to the iPod thing, too. Her rep for getting on the teachers bad side made it impossible from them to stay away from her, but only as friends. It was a known fact around the school that Cecelia and Jan hated each other.

"But you like her," she said in a singsong voice.

"Shut up. I do not," argued Nico.

"You like each other then!" Jan was getting frustrated.

"Who, Nico and Cecelia?" Said their other friend Mary, causing a sigh erupt from Nico's mouth.

Mary had brown hair, blue eyes, and wore a pink skirt and a black tank with a jean jacket, despite the heat. She was more girly than Jan, and was not afraid to show it. Mary was a helpless flirt and the mother of the group. Nico still couldn't believe that two such intense Pink(as the girly-girls were called, though Nico argued that Cecelia was technically a blue) haters like that let such a girly person into their group. She was a close friend of Cecelia's. At least, she thought so. But that's a story for another day.

Jon, Jan's protective twin, made kissy noises. He was basically the exact same thing as Jan when it came to appearances, except his were made for a boy. He was even wearing a cookie monster shirt (just so you know, that was to confuse their science/homeroom, teacher, who was a bumbling idiot and could never remember any of the kids names, especially the twins). But he was much more mature, and was nicknamed "Mr. Cool" because he was considered, well, cool.

"Save it for your pillow, 'Mr. Cool'." Nico mumbled, silently thanking Disney Channel. Not that he watches it, right?

"Watch Disney Channel much, Nico?" Jon asked playfully. Nico socked him in the right arm.

"Hey, Mary." Jan suddenly interrupted the little fight, as the boys had gotten into a little sissy fight.

Why do I have a feeling I'm not going to like this? Thought Nico.

"Hmmm?" responded Mary, who had been in the middle of a little daydream after she got bored of watching the boys fight like little kids.

"Nico and Cecelia like each other, right?"

"Jan!" Nico interjected. I hate it when I'm right.

"Of course!"

"Girls." The sky above thundered.

Jon shot the sky a curious look. "Strange. I heard thunder, yet there's not a cloud in the sky. That's weird."

Jan and Mary burst out laughing. "Oh, trying to sound all 19th century England are you? You sound like an anime character, or the former."

"Do I have to repeat myself?" Yelled Nico in annoyance. "No offense, Artemis, but seriously, girls!" he exclaimed under his breath.

More thunder.

Jon looked at Nico as if he was an alien species. "Dude, we always knew you were weird, but seriously, what's up with you?"

Trust me Jon; you wouldn't believe me even if I told you, thought Nico.

"Well this is my turn, guys," said Mary. She gave them each a hug. "Bye."

"And our bus is here, Jan," Jon told his twin.

"Promise you won't disappear on us over the summer Nico, 'kay?" said Jan.

That reminded Nico that he needed to get to Camp Half-Blood. He wished he could promise Jan that he wouldn't disappear.


The satyr took out a pair of reed pipes and played a quick tune. Grass started wrapping around the monster's legs.

"You couldn't have done that any time sooner?" spat one of the girls angrily.

"I bought us at least a couple of hours. We'll lose him in the woods," he said, ignoring the girl's temper flare.

Rolling her eyes, she quickly followed the satyr, her friends struggling to keep up as one was limping and the other exhausted.


Despite the fact that it was a lie, Nico couldn't help himself. "I won't." he watched his friends walk away and waited for the coast to clear so he could shadow travel back to camp.


When the quartet reached the woods, they sat down as the ever resourceful satyr somehow started a fire in the middle of a downpour. Once the fire was going he pulled out a square of what looked like brownies. He handed it to the Girl referred to earlier as "C".

She looked down at it and screeched, "What the hell am I supposed to do with brownies?"

"First of all, it's 'Hades'. Second of all, it's ambrosia. Third of all, you eat it, of course!"

The other blonde flinched at his sharp words, even though they were not directed at her. It was unusual for him to be angry like that.

The third girl looked into the fire and sighed. "When are we going to get to this camp you told us about?"

"If we hurry, in about a week."

The three girls groaned in unison.


Just before he left, he thought back to what Cecelia had written on the card.

Maybe I'll see you at Camp Half-Blood. Xoxo

Cecelia Dokyng

I made it better. Teehee. Inside joke. I just realized that I have Jon (or John) and Mary, and Mary's son was supposed to be named John. At least I think that's what it said.