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There was a certain, forbidden wrongness about the idea of them; a certain danger at even existing together.

They spent much time denying, nearly half their lives denying, because of the mere simplicity of its wrongness. It was a black-and-white difference; to be or not to be, to acknowledge the physical attraction or to ignore it. It was right - it was sensible - to ignore it and continue on, to flash only the slightest of desperate gazes across the room. It was definitely a terrible thing, a sinful thing, to accept it.

It happened rather quickly, but the aftermath was interminable and drawn-out. It started with a peck on the lips, a mere brush of skin and a mutual attraction. Lily was sleeping with her ex husband on her spare time, and Dan was moping after Blair (but pretending he wasn't), and so it happened on the rebound, when they both needed something from someone.

Of course, it was wrong. That was the thing. Vanessa was a good girl, as she told herself; she may have sometimes been a hypocrite, and she may have done some terrible things in her past, but this trumped them. She was moral, ethical; she knew it was wrong. She knew it, but she didn't stop it.

Wrongness was only the beginning, and perhaps if they had stopped - if they had left it as was, a simple night of passion that ended in closure and never was breached again - none of the problems would exist.

If they had stopped, and never let anyone find out - never let Dan find out, never let Lily find out, never let Gossip Girl find out - then the wrongness could be forgotten, only voiced in the silent stares and pleading words that never seemed to surface.

Who's your daddy? Just ask Vanessa Abrams.

And if Vanessa truly was a moral person, she wouldn't have done it.

It was undeniable; there was an attraction, no matter how sick and disgusting it appeared to the rest of the world. Age was only a number, after all. They had come to terms with what they'd ignored and denied for so long. There was nothing else but acceptance.

Perhaps it would take a while - take years on end - for Dan to understand it, for Lily to understand it, for the entire city of New York to understand it. Perhaps they'd continue to ignore it for as long as possible until there was finally an excuse to come to terms, until they finally gave into passion and desire and attraction. It could take years for them to even register that they needed each other as much as they wanted each other.

It could take years, but the wait, the falling into love, such an odd, queer thought for them, could just be part of their story.

In years to come, she would deny that it had even happened, that she even still wanted him, and he would simply forget he ever held her, until the passion - the love they so desperately tried to bury - would surface again.

Their story would be a tale of all sins to come.