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Chapter 10


Bella was so relaxed. I am extremely tempted to ask Jasper if he could get the recipe for those cookies. Just think of the possibilities! 'God don't go there Massen you perve', I thought to myself. But it was very hard not to let my imagination run riot after the events of the last half an hour. I had never imagined that filling teeth could give me anything like the entertainment or the pleasure that I have received over the course of the last 30 minutes. Mike had thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience too. He has enough dirt on me to keep himself in free drinks at the bar for a long time to come; and Jasper? Well I had to ask him to leave; I just couldn't concentrate when he started to sing… Ok he might not have a bad voice, but really, Dolly Parton songs?

"So Edward, "Mike whispered to me as I typed the final information into my computer, "are you going to press charges against little Miss Swan there, for sexual harassment? I think that you would have a clear cut case… I don't mind being your witness."

"Mike, shut the hell up she might hear!" I growled.

"I don't think so, she's away with the fairies in la la land just now anyway…"


"I can just imagine repeating to a tribunal all of the things that she said to you, most in appropriate really, wouldn't you agree?"

"Mike," I warned as his voice rose slightly with all the excitement.

As I saved the information, I looked over at Bella. She was so funny. Her beautiful brown eyes were wide open and following her fingers as they traced invisible patterns in the air above her head. She was humming something about rainbows and daisies under her breath.

"So we better get some help to move her" Mike suggested. "I don't think she could walk far on her own just now. Shall I see if I can find her friends?"

"Please Mike, but I'm not sure how much help Jasper will be. I think Alice is in the reception area. Watch out for Jessica though. She is in a foul mood; she claims that Jasper is annoying the other patients. I tend to think he is just entertaining them"

Mike hopped down from his stool. "Back in a mo Edward."

I walked over to Bella who was still humming softly to herself.

"So Bella, that wasn't so bad was it?" I stated, rubbing her arm gently. "It's all over and done with now, all those nasty little cavities filled." Bella snorted.

"What's the matter?" I asked as Bella snorted again; her little pink tongue slowly peeking out and licking at the corner of her numb lips."

" Oh Dr Massen," she breathed, I have several other cavities that I would love you to fill for me when you have the time…" She gazed up at me from under her bovine lashes; Jesus what a turn on.

"Mmm," she continued, "Warm wet and willing cavities."

Bloody hell, she did not just say what I thought she said… did she? What has happened to the shy young woman with the low self esteem of the other night?... I do not care! I love this feisty minx with the dirty mind, and the loose tongue.

What I hadn't noticed in all my distraction, was that the door had opened and Alice was stood in the doorway looking almost as surprised as mike Whose hand was covering his mouth as his shoulders shook wildly.

"Oh. My . God!" Alice exclaimed, "You can not mention what has gone on here today to anyone, do you understand? Cyggi, she would die of shame…this is just so un like her Edward…she's normally so…"

"There is no way I can keep this to my self!" Mike finally exploded. "Stuff like this is golden, you couldn't make it up if you tried Alice."

"Absolutely not…no way."

"Just Seth then, please I can't keep stuff like this from him…I promise no names, just the gory details. Pinky promise" Mike begged. His face was all twisted up trying to look cute… it almost worked.

"Help me move my girl;" Alice began, "before she embarrasses herself anymore, and I die from the shame of having such a tart for a best friend. Edward you take this side and I'll get the other."

As I bent forward to wrap my arm around her shoulder I asked-

" Alice how did she get here ?" Already knowing the answer, "Because if she drove you are going to have to leave her truck here in the car park and give her a lift back home. There is no way that she will be up to driving for quite a few hours yet."

"That's not a problem. Jazz and I drove here this morning, our car is parked around the corner, just two minutes walk away."

"I'll tell you what, run and open the car and I'll carry her out… This is becoming quite a habit." I laughed.

As I swept Bella up in to my arms, she sighed loudly, entwining her hands in my hair for the second time, and began rubbing the side of her face against my chest. Shit was she purring? I felt good… I could get used to this.

"Where are you taking me ?" Bella asked. "Are we going back to your place?"

"Not just now."

"Oh, spoil sport," she said, sticking out her pouty bottom lip in the most adorable way. "Why not, you like me don't you Edward?"

