SONG: What if by Emilie Autumn



WARNINGS: Some insinuations from Sebastian's side. Nothing to worry about though =P Unless you have an issue with 'first person' fics... In that case, don't read it since it's entirely Sebby's POV =)

DISCLAIMER: I think we all agree that if I owned Kuroshitsuji, the entire anime/manga would be devoted to the SebaCiel relationship… Oh, and it would've been prohibited for readers under the age of 18 ^^

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"What if I'm the kindest demon, something you may not believe in?"

As simple as that, Bocchan… You just don't realize it, that probably things are not as simple as they used to be… That maybe, they never were.

The way you treat me, young Master… It takes one hell of a butler to endure it and a demon bind to a contract to praise it, but… what if things changed?

How many times have you confessed to me that you're afraid of being alone, how many times you've asked me to stay? How many times have you told me that you're bored and told me you wanted to play? Oh, how I wish this was the case now, and that you'd come and tell me, with that look on your face, the same one you have when it's just you and me, and ask me to entertain you…

"If you liked to, we could play a game. Let's pretend that we're the same…"

How I wish you felt the same…