Perfectly Wrong
Summary: Everything about this was wrong, so very wrong. But it was so right, too. It was more than anything he'd ever felt, and it was passion as he'd never imagined it, and it was desire, and comfort and family and love. And it was perfect. HP/JP. Time Travel.

Warnings: Incest, Slash, Time Travel, Irregular Updates, Slytherins and eventual smex. Updates irregularly.

Disclaimer: I do not own either of these delicious Potter boys.


Harry hadn't meant to fall in love with his father. He knew it was wrong. But here, now, looking at that sleeping face, peaceful, despite all the horrors they had faced, he couldn't regret it. How could he regret it? He loved this man, James, with all his heart. With all his being. He had never loved another soul like he loved this one. Because James was beautiful, and stubborn, and strong, and how could Harry not love him once he got to know him?

And was his fault that he had gotten to know him when they were both teenagers? That this man, for whatever genetics said, had never been his father? Could he blame himself for loving his father?


Could he blame himself for loving James?


Could he help that they were one in the same?


It had been difficult. It hadn't always made sense. If others, besides those they trusted, found out, it would be bad.

But he loved him.

And that was what mattered in the end.