She laughed as he tickled her, as a new couple, Ron and Hermione hadn't really gotten used to the fact that they belonged together yet, after the battle all those weeks ago they had finally come to terms with the realisation that they loved each other.

Hermione gasped as she fought him off and he wiped his forehead as she undid the first few buttons on her shirt, Ron gulped as he saw the lightly freckled skin of her neck, she wasn't exactly flat chested but she wasn't top heavy either. She looked at him and smiled as she pressed her lips to his and he chuckled as her hands slid down his front, unbuttoning his shirt whilst he slipped off his jeans and her brown suede three quarter length trousers, he ran his tongue across her lips, begging for admittance, she permitted. He lay back on the bed with her perched astride his hips and she ground herself down onto him as the pressure built, higher and higher until she screamed with pleasure and ripped away from him. She scrambled down towards his hips and he jammed his fist into his mouth to stifle his cries as she bit down and sensuously moved her lips and tongue to the rhythm of her own heartbeat. He pulled her up to his face and kissed his way to her petit but firm bosom and then, later, down towards the valley of her thighs where his tongue slid into the gap and caused her to moan at his touch, this was a pleasure that neither had ever experienced, being but novices to the world of physical love.


Many more times over the years both couples would experience those pleasures, but one thing is for sure. Neither couple would ever forget, That First Time.