I've had a few drabbles I work on now and then saved for some time. I am posting them as part of the Reader Appreciation event that The FicBridge is hosting today. I believe I will have four in all, and this will be a place where I will continue to post drabble-y pieces when I need to push a concept out of my head for a bit. Maybe someday some of them will be expanded, maybe not. I hope you enjoy, and I sincerely hope you know just how much I appreciate every single reader.

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Pairing: E/B, although never stated in the piece.
Rating: R

I'm shot. Shot and dying. This wasn't how it was supposed to happen. I was supposed to tell her I loved her. We were supposed to live Happily Ever After.

Instead, I'm bleeding to death, alone.

My body hits the ground, hand to my chest where the gaping, bloody wound is, and I realize I'll never get to kiss her again. Never touch her luscious body. Love her properly.

My eyes close. There's no fucking sense in fighting it anymore. I sealed my own fate with this miserable existence.

What would I change, if I had one more chance? Everything.