Michel enters without knocking just as Florian is changing for bed. Michel smiles and takes a seat in the only chair, motioning for Florian to continue.

Face crimson, Florian undresses. He reaches for his nightclothes but stops when Michel clears his throat meaningfully. Florian inhales sharply, lifts his head and turns to face his new master.

They've played this game before, Florian standing nude before Michel, feeling the heat of Michel's desire as the man devours him with his eyes. Oddly, these are the times that Michel reminds him most of Ray.

Michel kisses Florian's tears away before he leaves.



Florian wakes abruptly; someone is in his bedroom. He forces himself to remain still, eyes closed.

There's a touch and he almost cries out, afraid that Michel has finally come to claim him. The scent is wrong, yet achingly familiar. For a heart-stopping moment, he wonders if madness has taken him.

The bed shifts and the scent surrounds him. He wraps his arms around the body he thought he'd never feel again and meets every kiss with equal passion. His frozen heart begins to thaw and he finally opens his eyes.

"Mine," he hears, and his despair transforms into joy.