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It had all happened so quickly, so fast. It was just another fight…right? No, in the back of her head Runo knew she was finished. She was now an outcast, wondering the planes of Vestroia, never to see them again, never to see him again, never to see home again. It was so fast, and so painful. She still didn't know what happened. All she knew was the she, Runo, was out of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance.

*Flash Back*

(Enjoy the following where Dan loses his temper. :)

"Runo, what do you mean we should wait? That might cost us more time! And the Vexos already have 4/6 attributes!" Dan protests.

"But, if you and Shun go into battle and lose the energies, they might destroy all the Bakugan before we get the chance to attack. So that's why Julie, Alice, and I should battle them first!" Runo counters.

"Why do you have to be soooooo stupid?" Dan wails.

"Why do you have to be so arrogant?" Runo sighs.

"Guys, really? You're almost as bad as Mira and Ace!" Baron cries.

"Well, tell that to 'Miss Fragile' over here!" Dan points.

"Dan Kuso, you said you wouldn't bring that up!" Runo's eyes begin to water with tears.

"Dan, stop it! You're upsetting her! How much more brutal can you be?" Shun cries and pats Runo on the shoulder. Runo blushes.

"Yeah Dan, it was just an idea." Marucho stated.

"Oh, so now your gonna take the little 'I put the resistance in a near-death experience' side?" Dan shouts.

"Dan! You know she broke both her legs and her arms to save us!" Mira cries.

It was true, Runo had lead the team into a Vexos trap. But she had broken almost all the bones in her body to save them. She recovered quickly thanks to the infinity core, but Dan and the other didn't trust her as well after that. So they all swore they'd never bring it up.

"Dan, she made a mistake. It was a big one, but she paid a big price to fix it!" Ace adds.

"Your point, Runo's a WORTH-LESS MEMBER OF THE TEAM!!" Dan wails .

"DANEIL KUSO, YOU KNOW GOOD AND WELL WE ARE A TEAM!!" Julie screeches' in protest.

"Dan… don't treat Runo like this." Alice pleads. Runo's eyes were died red. She stood there, motion-less. She seemed to stop breathing. Inside Runo, the words kept on repeating.

Worth-less member…

Worth- less member…

Worth-less member…

"WORTH-LESS!!" Dan screams. Runo stumbles and Shun barley catches her.

"DAN! STOP IT! SHE'S JUST A GIRL! WOULD YOU QUIET IT!!" Shun yells. Runo runs out of Shun's grasp and into her room."Runo…?" Shun says.

"Yeah, run you idiot!" Dan cries.

*End of flashback*

Runo was now in her room, it was dark and the truck had transformed into a building a few hours ago. 'It's time…to leave.' Runo thought. She quietly snuck out of her room. Past Mira and Julie's room, Alice's room, Marucho and Baron's room, Dan's room, and Ace and Shun's room. As she passes Shun's room she smiles, she quickly darts in. She places a hand on his cheek. Tears stroll down her face, but she had to leave. He didn't wake up or flinch as she put a note on his dresser. Runo was about to leave, but one last time she looked back… And one last time looked at her knight in shinning armor.

-Next Day-

"Has anyone seen Runo?" Ace asks. Everyone shakes their heads.

"Ha! She's probably still in her room crying her eyes out!" Dan giggles. Everybody rolls their eyes. Suddenly Shun walks in, he looked steamed.


"What do you mean she left?" Baron cries.

"Here, she left a letter…" Shun says.

"What?" Mira says and read the letter out loud.

Dear Guys,

Hey it's Runo, sorry but I left. I'm just not cut out for the resistance, don't be sad! Just remember what Dan said, I'm a worth-less member. :) So here are my final words: Mira, you rock it was nice to have a friend-girl that isn't all frilly and girly. Ace, you're like a big brother to me and you always will be, so don't ever forget that. Baron, dude you rock at playing video games and thanks for always sharing them with me. Julie, you're my lil' pink puff and you always will go shopping, to bad I won't be their next time. Alice, girl we're more then friends, we are sisters. And don't you stop smiling, do it for me, ok? Marucho, you're still my first and only Bakugan Buddy. Dan, thanks for saying all of those mean thing to me, it showed me I wasn't cut of for the fight to save the Bakugan, so thanks. Shun, if I didn't know better I would've said you're my guardian angle. You're always there for me and you know how to make me laugh. Don't be upset, because I know you're crying right now, I will always watch over you, like you did to me. Shun… thank you. And remember, you're my knight in shining armor and don't you forget that.

Forever and always Haos,


As Mira finishes the letter, she feels more tears rolling down her cheeks. She wasn't alone, everyone else (Except Dan) was crying.

"Oh, I never knew R-Runo was so deep…" Alice whimpers.

"S-She left us… b-but I…" Marucho stutters.

"Runo's gone… and she's not coming back." Ace sighs.

"So what?" Dan yells in happiness. "Guys, she was bringing us down, don't you see? But here's a chance to make up for all the lost time, come on, we don't need Runo!" The others look at him and shake their heads.

"I-I...I DON'T CARE ABOUT LOST TIME!" Marucho screams. "I WANT MY BUDDY BACK AND IT'S YOUR FAULT SHE LEFT!" He wails and runs out.

"Marucho-" Alice starts. "-you should me ashamed of yourself!" She says and runs after Marucho.

"Alice? Marucho?" Dan pleads.

"You just don't know when to stop do you?" Ace says and walks out shaking his head.


"Give it a rest, Dan, you crossed the line." Mira says and leaves with Julie.

"Mira, Julie?"

"Master Dan, I-I never knew you were so cold." Baron says and follows Ace.

"Baron? Ah, how need them, we don't right Shun?" Dan smiles.

"Dan, just, don't talk to me, or any of us anymore. And I will never forgive you for what you did…" Shun says and walks out.

"Shun…Shun? What have I done?" Dan asks the empty room.

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