A/N: This little future-take was written for juliebutterfly from a Fandom Gives Back prompt, "Everywhere I go, everything reminds me of you." All thanks to her for sharing her love of Emmett with me, and to Chele681 for giving this a once over.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Everywhere I Go

He steps into the snow-sprinkled street, braving the crisp evening air, and everything reminds him of her.

The pink hue of the horizon is her perfectly plump lips. The breeze, perforated with the smell of freshly baked cupcakes is her signature scent. The tinkling of a door chime is the distinct melody of her laugh.

His stomach tightens as he thinks of the gentle first touch of her hand, the urgency of their first kiss, the flames of their first night together.

Everything is about to change. It may have been changed for longer than either of them has known.

He is filled with an odd kind of remorse, for what they are leaving behind - with an foreign sense of relief for what is to come.

His eyes meet hers before he has entered the door to their place - the tiny little cupcake store where they first met, and she is the sun, the air, the very ground beneath his feet.

He fingers the small, smooth box in his coat pocket and smiles.

Yes, everything is about to change.