Title: Redemption

Author: Lady Shadow

Fandom: Gundam Wing

Pairing(s): 3x5, various

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fanfiction. It is based on the ideas, settings, situations and characters of the television show "Gundam Wing." The author of this work of fanfiction neither owns nor claims to own the aforementioned ideas, settings, situations and characters. They are the sole property of the creators and owners of "Gundam Wing" and all other legal associates. This fanfiction is written for entertainment purposes only and no profit is made from the writing or publication of this piece. No infringement of any rights, copyright or otherwise, is intended. Original plot and characters are © Lady Shadow, 2009.

Summary : Inspired by LittleMouse's wonderful "WarCraft" and *posted with her permission* Wufei is a lowly tavern slave who's nothing and no one to anyone. Until one cold winter day when five young men burst through the tavern doors...

Status: WIP

Series/Title/Pos? N

Sequel/Title? N

Prequel/Title? N

Warning(s) : None

Genre(s) : AU, Drama/Romance.

Author's Notes : This is a re-write of the original "Redemption," which was not completed, but can still be found on Gundam-Wing-Universe . net. This piece is gifted, with my love, to the amazing LittleMouse.

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