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Abandon all hope ye who pass through here.

Harry Potter and the Kissing Chronicles

Prologue: Too Kiss.

Kissing has been said is what separates us from the common animal. Not just the act of kissing, but the emotions that we sentient beings put into the action.

A kiss can be kind or cruel.

Giving or taking.

Shared or stolen.

Enjoyed or disgusted.

Forced or bestowed.

Wanted or unwanted.

Needed or unneeded.

For Love.

For Hate.

Many books have been written, and read for that Manner by wishful creatures in desperate need of guidance for the elusive Kiss.

Read by Children dreaming of a first Kiss. (Hopefully children. Said children usually giggle together in groups discussing the topic for hours on end. In an added note to this, most of these groups are of the female persuasion, but not an absolute given)

Elderly reminiscing of cherished memories.

The Proper and stuffy elite that attempt to define and set rules governing this wondrous magic.

There have been more kisses given the there are stars in the sky.

More types of kisses then there are grains of sand on a beach.

The kiss of a Mother.

A Father.

A Lover.


A kiss of respect.

A kiss of dominance.

A kiss of surrender.

A kiss for strength.



To start a Hero upon their quest.

Of congratulations upon the victory.

All manner of kisses have existed throughout history. But nearly all fall under Love or Evil.

But in all history, there was but one Kissing Saga that would determine the Fate of not just the couple. But indeed, their world and even so far as alter the course of the Universe itself.

A saga that would both bond to Heroes together and provide them the strength to face whatever evil they should face.

These are the Chronicles of that saga. And you are about to read a tale of Terror and Evil that would forge the greatest Heroes the Universe ever Knew.

So on sit back in your seats and draw the shades, (Extra kudos for the one who can tell where that line came from) as we start our tale of terror and humor, hate and love, and all that come in between.