"Yes Bella I like you a lot,"

"You sent me lovely flowers." She said, poking me in the chest with her little fingers to emphasise the point.

"I did indeed."

"They were lovely."

"So are you Bella." Her behaviour was making me braver. I mean, I could always deny that I said anything…it's not like she would remember word for word.

"So if I'm lovely… why won't you take me home Edward?" Her fingers were now running up and down the back of my neck, causing delicious ripples of goose-bumps.

"I'm working Bella, it's only ten O'clock, and I have a full list of patients for the rest of the day. Besides," I added softly, "and more importantly I am a gentleman Bella, and if I went home with you now, I am pretty sure that my behaviour would not be very gallant." That was an understatement. "I am not in the habit of taking advantage of beautiful young women under the influence of… magic cookies."

"I wouldn't mind!" God she's adorable.

"No sweetheart, I am quite sure that in your present state you wouldn't mind a bit, but I think Jasper and Alice may have something to say about it."

We were almost at the car now. Alice was stood there in front of Jasper, with the back door open and a huge grin on her face as she saw us approach.

"Alice!" Bella squealed. "Tell him Alice!"

"What Cyggi, what do you want me to tell Edward?"

"You know, what you said to me the other day. You said I must be the only twenty two year old with an unexplored foo foo, and that my little VJ would seal itself up if it didn't see some serious action soon."

"Dear god." Alice exclaimed. "Jasper I blame you completely for this, if you hadn't given her that cookie…"

"If I hadn't given her that cookie Alice, Cyggi would have far more than the afore mentioned three cavities that still needed filling!"

The blood rose rapidly to my cheeks in a mixture of embarrassment and arousal.

"Ok Bella, I'm going to put you in the car now and let Alice drive you home. I think that a few hours curled up on the sofa may be necessary." I said quickly as I folded her into the back seat. I tried to put on her belt but she kept toppling sideways.

"I think I better get going." I exhaled, knowing that I needed to get back to work. "If you leave me her keys I could drop the truck back tonight. I'm on my bike." I said pointing to cycle rack, "A man needs some exercise. I can sling the bike in the back of the truck and then cycle home from your place, it can't be that far?"


It's really odd, but there is very little that I can remember about this morning. Well I suppose there are snippets, but nothing much. One thing I do know for certain is that I have had all of my cavities filled. My mouth is still almost completely numb on one side; I actually quite like the sensation. Does that make me weird?

Alice brought me a mirror so that I could have a look at my new invisible fillings. The only way that I could tell they were there, was that they felt slightly rough against the tip of my tongue.

"So how are you feeling now Cyggi?" Alice asked sitting on the edge of the sofa, her head tipped slightly to one side.

"I feel fine Alice." I replied, "Although I am a little hungry. Do you have anymore of those cookies Jasper gave me earlier, they were delicious… did you make them?"

"Ugh, no and no. I did not bake those truth serum cookies Bella, and there are none left… Jasper ate the last one… so you'll have to have something else. What about some ice-cream or some soup; you shouldn't be chewing on anything at the moment. You will be much better having something soft."

"Soup then, should I come and help you?"

"No Cyggi , make the most of this rest. You will be run off your feet this weekend when that human dustbin of a brother and his girlfriend arrive."

I sighed realizing the truth behind Alice's words. Emmett, god love him, has the appetite of a thoroughbred cart horse, and with Rosalie being pregnant, who knows what she would and wouldn't eat.

It was about half past five when I heard the familiar roar of my truck pulling up into the driveway. I hadn't given any thought to how I got home, and this was the first time that it had occurred to me I hadn't driven myself.

"Who's that driving my tuck Alice?" I called. I knew it wasn't Jasper, he was upstairs in bed. Apparently he had eaten something that didn't agree with him.

"That would be Edward." Alice called back. Oh my god Edward… shit. I stood up a bit too quickly and wobbled on shaky legs over to the mirror. My hair looked like a nest of snakes from lying on it all afternoon.

"Why didn't you warn me that he was coming over Alice? You know I think he's hot, I don't want him seeing me like this and thinking I'm some skank."

