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Friends, Families, and Introductions.


Bianca absentmindedly walked around camp. After being told she was a daughter of Ares, god of war, that was what she had been doing. She kicked at a stone and sighed. Her fingers started twitching as she neared the sword arena, but, she ignored it. Bianca was vaguely aware of a figure with its head down approaching her. She didn't think of it until she was on the grass with a lump forming on her head.

"I'm so sorry! I was putting my makeup on and I didn't see you." said the girl. Bianca at least hoped it was a girl, with the whole makeup thing.

Anyway, as the girl said that, Bianca noticed that she had some pink powder on her new Camp Half-Blood t-shirt. She tried to brush it off, but it only smudged and stained her fingertips.

"You know that won't work. It's made so that it can't be rubbed off. You would need some makeup remover." The girl said matter-of-factly to her. "Btw, I loved that maroon shirt you had on earlier."

"Uh thanks, I think. I'm Bianca Gomez. My friends Chanel, Arianna and I just got here."

"Cool! I'm Emilie Laliberte, daughter of Aphrodite."

"Daughter of Aphro….? Oh, yeah. Daughter of, Ares….?"

Emilie laughed. "You don't sound too sure."

"I told you, I just got here." Bianca said under her breath. It was then she chose to actually look up at Emilie. And let me tell you, she was not the whole blonde hair blue eyes stereotypical pretty girl.

Emilie's long, fiery red hair was sleeked down into a ponytail, which she had thrown over her right shoulder. Green eyes, not like Arianna's mint green, Percy's sea green, or Rachel's piercing emerald green stared anther beneath perfectly arched eyebrows. She had a light spray of freckles across her perfectly sloped nose. Her makeup looked like a professional artist had painted it on.

Bianca touched her big nose in a sudden bout of insecurity. Guess it pays to be the daughter of the goddess of beauty.

"…red one." Emilie finished saying.

Bianca instinctively replied, "Blue one. I'm sorry, what?" asked Bianca, having not have paid attention.

Emilie obviously had instincts like hers. "White one. Anyway, I said your cabin was right over there. It's the red one. Don't you pay any attention at all? Emilie asked Bianca teasingly.

Bianca decided to ignore that last comment. "Oh, thanks."

She trudged to cabin 5, stopping to stare at the boar's head over the entrance. Bianca could hear heavy metal music blaring from speakers. She saw the majority of the people gathered around a table with two people arm wrestling. One was a beefy girl with curly brown hair. The other was an equally beefy boy with dirty blonde hair. The girl smashed the boy's fist into the table, which caused the rest of the cabin to start whooping, cheering, and chanting, "Clarisse! Clarisse! Clarisse!"

Bianca snorted and rolled her eyes. "Whoop de do da." Simultaneously, all heads turned to her.

"You say something, newbie?"the big girl asked, spitting out the last word like it was a poisonous berry.

Bianca put on her look of false innocence, something she had learned from Arianna, and asked, "Who, me?" which caused her eyes to narrow.

Now, while on the outside, Bianca appeared confident and unafraid, on the inside she was shaking in her metaphoric boots. Plus, she was pretty sure her eye was about to twitch. An old nervous habit was what Chanel called it.

"What's your name, small fry?" the big girl asked.

"Mi nombre es Bianca Gomez. Lo que es tuyo?*" she said in Spanish, laughing at their confused expression.

"Clarisse La Rue." Said the big girl with brown hair.

"Oh, so at least one of you speaks Spanish. Noted." Bianca said to Clarisse.

Oh, yeah. This was going to be an interesting summer.


Neither Arianna nor Chanel got the pleasure of making a new friend. Arianna spent too much time wandering around to even meet her cabinmates, let alone make friends. One moment she was staring at one of the cabins, the one completely gold. It appealed to her for some reason. Next thing she knew a boy who looked a lot like her was ushering her towards an arena with a lot of targets and bows. Oh, and arrows! Can't forget the arrows.

"You're and Apollo camper it's time for archery." The boy who was pushing her said.

"You do know my legs work, right? Just point me in the direction I need to go, just don't push." She then crossed her arms and tried to weigh herself down, although it did not seem to be working. Not surprising, considering she barely made into the average weight category, and the boy had very muscular arms. So she tried digging her heels into the ground. That and the boy pushing her made her fall face first to the ground.

