Diva Versus Knockouts



Part Eight

Angelina, Velvet, Madison, Lacey and Daffney would all having lunch. "I mean Candice, Miss Blow-Daddy." Velvet said and Madison responded, "So I'm on the internet and I see that Tara also been talking to Trish Stratus and Lita." All the Knockouts would indifferent about that.

"I mean Trish I mean she didn't win a contest and become a diva. I mean she's earned her status and Lita too but this is our turf." Lacey said and Angelina laughed a little bit. "Our turf. Maybe we should have a rumble." Angelina said and Daffney responded, "I'll bring the knives." Everyone gave Daffney a look and she just quietly retreated back to her food.

Jeff Hardy came in and all welcomed him with opened arms. "Come on sit…" Lacey said who wants to hump Jeff's leg. "What do you think I'm about the Divas a coming?" Lacey asked and Jeff told him that he thinks it's a good and bad idea because it could be one great angle. "What? The only reason why your saying that is because we know about you and Trish also Lita." Velvet on the defensive. "I didn't finished." Jeff said and Velvet wanted to hear this. "You are the TNA knockouts, Eric isn't going to abandon everything for them. Hell no…" Jeff said and then the opened up to find Tara, Alexis, Candice, Lita and Trish walked in.

"Hey Guys…" Tara said and everyone said hi to them then Alexis then said, "I see everyone decided to act mature about this. Don't you see this is good for us too. I mean I got the Mean Girl angle, Candice was just squash, I don't talk what they did to Tara but these two. I mean if they decided you go over on Trish on Lita.. It's going to make TNA better." Velvet who has the mouth on her commented. "That's not the point. Alexis you got into my friend's face about a man you couldn't hold onto. Tara I don't have anything against you except for bringing this former porn star in our TNA." "Who the hell are you to judge me? At least I've been a champion." Candice said and then got Angelina up. "The four of us have been tried to be copied by Lyfool and it couldn't be done. We did it better…" Angelina then Velvet stepped in. "We don't have a problem if you Trish, Lita or you Tara. I think getting in the ring with you will be fun but you porn star and commerical whore. I have a problem with." Velvet said and Candice was about to get into a fight with her. This whole thing was taped from someone and Jeff made that clear to everyone…