"I don't think you have to worry about. After the way you behaved this morning he still looked completely smitten, so I don't think a few hairs out of place will make much difference."

I was just about to ask Alice to explain what she meant about this morning, when the door bell rang twice loudly. "I'm coming." I called walking towards the door.

"No I don't think you said that this morning Cyggi, but I can't be sure?"


"Never mind." Alice giggled, "Just get the door."

I turned the latch and pulled the door open to find Edward standing there in his casual clothes. The late afternoon sunshine back lit him. He looked like he was glowing.


"Hey yourself, how are you feeling Bella?"

"I'm surprisingly good. Thanks for returning my truck by the way… do you want to come in?"

"Sure, Thanks."

"Come on through." I gestured, "Alice is in the kitchen being all domesticated. Can I get you a drink; we've got most things, soda, beer, wine?"

"Actually Bella, if you've got a Stella that would be great. One shouldn't impair my cycling abilities too much." He grinned, one side of his mouth rising slightly higher than the other, making it look a bit cocky.

"You're on a bike?"

"Mm hmm." he nodded taking a swig from his lager. "Don't you remember I mentioned it this morning?"

"Sorry no; this morning is all a bit of a blur."

Jasper and Alice exchanged knowing looks over the kitchen table.

"What, What is it that I have missed?"

"Cyggi darlin' don't ask questions when you don't want to hear the answers." Jasper drawled, walking into the kitchen looking half asleep." Hey there Edward." He added.

"Look if I have done something to embarrass myself I want to know." I almost shouted.

Edward looked between us before lowering his eyes and shaking his head slowly from side to side.

"Honey it's not so much what you did as what you said." Jasper continued unabashed, "You were pretty straight up with our friend Edward here."

"Oh God!" Something in my brain seemed to unscramble. "Oh Gody God!"

"Bells it's Ok," Edward crooned reassuringly.

"Yeh it was real funny." Jasper laughed.

"Jazz!" Alice grabbed him by the ear, leading him out of the kitchen. "Shut the fuck up and know when you've said enough."

I was left standing in the kitchen with Edward. "I have no idea exactly what I said, but I am beginning to imagine the general drift of it." I began. "Edward I'm so sorry, I really didn't mean to embarrass you, especially not at work."

"Bella stop worrying, There was no harm done, quite the opposite in fact."

"What do you mean?"

"Well think of it this way. You have saved us the bother of all that time wasted wondering whether we like each other. I have a pretty clear idea of how you feel about me."

"How clear?"

"Transparently clear Bella." I grinned to my self at the memory. "So shall we just pretend that we have spent the past few weeks gradually finding out that we fancy the pants off each other, and take it from there?"

"Do you really?"

"Let me show you; come here."

And just like that I found myself wrapped up in the softest embrace imaginable. Edward's lithe arms wrapped around me gently, pulling me into the firm warmth of his body. One finger lifted and raised my chin so that I was gazing into his eyes, so close it was difficult to focus…

"God Bella you're so beautiful he whispered as he kissed first my forehead, then each eye so tenderly it made me want to cry. No one had ever treated me like this before. And then like a warm whisper, his lips brushed gently against mine, "Edward." I sighed. I couldn't help myself. My arms snaked around him tighter, one hand reaching down and sliding into the back pocket of his jeans, the other gripping at his shirt, as the space between us vanished completely.

As Edward's lips became more insistent and our breathing hitched, I felt the tip of his tongue sweep over my top lip and his hips rock forward causing delicious sensations in so many places I could hardly think.

Slowly Edward pulled away holding me at arms length. "As great as this is Bella," he began leaning in to give me a light kiss- he must have noticed the concern flash across my face. "I am, as I told you this morning a gentleman at heart. I am no saint though. Bella and you tempt me beyond reason. Come with me? Let's not do this here. Please come with me?"


"Let's go for a walk it's going to be a lovely evening."

"It already is Edward."

We walked hand in hand out of the front door and through the back gates, which lead into an area Jasper referred to as our own slice of heaven. It was really just a lightly wooded area where the sunlight was able to permeate and make pools of sunshine on the woodland floor on clear days. The air was warm and buzzing with the sound of millions of tiny insects.

