"Why am I here?" I hear myself asking. It's so dark..rainy...it's sad...reminds me of my memory's. Witness Protection moved me here. Why me? Why? I get off the plane and there in the middle of the rain is no other than Carlisle. He's my "Protector" I guess. They showed me a picture of Carlisle before boarding the plane. I could not tell anyone where the hell I was going. So I ask again..Why me? I walk over to where Carlisle is and nearly kill myself. Thankfully, Carlisle catches me. I am really helpless and find myself trying to hold back tears from a man's touch. Why did the "Witness Protection" people pair me up with a guy like this.

"You okay Isabella?" I shutter..no. They may not call me Isabella here.

"It's Bella." I manage through the mucus in my chest forming already. I pull up my dark hood to protect me from the rain.

"Oh. My apologies miss." He says. "Here, I'll take your bag." I hand it to him reluctantly and he hands me pepper spray in return.

"What..." I ask studying the plastic container.

"To protect yourself if you feel harmed."

"Thanks." was all I could say. I felt like hugging the man and thanking him from the bottom of my heart but this man..I didn't know him. So I don't trust him, though I guess I should start to huh. We go in Carlisle's car.

"Yeah, I'm the big hoot in the town and I carry a gun with me at all times so you are protected Miss Bella."

"....Big. Hoot." I manage to smile at him. "Funny." He puts my stuff in his trunk and I sit in the front seat with him. I look at my appearance in the mirror of his car. Mud brown eyes, brown kinda curly hair. Hey I notice I am the complete opposite of Carlisle. Blue eyes, blonde hair maybe a non-blood relative. I guess, that was the plan anyways. I have pale pale skin too,(like Carlisle) though I am from Phoenix, Arizona, I'll fit right in. It looks like I won't be seeing the sun too much. Then I raise my chin, and unzip my hooded sweatshirt revealing some of my collarbone. I shouldn't have looked, I immediately zip it back up. It's still there. He called it: "His mark"

I remember it clearly...his breathing. His blank nonchalant eyes. He was smiling when he raised the knife towards me. Before touching me he said gently: "This..is..my mark. You..belong to me." I remember crying. Seeing my mother's dead body bleeding out. Phil's dead body. Then he lowered his knife to my chin and poked me gently with it but that was just a poke, it did not bleed. I remember crying louder and then he kissed it and as he kissed it he put the knife on my collarbone and slowly sliced it. I remember yelling.

Carlisle saves me from my thoughts opening his door. I wipe away the tears quickly. Thanks Carlisle. I mentally thank him for saving my brain, but I'm afraid as soon as I sleep I'll have the dream. I do sleep. I love sleep. I just wake up unable to breathe that's all. He begins to drive and I notice it's all green, maybe the protection services thinks it's like camouflage or something. I don't know. I just wanted to get the hell out of there. Phoenix I mean. I was so scared, being there. Lots of trees in this town too, I can't imagine him coming here. I swallow back my memories as the car slows to a high school. Forks High School.

"You'll be going to school here Bella." I look at the empty parking lot. Then my eyes travel up and see the big High School. "It seems your the same age of my sons." Carlisle. "I have three sons. Emmett, the eldest, Jasper, and Edward. Edward...He is my son..But, not my son."

"I don't understand." I give Carlisle a questioning look.

"We adopted him." He says bluntly. Oh. "Jasper and him are the same age." Oh.

"Oh. Same age?" And Carlisle loves both of them huh. "Who's your wife?"

"Oh..Esme." Carlisle smiles. "You'll like her."

"Cool." He loves them all.

"Emmett takes after Esme, Jasper takes after me more." That must be nice, a nice family. I look out the window again. I kinda envy them. We drive into the woods, a winding path with a trail. We park in front of a big house.

"Holy...." I trail off watching my mouth. Carlisle chuckles.

"Nice isn't it?" I nod and laugh. "To be warned, Esme will be waiting at the door for you right now probably. She's been cooking all day." Oh. Great. I get out as Carlisle gets my baggage which is one bag.

"Do you want me to carry it?" I ask pulling up my hood again. He shakes his head.

"No, I got it." He says and leads me to the porch. He reaches for the doorbell but the door swings open before. I'm greeted by a women, very attractive, brown hair, brown eyes. The hair is curly but not that curly like Shirley Temple. It's a beautiful curly, not a cute curly. Very hard to explain.