Said boy laughed and helped her off the ground. "Whatever you say, kid." The boy said before taking up a jog.

"Kid? Hey, what's so funny? Wait up!" Arianna called irritably after him before sprinting to follow the strange boy.

When she finally had found the boy again, he was handing a bow to a little blonde girl about 9 or 10. She was obviously on a sugar high.

"Ah, I see you have made it." Someone behind her said.

Arianna just had this feeling like she shouldn't turn around. She ignored the feeling.

She should've listened to the feeling. (Well duh!)

Arianna turned around and screamed.

"Well, I can't exactly say I'm used to that reaction. Then again, you are not exactly the first one to be startled by my appearance." Said a slightly annoyed…tall…thing.

"Y-y-y-you're a h-h-horse b-b-b-but you-you're a m-m-m-man!" stuttered Arianna. That's the thing. Not the stuttering. Well that to, but hey, everybody's got to have their own version of a nervous twitch.

"Yes, my name is Chiron. I am a centaur, which is the politically correct term. Before you ask, the same Chiron from the myths-"Chiron was interrupted.

"Actually, I wasn't about to ask that. I was going say 'What in the name of all that is good have I gotten myself into!'" Arianna interrupted the centaur.

Chiron looked quite glum. "Very well. Now, child, what is your name?" he asked in a slightly annoyed tone.

"Arianna Gonzalez." She replied, proud of herself for not stuttering when she was not on a rant.

"Well Arianna, go with Will to get a bow." He said, gesturing towards the boy.

Arianna just nodded, still in shock over the whole centaur thing. She followed the boy from earlier, who was, apparently, Will Solace, leader of the Apollo (and her) cabin.

"Gods, centaurs; what have you gotten yourself into, Arianna." She mumbled to herself as Will babbled about how great Camp Half-Blood was. Wonder how Chanel and Bianca are doing.

Once she was fitted up with a bow, she aimed the arrow up with the bull's eye. Will had told that archery came naturally to children of Apollo, but Arianna was still concerned at how far back the target was.

"Ya don't do archery by standing there with your arrow aimed at the target in your bow." She muttered to herself. So she let the string go, and, to her extreme pleasure, hit the bull's eye.

So Arianna kept firering arrows at the target, all of them hitting it. She noticed the other campers staring at her, which made her blush with embarrassment.

Out of the corner of eye she saw Will shaking his head at her, his mouth open.

At the end of the period, Arianna looked at her siblings targets, which all had arrows only in the bulls eye area, and at hers.

She only had one bull's eye. **

Oh, yeah. This was going to be an interesting summer.


Chanel appeared to be the only one of the three who actually decided to meet her siblings right away. Better to not delay the inevitable, she had thought.

She looked at the owl over the doorway. Was it her imagination, or did it wink at her?

She shook it off.

"Whoa." Chanel remarked as she stepped through the threshold into the cabin.

There were table with weapons, architectural blueprints, maps, battle strategies, and a scroll library in the back. Chanel walked around, tracing her fingers along blueprints and such. But what really caught her eye was what she saw last.

A single bronze laptop was running at a desk in the back. When she reached out to touch it, all conversation stopped. All of a sudden a knife came down, almost taking the tops off her fingers. "Eeep!" shrieked Chanel. "Was that really necessary?"

A voice coldly said to her, "You never touch Daedalus' laptop."

Chanel looked up at the older girl who had spoken. Like her, the girl possessed curly honey blonde hair, stormy grey eyes and a deep tan.

After muttering something under her breath about Aly and Aj, she extended her hand and gave the girl the same smile she gave Nico, just less fake. "Chanel Rodriguez."

The girl shook her hand after introducing herself as, "Annabeth Chase, Head counselor of the Athena cabin."

A boy Annabeth's age came up to them. "Uh, Annabeth, Percy-"

"Let me guess, Malcolm. He's outside at the door and he wants to talk to me."

Malcolm nodded. "Yep."

Annabeth sighed. "I guess I have to go." Annabeth turned and headed in the direction of the door. Chanel walked behind her. Annabeth raised her eyebrows.