We were only just out of sight of the house when Edward rounded on me abruptly. "Enough," he panted. "I can't go a step further. God Bella I want to touch you so badly."

His warm hands were caressing everywhere. I could hardly breathe, my heart beat so fiercely.

"Let me be the first Bella," His lips begged against mine, "Let me love you…I need to love you Bella…say yes…please … oh God Bella please say yes."

Words escaped me… could a moment be more perfect?

I raised my hands slowly over my head, taking with it the thin shirt that I was wearing; my eyes never breaking contact with Edward. Silently his fingertips caressed my throat, then grazed down like a whisper over my collar bone around my ribs and finally to un hook my bra, which slid down my arms leaving me exposed.

My own hands lifted to unfasten each of the tiny shell buttons on his crisp white shirt. I felt like I was unwrapping the secrets of the universe one by one; each more precious than the next. Leaning in I nuzzled my nose against his chest breathing in the heady scent of him. My tongue licked first one hard nipple and then the other… sucking on it lightly and drawing it between my teeth to nibble.

"Ung..Bella you can't do that or I will have to do this." He moaned leaning forwards kissing at my breasts." Otherwise it wouldn't be fair," He said as he swapped sides, rolling the now hardened, damp nipple firmly between his fingers and pulling gently. My traitorous legs began to quiver with the sheer pleasure of the experience, this did not go unnoticed and within seconds the discarded shirts were under our bodies that lay on the mossy ground, writhing against each other in intense pleasure.

Fumbling to undo the buttons on his jeans, eventually kneeling to achieve my goal, I wriggled the fabric down the muscles of his lean legs.

"Can I see? " I asked, as I rubbed my hand over the significant steel bulge in his boxers.

"Be my guest Bella," he smirked, giving a saucy little thrust of his hips, "But only," he said resting his hand over his erection, "if I can see you too… Get them of beautiful."

I stood slowly gathering confidences from lord knows where, and lifted my skirt up to around my waist and turning around I slid my thumbs into the side of my panties and shimmied them down stepping out of them gracefully. I bent over to pick them up and Edward groaned.

"Fuck Bella don't move," He breathed. "Let me look." I felt him move behind me, a hand reached up to stroke between my thighs as he placed a kiss on each cheek. "Turn around, Bella." I did as I was asked, placing my hands in his hair gripping it tightly for balance as he placed soft slow kisses up the insides of my trembling thighs.

"Edward… I want to see you." I reminded him as I sank slowly to my knees pulling back his boxers. He was beautiful. My fingertips grazed up and down his long silky shaft, which twitched and jerked the closer I got to the head. This was all so new. A little pearly drop appeared and I had lo lick it.

"Oh God Bella," Edward sighed, just the sight of you, the very thought of you is almost too much to bare. Please just let me love you. Leaning me back on the soft ground he moved swiftly to lie between my thighs. Covering my body with his but bearing most of the weight on one arm, his lips locked passionately with mine, Sucking and licking and loving. I felt first one, then two fingers brush against my entrance.

"Bella so warm, so wet." He hummed as the fingers pushed and stroked inside me.

My body reacted wantonly to the erotic sensation, thrusting and moaning for more… more … "More." I begged.

Edward's eyes locked with mine as he nudged my knees wide apart and flexed his hips bringing his cock into exactly the right place. He grinned wickedly as he dipped his cock down to touch, only to remove it again and again. "What do you want Bella?" He asked coyly.


"Sorry what was that?" He teased again. "Is this what you want?" He said slipping the head of his cock inside me. "Do you want me to fill your little cavity for you?" he said pushing further forward. "Your Tight. Little. Cavity ?" He asked punctuating each word with a thrust of his hips. "Shall we do it Bella; do you want me to do it?" He asked, withdrawing almost completely.

"God yes Edward it feels so good."

With no more encouragement his mouth leant to my ear and whispered "Fuck you're perfect." Before he plunged his cock right in causing me to gasp, and instinctively bring my legs up around his hips. Our movements became frenzied as we each sought out more and more pleasure from the other …until the bubble that had expanded to bursting point, exploded sending me into paroxysms of ecstasy. Edward came gloriously, only seconds later, throwing his head back, his body slick with moisture glistening in the evening sunlight.

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