"Hello, Isabella right?"

"Um, Bella." I say smiling.

"Well, I'm Esme." Of course. "Come in, come in." She leads me through the door. Esme had a purple top on with a black skirt, and high heels. I wonder if she's a lawyer. Carlisle's clothes kinda fit with Esme I guess, shows how compatible they are. They both look like professionals is what I'm saying. Carlisle has tan pants on and a blue dress shirt....tucked in.

"Thank-you. Both." I say sweetly.

"No need to thank. Being here is good enough." She says taking my luggage. "I'll lead you to your room." She says and walks up the stairs, and beckons me to join her. We walk up the stairs and we pass pictures, and paintings. I can hear the piano now. It's beautiful. She leads me down the hall and I notice a cross above a door at the end of the hallway. She opens the door and the piano is right there, and playing is a boy, with bronze colored hair. Two boys are gathered around it, like bugs attracted to light. One reading, one texting. Let's see...Edward is the one playing the piano (jeans and a blue dress shirt not tucked in). I know that. Carlisle said Emmett takes after Esme so he's the one texting (Jeans and just a green shirt). So that means the one reading must be Jasper (jeans and a long sleeved black shirt). I take off the hood, and slowly step in the room after Esme.

"I'm sorry dear, but until your room is done, you'll have to sleep here." Esme says with a worried voice.

"It's fine, I don't mind." I say and the piano slows and then I look at the boy, he looks at me, his bright green eyes beautiful. Is it okay to call a guy beautiful? He abruptly stops playing and stands up. I follow his cold stare. I look away. Jasper looks up at Edward.

"Calm yourself." Jasper warns. And Edward looks at Jasper. Edward instantly does. Jasper looks up and smiles. He gets up and walks over with his book. "Hello." He says and I shake his hand. So warm.


"Isabella right?" Edward spits out I shake my head.

"Bella." I correct yet again. Jasper nods taking his hand away and going back to his book. The silence grows very uncomfortable.

"Well, Bella come with me," Esme says going over past the piano. It's a cool piano all classical. I smile at it. "Do you play?" Esme asks.

"I wanted to. My mom never had the money though." I admit. I swallow back the memories again.

"Oh, well this is your bed." She says gesturing to the dark purple sheeted bed. "That's Edwards over there." She says pointing to the one farthest away from the piano. "You'll be sharing with only him. So don't worry." Esme laughs, it sounds like musical notes playing. Esme, sets down my suitcase on the bed. "Is that it?" She asks and I nod.

"It was hard finding clothes that..." I trail off and look down.

"I understand." She says and pats me on the back. "Well, this will be your dresser for the time being. She says pointing to the white dresser. "I'll leave now so you guys can..I don't know do what kids do." She smiles and leaves. I put my suitcase near my dresser, I'll put it away later, not in front of these guys. I sit on the bed wanting to sleep. Edward goes back to the piano and begins playing. I look around, sofa, music, TV, a bookcase. I immediately go over to the bookcase looking at all the titles.

"You can pick one out." Edwards says quietly playing.

"I can?" I smile. "Thanks." I reach for "Great Expectations" but can't reach it, it's a big bookcase. I sigh going on my tip toes and reaching for it. Before I know it Emmett it laughing at me and walking over.

"Which one?" He asks laughing at me.

"That one please." I ask pointing to "Great Expectations".

"'Great Expectations' By: Charles Dickens." He raises his eyebrow, shakes his head, and gives the book to me.

"Thanks Emmett." I say going back to my bed and laying down. I open it to the first page, to welcome the great adventurers of Pip. Though, I would keep looking at the piano because, he was playing beautifully. I wonder why he was playing up here instead of where everyone could enjoy his beautiful songs. Every now and then, I would feel there gazes on me. Jasper clears his throat when I felt one of their gazes fixed upon me. Edward was playing Clair de Lune. I hum silently along. When it gets dark...no darker I finally finish the book. I sit up and stretch. I rub my eyes and get up. The piano stops playing and suddenly, Edward snatches the book out of my hand and puts it back on the high shelf.

"Pick a book you can reach for." He says going back to the piano.

"Okay. Thanks." I guess. I look at the shelf (my height) and scan through the titles of the books.

