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I was walking around on set, clearly angered at the turn of events last night. When I finally get the guts to tell him, the stupid waitress interrupts.

I sighed and sat down in the director's chair. It was peaceful, considering no one else was there and I had let myself in.

The entrance door slammed and I tensed. Who else would be here at this hour? Had I forgotten to lock the door?

I cringed, realizing it was Shane as he came in grumbling, throwing himself down on the set bed.

"Bad night?"

He shot up and his eyes widened realizing I was there.

"Oh, it's you. I thought you were like a crazy fan girl or something."

"I doubt that." I looked down and started playing with my bracelets. "So…what brings you here at this hour?"


"Oh." I pursed my lips, knowing a rant was coming as he stood up and started pacing in front of me.

"I mean…she was acting so weird last night. Then she was telling me something and then she got interrupted and never said anything else about it! Then we had to leave early. Is she trying to tell me something?"

I took a deep breath. "I think she does want to tell you something. Something that you might not be ready for. Why don't you take her out tomorrow and talk, just talk. No eating, no shopping, just talking."

He nodded and started walking towards the dressing rooms. Before he entered his own, his quickly turned around.

"You know what?"


"Sometimes I wish I was in love with you, Mitch." Then he smiled and headed off down the hallway.

I closed my eyes, stopping the tears from falling down my face. I had to tell him tomorrow.

There wasn't a choice.

"So basically, you told him to ask you out?"

"Yes, Cait. Have you not been listening?"

We were waiting in my dressing room, both of us staring at the phone, waiting for Shane to call. It was torturous.

"Hey, guys, can we run lines, because I am really confused as to what emotion I'm supposed to have here, and by the way, we have another-"

Caitlyn pushed Nate into a chair as we shushed him and closed the door.

"What are you guys doing?"

I rolled my eyes. "Waiting for Shane to call. He supposed to ask me if I want to go out tomorrow. When he does, I'll say yes and then when we are on the date, I'll tell him the truth."

"You told him to ask you out?"

I looked in between Caitlyn and Nate, raising my eyebrow. "Are you like twins or something? Because Caitlyn said the same thing three minutes ago."

They shared a knowing look with each other before answering with a negative.

I just shook my head and we all jumped as Caitlyn's phone started blaring.

I smiled and answered. "Hello?"

"Hey, Sasha, it's Shane."

"Hi, Shane! How are you?"

"Good. Um, I was wondering if you wanted to go out tomorrow?"


"Um, okay. I'll pick you up at the studio around nine?"

"Nine? Okay."



I hung up, still smiling, ignoring the butterflies in my stomach. "Mission is a go."

Cait and Nate high fived and we all laughed.

Too bad we didn't know that tomorrow would ruin Shane's trust in all three of us.

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