Divas Vs Knockouts: About A Guy



Part One

Angelina Love was getting up after a long night of wrestling and finally beaten Lacey Von Erich one on one. She doesn't like Lacey at all. She had a boyfriend who was in the tag-team division named Vincent Cash-man who's about to do an angle with her as there manager. Vincent had cross the line to TNA after being squash in WWE and brought his brother with him. They are going for a tag title match at Destination X and with a possible break between Super Mex and Morgan.

Angelina starts kissing Vincent's neck then Vincent started to responded to it. "I was having a dream that you and I would having sex in this hotel room and it got really intense after you scream, I love beating Lacey's ass." Vincent said and Angelina laughed because it was really true. Angelina looked at him and said, "You would sloppy in your match with Kaz, go along with his weight whenever he does his finisher."

Vincent listened to Angelina because she had more years in the business, she respected who he was trained but Triple H isn't familiar with top rope moves as much as she is from watching the X-division. Angelina and Vincent stayed the morning then went downstairs to have coffee..

In the city of Wichita, Mickie James decided since she had a week off to visit Wichita because WWE was coming through there soon. She also knew it was the home of her ex-boyfriend Vincent. She was so hoping not to see him especially with Angelina…Mickie had nothing against Angelina but hated that the minute he left her went straight to one of the "Beautiful People". So Mickie was checking into her hotel room and signing autographs then she turned to see Angelina with Vincent…