More Than He Seems

A/N This was a strange idea I had last Saturday while listening to the Green Day song Homecoming and I imagined that Shrek and Artie found Charming passed out and lying in a gutter after being smooshed by the tower but that was based on my good friend Inyunaruto365's theory that Charming didn't die and that he escaped and since there's no proof that he actually died or found his body, he's still alive but in this even though Shrek and Charming are foes, my favourite ogre just can't leave Charming to lie in a gutter for worse so here goes.

Don't worry fellow Shrek fangirls, I'm not a Charming fan girl, it's just this idea was in my head and I found it good since I'm excited about SFA coming out in May so I'm writing all this to tide me over until then and I was actually afraid to post this because I was afraid that fellow Shrek fans would hate this idea and give me bad reviews and hate on it but Inyunaruto365 gives me faith to write this one.

It had been a few nights since that fateful night in Far, Far Away when Charming had tried to take over the kingdom and hadn't been heard of since as Artie had a feeling that the vain blonde haired man wasn't quite gone as he and Shrek heard moaning from an alleyway as they entered and gasped seeing somebody lying there as it was Charming.

He looked worse for wear and wasn't himself as Shrek smelt alcohol on him as he saw worry in Artie's emerald green eyes as he knew what his ogre friend was planning or thinking as he approached Charming but Artie stopped him.

"What if he tries to hurt you again?

I don't want to lose you." he said.

"Don't worry he won't.

Besides I can handle myself." he answered as Artie understood.

He then picked Charming up carefully and placed him on his shoulder as they hurried back to the castle and summoned Merlin as the sorceror was surprised to see they were helping Charming after all he'd done to them as Shrek made Artie be quiet.

"I know he's done terrible things to us but we can't leave him out there to die.

It's just not the right thing to do." the ogre told him.

Merlin smiled understanding as he had finished examining Charming.

"He has a good heart Artie, your ogre friend.

Charming has lots of injuries from that tower falling on him." he answered as Shrek understood.

He felt bad knowing that Charming acted like a monster and the things he'd done made him mad but he could tell that there was more to Charming than just an evil heart.

He watched as the soeceror bandaged the blonde haired prince's wounds as he sighed knowing that this was a good thing he wasn't dead.

Shrek realised he needed to go back to the swamp before Fiona worried.

Artie hoped he would be okay........

Later that night, Shrek couldn't sleep as he saw Fiona already asleep as he got out of bed as he walked into the kitchen to get a drink of hot milk as it would help him sleep as he was thinking about that night when Charming had been hit by the tower as he knew that the blond haired man didn't mean that as he sighed looking at the stars in the night sky as he hoped things would be okay as he knew that things were different now as their kind weren't hunted or considered dangerous anymore as he sighed yawning as he made a fire outside to sleep by as he closed his hazel eyes as he hoped things would be okay as he snored.......