"What? I want to see a typical day at camp." She said, causing Annabeth to roll her eyes saying, "I suppose there's no way of getting rid of you, is there?"

Chanel gave her a bright smile. "Nope, not at all."

Funny how just trying to touch a laptop made this amusing event happen, Chanel would later think. I suppose I should show you why.

So as they exited the cabin, Chanel found herself staring at a pouting, black haired, and admittedly cute, half-blood.

The boy's face perked up a bit at the sight of Annabeth, but frowned again at her annoyed expression.

"What do you want now, Seaweed Brain?" she asked.

"First off, for you to stop calling me that." He muttered. Annabeth glared at him.

"If you're only going to stand there, then I'll be leaving."


"Good-bye Seaweed Brain."

Chanel laughed at the two. Was this how all their conversations went?

Percy looked at the smaller girl standing at Annabeth's side with shock, as if just noticing her. "Who's she?" he asked.

Chanel sighed. "'She' is Chanel Rodriguez."

"Are you related to Chris?" he asked curiously. Well, I suppose that's the only way you can ask a question.


"Never mind." He said hurriedly.

" So Percy, are you going to apologize yet?" Annabeth asked in a cold but weary voice.

" Depends on if you are."





Chanel sighed. This was amusing at first, but now it was just annoying. "Jeesh! What are you, first graders! En serio? Mi primo de dos aÑos los actos más maduro que los dos!* Yeah you two love each other now kiss and make up." Chanel was panting after her long winded rant. "Wow, all in one breath. I'm getting better at this."

The two older teenagers looked at Chanel in shock, then at each other. At least one of those things she had said was true.

"Sorry." Both mumbled quietly to each other.

"Now was that hard?" Chanel said, smiling.

Annabeth and Percy glared at her.

"I'll take that as a yes."

Percy turned, running a hand through his hair and looked into the distance.

"I gotta go. Grover wants me to do…. Something involving the naiads, or-"

"Something?" Chanel said helpfully. I guess that's what you call it.

He nodded.

"Bye Percy." Annabeth said, then kissed him on the cheek. He got a goofy smile and took off running, not looking back.

"He's cute." Chanel said, nodding in approval.

Annabeth laughed. "He's like what, four years older?"

"Your point?"

Oh, yeah. This was going to be an interesting summer.


Dianne sighed and brushed a lock of brown hair out of her rainbow colored eyes. Emilie was currently fixing her hair using the mirror and brush her mother had given her. Fiona was currently making mini fireworks in the palm of her hand. Dianne had previously been pressing her hands together like she was praying, then opening them and making a rainbow.

I'll give you three clues as to who Dianne's mother is.

1) Iris messages are free for her

2) The two hints mentioned above

3) She has a tendency to mix genders up (See broken bow book 2)

If you guessed Iris, then you are correct!

We had already briefly met Emilie, and Fiona is new. Back to the story.

Anyway, Dianne sighed again then flopped onto her back. Emilie and Fiona stopped what they were doing and stared.

"What's wrong, Di?" Emilie asked, concerned.

"I'm bored! And all these stupid newbie's keep coming! Can't we just have a single day of peace! Gods, I mean, the vow that Percy made the gods take was appreciated, but still, the new kids coming day and night isn't really necessary!" She ended her longwinded rant with an overdramatic sigh.

Fiona picked at her nails. "All done?" she asked dryly. Though she would never admit it, Dianne was really annoyingly melodramatic at times. Seriously, most times she couldn't stand that girl. But, she was the first to befriend her when she came to camp, so, Fiona cut her some slack.

"Yep. I feel much better now that I got that out of my system. "

Emilie laughed. "You two." She said shaking her head.


Chanel, Arianna, and Bianca met up at the pier.

Arianna's depressed face cheered up drastically when she saw her friends. She squished them into a group hug. "I. Hate. It. Here" she said. "I completely embarrassed myself. Can we go home,- or kill me?" she stated, more than asked, as she looked cautiously over at the water.

"It couldn't have been that bad, Ari. My day was fine. I beat up a couple kids, confused about 87 percent of my cabin. You know." Bianca said, flopping overdramatically onto the grass. She got up in about ten seconds. "So, Coco, how was your day."

