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This spans from just after Edward's first battle with cancer up to the day he is told it is back.
I hope you enjoy it.

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I strum my guitar mindlessly as I watch Edward across the fire-pit. The light from the bonfire casts a glow that makes his skin look healthy again and as if his hair's aflame.

He looks almost ethereal.

He smiles.

"Play me something, Jazz?"

"Any requests?"

He shakes his head at the same time his mom says, "With A Little Help From My Friends?"

Edward laughs as I begin to play.

They sing along, and after I'm done, she gets up and kisses my cheek as she hugs me.

"Thank you, Jasper. For everything."

Her embrace is warmth and family.



Edward is sitting on the stone bench in his mother's rose garden, right where Esme told me he'd be.

He's drenched, and by now, so am I. There's a bad storm and it's cold, but he's been out here for over an hour. Esme asked if I could get him inside. He refuses to listen to anyone else.

My heart aches for him, because as bad as the weather is, it's nothing compared to the storm raging in Edward.

I sit down next to him and wrap my arms around him.

He clings to me.

I whisper, "I've got you."


His fingers linger on the last notes, and I can tell he's given it his all.

This is his first recital since his mom died, and I feel so many things as I give him a standing ovation, but one above all - pride.

He has overcome so much. Felt loss so early in life - faced the possibility of the end of his own life.

Yet he's here - alive and living.

His eyes find mine, and I smile.

I love you, and I am so proud of you.

She would be, too.


I finally did it.

Now everyone knows.

Including him.

We're closer now, in a way. More so than before. And yet I still don't feel quite right.

I've been in love with Edward for years now. He's been out for the past year; he was - as always - braver than I.

Part of me hoped that once I had come out, we'd be able to cross that last line.

I wanted to hold him, be with him. Finally tell him.

I waited too long, though. He has someone he cares for.

And so he stays just out of reach.


My heart constricts painfully.

"It's back, Jazz...The cancer..."

I breathe in sharply, my arms tightening around him protectively, as if I can ward off the cancer by sheer will.

Edward is crying, his whole body shaking - shivering - as I watch the man I love fall to pieces.

All my hopes, my dreams crumble at the sight, and I struggle to stay calm.

I can't lose him! I won't!

Please fight, baby.

I love you.

Don't give up.

I won't leave you.

God, please...

I want so badly to tell him, to make him understand.

To make him mine.


Thank you again to all my readers. You've been with me on many a ride now, and I can honestly say that this journey into writing would not be the same

without the love and support you've shown me, as well as my characters.

I appreciate each and every one of you.