Negi looked up from the papers on his desk and frowned as his eyes landed on Asuna's pale face. Assassins? He mentally asked himself again for what must have been the millionth time since she had finally been deemed well enough to return to class a day or so ago. Just a mesely week after finding out that her cousin had died.

She hadn't gone to the funeral like Negi and several of the others had encouraged her too. She had simply lay in bed, curled up on her side and stared at the wall, choosing instead to ignore them for the time being.

Eva had dropped by several times to sit with her, surprising Negi a bit since the vampire mage had the warm and toasty personality of an emotional retard. The headmaster and several others from the school had also stopped by to check up on her. Some of them even going so far as to giving her some of their magical power.

Which Negi hadn't felt was truly necessary since he, Setsuna, Kotaro and several others had had that covered.

But it was through the class rep's efforts that she had finally started eating again. Something that Negi felt thankful to the girl for. Having Asuna eating again was a vast improvement over her no food diet.

He picked up a piece of paper with her messy hand writing on it and sighed as he looked it over, even her grades were off. She was scoring higher than the class rep. Which was a tad bit...unusual.

But was nothing to worry over since he'd been trying to get her to raise her grades since day one.

Sighing he pushed his papers aside and glanced back at Asuna as Konoka placed something that looked suspiciously like a bento in front of her friend and he smiled faintly and thought back to what over heard what Takamichi and Eva had said on the roof and the meeting he and the others had had afterwards.

They had sat down in Setsuna's room and come up with a plan to figure out how to deal with the knowledge that assassina would be coming to Mahora. One of those plans involved gathering intel through Nadoka activating her pactio card and asking Takamichi and Eva some questions without them knowing what she was doing.

But Eva had figured them out before they could get anything good, while Takamichi had gone out of state to do some kind of work or another- god knows where.

Leaving Negi to feel like he was choking inside in the following days. Wondering if his father was somehow involved with how Asuna had lost her cousin. He just prayed that it wasn't because of her association with him.

Something that didn't sit well with him one little bit. The what was he supposed to do? How could he make it up to her? He had asked Kotaro to help keep an eye on Asuna with him, just to be on the safe side.

The wolf boy had a creed of honor that bound him to help Negi because he hated seeing girls cry and wanted to help Negi dish out some revenge.

He looked up from his papers again as he felt a presence standing in front of his desk and looked up, Asuna stood there with her paper in hand, and a forced smile on her face. He gritted his teeth for a second before reaching out and taking the paper and telling her that she could leave in another minute or so since the bell was about to ring.

She nodded and slowly made her way back to her seat and sat down. The rest of the day progressed like every other day before it. As if nothing bad had ever happened. And it felt so very wrong to Negi to just carry on as if Asuna's pain was nothing.

Night fell and the hours passed until everyone in the dorms was asleep.

She opened her eyes and slowly sat up and looked around, she might not be able to stay here in the academy as Asuna much longer. She could feel the slight weight from Negi as he lay next to her, he must have been very worried to have snuck into her bed again since she had been told that she was well enough to return to her normal routines.

She brushed his thick red hair from his face and gave him the smallest smile, it was all that she could stand to do at the moment, she still felt too raw from Asuna's death.

She carefully extracted herself from the bed and grabbed the clothes she had in a bag by the door and slipped out of the room, someone had broken through the barrier around the school a few minutes ago and she aimed to find out who and why.

She changed her clothes in the stair way down the hall and then left the dorms, she had no desire to be found there and engage the intruder in a battle if she had to worry about the other girls, and Negi too.

Negi opened his eyes and quietly sat up as the door closed behind Asuna, his eyes narrowed. Where was she going? He wondered as he slipped out of bed and grabbed his wand, cell phone and slipped his shoes on and left the room just as quietly as she had and flipped his cell open and dialed Kotaro's number.

Since joining the ranks of Mahora's student body the headmaster had been sending Kotaro out of nightly patrols when ever he thought it necessary, so the chances of the wolf boy being up and somewhere on campus was very high right now.

Kotaro picked up on the first ring. "Negi." His low growling tone sounded frustrated. Negi smiled and bit the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing. Kotaro was probably wondering where the hell all those bad guys were already.

"Asuna's gone. I don't know where she is, but she might be heading in your direction, if you find her would you keep an eye on her?" Negi said as he ran down the last few steps and out of the dorm.

He heard Kotaro growl low in his throat like a wild wolf would and bit back a grin. "I said I would help you, idiot...ah, I see her she's just up ahead!" Kotaro said as he saw the girl leaping from roof to roof, heading toward the bridge.

"Negi, she's heading toward the bridge, get here as soon as you can." Kotaro said as he hung up. Negi grasped his wand and took to the air, he would reach the bridge much faster if he flew.

She stopped several roofs short of the bridge and ducked down behind a small brick wall and peeked out over the top, well hell, she hated it when she was right about something she really did. Standing there on the other side of the magic barrier was the boy, Fate with several shadow demons.