"Dinner!" Esme yells up the stairs. Edward slows his music to a stop and I guess that's the signal to run down the stairs. Emmett ran first, he was....kinda like a bear. The height and muscles reminded me of it..Jasper..He was just a mystery. But, from what I picked up he could (I don't know how) sense people's feelings. Jasper was the second one. Edward put his music away and left. I wasn't that hungry but I left after Edward. It would kinda be sorta easy finding him in school, name anyone else who would have bronze hair. Emmett had black hair so I don't know why Carlisle said he took after Esme who has brown curly hair. Though, he had the same eyes as her.

Dinner at the Cullen's house was..different. When I had dinner with my family, we always talked. But eating here seemed like a personal business. Though, eating is done in front of a hundred people, and they couldn't care less if your talking while eating. I picked at my food tasting it a few times.

"So, Emmett how is Rosalie?" Carlisle says suddenly.

"She's fine." Emmett frowned.

"That's good, hows Alice, Jasper?"

"Good, she's coming down tomorrow."

"Good, good. Edward how is piano?" It seems Carlisle is taking turns asking his sons about their best interest. And then moving on to the next son. Not really a conversation in itself.

"Fine I guess." He sighs.

"You sounded really good." I say silently.

"Thanks." He says. I take a bite, chew and swallow.

"No problem." That in itself was the big conversation. But it didn't break the ice between us. I take a sip of water and cough.

"Can I please be excused?" I ask and they nod. "Thank-you....where do we-"

"Leave your plate there sweetie, I'll move it for you." Esme says and I nod.

"Thank-you." I say going upstairs.

"So what do you think of Bella?" I hear Carlisle ask as I'm up the stairs. I eavesdrop. Which I barely even do, but I guess I'm curious to what they dislike about me.

"She likes to read." Emmett says laughing. "That's all she really did upstairs."

"Maybe you should start a conversation with her and not the other way around." Esme says loudly.

"True, I think she kinda feels depressed about what happened to her." Jasper says.

"I know I would be." Emmett says.

"Can I please be excused?" Edward asks and then he gets up. I go into the bedroom and grab the suitcase, I unzip and look at the things I brought. Edward never said anything about me..does he really hate me? Without knocking Edward comes in. Of course, it's his bedroom too. He doesn't go over to the piano, he goes over to his CD collection and puts on Queen. I never thought anyone liked them anymore. Before I knew it I was listening to: "Another One Bites The Dust." Which I liked so I hummed, and sang. But to myself, as I put away shirts, jeans, and rolled the normal shirts with my underwear to hide them from a guy. I stopped at the bottom and stopped singing as I picked up the photograph of my mother with Phil and me. I put it on my bed and zipped up the suitcase. I put the suitcase by the dresser and got back to my bed. I picked the picture up again and look at it as I sit down on my new bed. Why did I bring this picture along? I knew it would hurt like hell, looking at it.

"What's that?" Edward asks turning down the music.

"A picture." I say bluntly putting it on my dresser. And that was all to be said about it. I would have to get a frame to put it in. But they are really both dead. That's kinda sad. Wait. What do I mean kinda? It's flipping depressing, sad, and I kinda feel like sinking into a black hole right now. Or scientifically, getting sucked up by one. Brain babbles are never good. I look over to Edward, doing his weekend homework. Ugh, it's already Saturday. People at school must be worried about me right now. I wasn't very popular, but yes, I did have my friends.

"To warn you, Alice is coming over tomorrow."

"Um...and?" This is my chance, a real conversation. Maybe to break the ice.

"Alice, is very chipper." And that didn't break the ice so I egged on.

"Okay, chipper. Got it...Why should I be warned by that?" I ask looking over to him, he looks up and raises his eyebrow.

"You'll understand tomorrow." He says turning a page of his textbook. I sit down on my bed.

"What subject?" I ask.


"What subject....your homework." I point to the textbook.

"Biology." He sighs. I can tell he doesn't want me to talk anymore. So I get up and go to the door.

"Where are you going?" He asks.

"Taking a small tour of the house." I say. He looks at me then looks back shaking his head. What a stuck up little rich boy. I sigh and leave. I can tell he doesn't like me. I walk down the hallway and pass by another door, I open it timidly. No bedroom, I guess that's good. What is it though? I go in and see paintings on the wall, and photographs of Edward and Jasper and Emmett. I go over to his bookshelf. Medical books. I remember the program telling me that Carlisle is a ER Doctor. Further down looks like journals.