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, it was fine. Almost lost a finger, saw some cute older boy, you know." She said the last part mockingly. Bianca glared at her. She smiled sarcastically. Bi waved her fist at her. Chanel rolled her eyes.

Arianna sighed. Half a day apart and they were already, uh, conflicting. She tried to remember when she became the level headed one. That had always been Chanel. Arianna was the gaga and crazy and zany one. But, as she thought about it, Chanel and Bianca were almost always fighting. She had just never noticed it before.

Suddenly, Arianna realized what Chanel had said. "You almost a finger? Wait, cute boy?"

"Glad to see you're on the ball today, Ar." Chanel said dryly, causing Arianna to glare at her and blush at the same time.

Bianca had been watching their little spat with an amused smile on her face.

"Now now you two. There's no need to argue." She told them.

Arianna snorted, saying, "Talk about the pot calling the kettle black."


Mr. di Angelo snorted at the three girls. They all acted all buddy buddy bff-y. He gave them one week before they hated each other's guts. Even best friends can't survive the inter cabin rivalries.

He laughed without humor, then regretted it a minute later.

That girl- what was her name again, oh yeah- Arianna, looked up at him. She narrowed her eyes at him, then tapped Bianca on the shoulder. Bianca saw where her friend was pointing, then smiled at him.

Nico shuddered. He knew that smile. People always gave it to him when he got them in capture the flag, and then someone on their team came up behind him and beat him up. On instinct, he looked over his shoulder. When he did that, he felt something pelt his shoulder. He turned back around.

"Hey! What's the… big… idea?"

The girls were gone.

Nico would he been dumbstruck if he wasn't so angry.


The girls collapsed in fit of laughter in the woods.

"Nice arm, Ari." Chanel said.

"Thanks. It's all in the….arm." She said something came over her. She smiled.

Bianca gave her a now look. "I know that smile. That's your idea smile."

Arianna shrugged.

Bianca suddenly tensed as she realized something. "Guys, we should leave now."

"Why?" Chanel asked. Then it dawned on her. "Oh, right. The woods."

The girls rushed out of the woods, still occasionally erupting in a fit of giggles. They were walking along camp, near the top of Half-Blood Hill, when Bianca cried out, "Oh, look! It's Emilie."

"Who's Emilie?" Chanel asked.

"Yeah, did you replace us, Bi?" Arianna asked teasingly.

Bianca rolled her eyes at Ari. "She's this girl I met earlier. She's cool."

"So let's go meet her!" Ari, the social butterfly of the group said excitedly.

Bianca looked at Chanel as if to say, Well, what should I do? Chanel shrugged, like, Go for it.

She sighed. It didn't take a genius to figure out she was outnumbered.


One minute later, Dianne found herself staring up at a trio of girls. She scowled.

"Hey Emilie. Remember me? Bianca?" the tall one on the left said.

"Oh, yeah. You're Volkswagen girl." Emilie said, which caused the four remaining girls to look back and forth between the two with confused expressions.

Bianca, who noticed this, rolled her eyes and told them, "It's a long story."

Fiona looked at the girls, then realized something. "Oh, you guys are those newbies from earlier." She smirked, saying, "Well, let me give you guys some tips. First thing first, avoid the Ares kids. Those are the ones that are big, dumb, and ugly." Fiona couldn't tell, but Bianca was bristling. "Oh, you can't forget mean. They are the really obnoxious group of boys and girls that look like they're about to go beat you up then eat raw meat. My advice is, as I said before, avoid them."

Dianne, who was silently observing the three new girls to see how they would react, noticed something before Fiona. That Bianca chick looked extremely angry. She figured it out a mere second before Bianca acted. Oh crap, she thought as she watched the pissed off daughter of Ares clench her fists at her sides.

Translations- Mi nombre es Bianca Gomez. Lo que es tuyo?

My name is Bianca Gomez. What's yours?

En serio? Mi primo de dos aÑos los actos más maduro que los dos!

Really? My two year old cousins act more mature than you two! Or something like that.

So, how was it? Could you tell how much effort I was putting into not making the girls Mary Sue or Nico OOC? Yeah, I just know that I will be getting some angry reviews about that.

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