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This first time I saw him, I had just turned thirteen.

I screamed my ass off.

He laughed at me and I started yelling at him. I was close to crying when I stopped yelling. I realized that I truly was crazy. He put his arms around me, and whispered in my ear, "Shh. Don't worry, you aren't crazy."

He was always there for me after that. Sure, we got on each other's nerves, but I could be my true self around him.

Don't get me wrong, the boy could be immature as Hell. I even told him that was once.

"How is Hell immature?" he asked.

"Well, duh. A red person laughing as people burn is totally immature in my book."

He had laughed- I did, too.

He grew on me. I was happy to have a friend, and to have somebody who didn't think that I was crazy. Besides, if it wasn't for him, my school wouldn't think I'm crazy. He pushes my chair too far back sometimes, makes me snap at him in the middle of class, I talk to him randomly sometimes when I'm bored because he's always there.

It's not my fault. It's his.

I knew he wasn't real. I mean, just because I could feel him doesn't mean anyone else could. My mom and dad never saw him. I freaked out when my little sister Ami couldn't see him. I mean, she was a little kid. Aren't little kids s'posed to have a great imagination?

He said that he was only for me, that's why no one else could see him.

I called him a stupid pervert.

That was all when I was thirteen and fourteen- now I'm sixteen and he's still here.

I really am crazy.

I run to my class. Damn- I'm so close to being late.


"Leave me alone, Ikuto," I snap.

Ikuto just rolls his eyes, easily keeping up with my pace. His long legs allow him to do so. Even though I'm practically running, Ikuto's just walking.

He always manages to make me angry. Right now, I'm pissed that I have to go to class and I'm pissed that even though I'm pretty tall I only come up to his shoulder.

"Amu, don't be mad at me. It's not my fault you're late to your math class," Ikuto drawls.

Another thing that pisses me off: Math.

So, instead to staying quiet like I should I begin to rant about how stupid math is and how evil my math teacher is and how she hates me.

Then I freeze. "Hey, Ikuto, why are math teachers always women? I mean, in every book, movie, and in my experience, math teachers are always women."

Ikuto sighs and shakes his head. "That's not true. It's just that women are usually teachers."

I shrug and start walking again. Then I start talking. "You know, I noticed that, but I've never really said any- oomph!"

I land on my butt. "Ow, damn. What'd I run into?"

I look up. Ikuto's the first person I see, looking down at me worriedly. Then I look to see what I ran into.

Hotori Tadase.

Tadase looks down at me with shock printed on his face. Neither of us were expecting that.

"Oh, it's you," he says. "The crazy chick."

I frown, and so does Ikuto. Tadase looks around.

"Who were you talking to anyways? An imaginary friend?" Tadase laughs, and so two idiots behind him.

"Actually, I was talking to-"

"Shut up," Ikuto hisses.

I look up at him from my spot on the floor. "Why?"

Tadase's eyebrows furrow. "Why what?"

I switch my gaze on Tadase. I can kind of see why girls like him. I mean, he's cute, he's on the basketball team. But he's a jerk. And rude.

He stares at me for a few more minutes.

Still staring....

Do I have pie on my face? 'Cause that pie in the cafeteria today was really good.

I turn my head and look at my reflection in a locker. "Nope," I announce. "No pie."

Tadase backs away. "Holy shit, this chick really is cray," he says. "Let's go!"

And they run away. I look up at Ikuto, who is trying his best not to laugh. "What? He was staring at me. I thought that I might've had something on my face."

Ikuto breaks out laughing. "Come on, stupid. We're really late now." As he says that, the tardy bell rings.



I got a detention. Ikuto sits with me. He doesn't say anything, he just stares.

And I stare back.

The boy was gorgeous. Shaggy midnight blue hair hanging loosely around his face and indigo eyes. Tall... Too tall...

I frown. "You're too tall," I say.

The teacher looks back at me. "Excuse me?" he says.

He's shorter than me.

"Not you," I say, waving my hand around.

I know that I could only see Ikuto. Actually, it was hard for me to believe. When I first saw him, I thought I had finally became a nut case.

I sigh. "Am I cray?" I whisper to Ikuto.

He shakes his head. "Don't worry. You're not. Everyone else is."

I smile at his response. It was always the same, but always good to hear. Sometimes I really wish that he was real.


I got out of detention at 4:30.

Basketball gets out at 4:15, a detail I had forgotten until this moment.

Tadase and some of his friends are sitting around the parking lot, talking. Ikuto frowns.

"Keep walking, Amu."

He grabs my hand are pulls me along with him. "I'm walking, I'm walking. Jeez," I mutter.

"Get the crazy chick!"

Ikuto's eyes narrow and he walks faster, pulling my arm in front of me.

The boys freeze. "What the fuck?" one of them says.

I pull my arm back and plant my feet. Turning to them, I say, "You want a piece of this?" I point to my shirt. "Well you can't have it!"

Ikuto growls and pulls on my arm, swinging me around. "How stupid are you?" he yells.



"Don't answer, let's go before they snap out of it."

As soon as those words leave Ikuto's mouth, Tadase grabs me.

I am frozen, as is Ikuto. I get hit in the stomach twice before Ikuto snaps out of his trance and knocks the shit outta Tadase.

Tadase's goons, who were coming to help him, freeze. Tadase's dubbed over, his eye already turning blue and gasping for breath.

Ikuto pulls on my arm. "You wanna go, or can I finish pumbling him?"

"Let's go."


When I got home, my parents scold me for getting a detention and for taking so long getting home. They then see how I'm holding my stomach.

After ten minutes of telling them that I'm fine, my parents win and pull up my shirt a bit. There they see the bruise.

They are pissed beyond belief and even call the police. Police ask me to identify the boys and I lie, saying I'd never seen any of them before and how I didn't get a good look at anyone's face.

When I'm finally allowed to go to my bedroom, Ikuto yells at me.

"What the fuck?!" he yells. "They could have gotten harassment charges! You could have gotten them into serious trouble! Why didn't you just tell them?"

"I didn't know anyone but Tadase. And I really couldn't describe anyone but Tadase. I would have sounded like an idiot. And how'd you even do that? I thought..."

Ikuto huffs. "You sound like an idiot most of the time, why would you care now?"

I sit up and glare at him. "You're face!" I reply.

"See?" Ikuto says. "That's exactly what I mean. That didn't make any sense and it was childish."

"Go away," I say. "I'm going to sleep."


I couldn't find Ikuto anywhere the next morning. I looked everywhere in my house, I called out to him, begged him to forgive me.

He didn't show up. And he didn't answer my question from last night. How did my imaginary friend beat up Tadase?

Sighing, I make my way to my locker.

Ikuto... Damn that asswipe! I'm so gonna kick his imaginary ass next time I see him!

My first class is English, so that's where I head. I sit down in my seat, and the teacher comes in, smiling.

"Class," she says, "today we have a new student. Please welcome Tsuikyomi Ikuto."

And in all of his hot glory, Ikuto steps in.

My Ikuto.


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