"Oh, hi there." Carlisle says coming in. I look at him.

"Oh, sorry. I was just..." I trail off. "Looking around." I finish

"Perfectly fine but, your probably wondering about some of my books correct?" He laughs. "Emmett told me you like to read?"

"Yes,very much." I nod. "but..you have a lot of books that looks as though, they're hand written." I point to the journals. "Why?" I ask.

"Ah, because they are journals," He smiles. "I come from a long line of doctors so we always had journals."

"Oh. Any interesting stories?"

"No, not really. Just the facts about back then." Oh. I hate history. I won't read them I swear. His beeper goes off. "Ah, sorry. I gotta go in like I said earlier: I am a big hoot." It still makes me laugh when he says: Big Hoot. Only because, I never heard of a expression like that. I've heard of Big Shot, but this is the first time someone's called themselves a "Big Hoot" in front of me.

"It's okay, bye." I wave. "I'll go to my bedroom." I smile and follow him out of the door.

"Do you like it here so far?" He asks before walking downstairs.

"So far, yes." I nod.

"I'm glad, well goodbye." He says walking downstairs.

"Bye." I wave and go down the hallway to my bedroom. I open it and see Edward, sleeping with his textbook on his stomach. I giggle quietly and take the textbook away from him. I set it on the table next to him. He's laying on his blankets so I can't help him there. I go to my dresser and pull out my PJ's and toothbrush. I look around for the bathroom, which I find it is connected to the bedroom in the corner. Convenient, I guess. I brush my teeth, put on my pajamas, and put up my hair in a rubber band I found near the sink. I come back in, putting the clothes I was wearing in my suitcase and I go over to my dresser, which by the way has a huge mirror on top of it. I look and make sure Edward's asleep, then I look at my collarbone again. It's still there. Clear as day, well a day without rain or fog. I lay down, pulling the blankets to my chin, the light was never turned on. My pajamas consist of sweatpants, and an oversized t shirt.

If I could call my mother right now it would be like this:

"Hello?" She would say.

"Mom?" I would laugh "Hi."

"How's it going?" She would ask. "You like your new home?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Uh-oh. What's wrong?" She would ask

"I would rather be with you."

"You know that's impossible, right?"

"Yes, mom."

"Well, okay. I need to go and make dinner for Phil, bye."

"This late? Bye mom."

"Love you.."

"Love you too mom." And there would be a click from her end then, I would hang up and smile. Feel better. But I know, that will never happen. They are dead.

"That's right, they're dead." The words stung like lemon juice sprayed on a cut. Hurt like a thousand knives being stuck in my stomach. Without realizing it, I close my eyes and I am right back where I started.

"Why! What did you do?"

"We're finally free of them!" He says in a hollow shaky voice.

"What? No, you'll die. You'll go to prison and-"

"No, no I won't." He says.

"How! You-"

"Because, you...won't...tell them." He pushes me on the floor. "Right?"

I start crying. "Why!" I scream.

"Sh.." He says putting the knife near me.

"Ah!" I yell. He kisses me to muffle my scream. He pulls apart. "Please..please..don't."

"Shut up." He says. "This is your fault. Isabella...Isabella...Isabella....wake up..."

I open my eyes and scream. I can't breath. I can't breath, something is ripping my chest open and I can't stop it. "No! Stop! Don't touch me!" I scream.

"Isabella!" Edward's voice...it's only Edward. I calm down a bit and sit up. I did it. I screamed. I didn't mean to. I cry. I sob.

"I'm so sorry."

"Bella? You liked being called Bella better right?" He asks I nod. "Okay then. I'll call you Bella instead. You kinda freaked out when I didn't."

"I'm...so...sorry!" I manage through my sobs. I can see how he could take me as a freak. A weirdo. "I'm sorry!" I repeat.

"Calm down. You only hit me once." I..hit him?

"I hit you?" I sob even more.

"Bella. IT's okay really, not even a scratch." He says. "Go back to sleep...think of I don't know happy things."

"I can't," I sound so pathetic.

"Okay...then I'll play the piano and stay awake until you fall asleep." I nod. He turns on the light, sighs and sits at the piano. I watch as his fingers trace the keys. Claire de Lune again. So beautiful. Before long, I fall asleep and..I don't dream. Thank-you so much Edward.