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-Chapter 1-

"You still owe me two more ice creams, Dante!" Patty said as she licked the last remaining cold fluid from her ice cream cone.

Dante sighed heavily, bleu orbs fixated on the dark street before them. It was just after 6 pm, but now that the days became shorter, due to the upcoming winter. The darkness claimed more daylight with each passing day.

"Did you hear what I said?" Patty asked, chewing on a piece of her cone. Her eyes looked up at Dante rather challenging. This little girl always seemed to push him a little bit further, and to think that he didn't even like kids all that much…

"Yeah yeah, I heard ya." Dante waved her off and dug his hands deeply into the pockets of his long red trench coat. Where he was going to find the money to buy her those, he didn't know. Ever since the incident at the mall, he was in more dept then ever before.

How could he have known that the clothing store he decided to blow the devil up in, was Gucci and that those clothes were unique and, as the shop attended told him, 'irreplaceable'. Dante had just figured, since they were the once who called him in the first place, they sure wouldn't mind if he killed the deadly devil right there in the shop.

Guess he was wrong…

And he didn't even get his fee for the job. Morrison decided that it was best to take it right off his dept, so that way he wouldn't be able to spent 'money he didn't have', or so Morrison told him. Man, would Dante have loved to break his scrawny little neck. But then again, the man did provide him most of his jobs…not that they brought him any payment most of the time.

The pair kept on walking in the direction of the orphanage where Dante had promised to drop Patty off, before going back to his own home. He had complained, since the location of the orphanage was way out of his direction, but he couldn't send the girl home by herself. The streets were rather empty for such an early evening, but then again it was getting darker by the day and humans usually didn't like going out in the dark on their own. The few people they did pass tossed quick glances over their shoulders at the sight of Dante and Patty.

The couple must've looked pretty funny tot them, since Dante was quite tall and rather tough looking, while Patty was at least three heads shorter and dressed in one of her 'cute' little frilly dresses with pink and white everywhere and a pink cap on her head to top it off. It did look kind of ridicules, those two together.

They passed the park that lay across the street from them, which indicated that the orphanage was just around the corner. This much to Dante's relieve. The man's pace subconsciously quickened, determined to bring the bossy girl home as soon as possible so he could crash down on his couch to fall asleep for the rest of the evening.

Dante was quite looking forward to this, his mind set on a quiet little evening when he suddenly realized that Patty was no longer walking by his side. The white haired man stopped dead in his tracks, turning around slightly. His blue orbs scanned the darkening surroundings. He discovered Patty, standing just a few feet away, her eyes seemingly set on something in the park across the street.

"Patty, let's go." he demanded rather impatient. She was not going to ruin his evening just because, he assumed, she saw the playground in the park. Yet the girl was not responding to his voice. "Hey brat, come on. We're almost there." He was now standing beside her, placing a heavy gloved hand on her shoulder.

Patty, still not responding, kept her eyes set on a sight in the park.

Dante frowned and followed her gaze, not really seeing anything out of the ordinary. "Patty, what's wrong?" he felt quite hesitant to ask her this, because now he knew she was going to drag him into the park to check this 'something' she'd probably seen, out.

"I thought I saw…" she started, tearing her eyes away from the dark shadowy park and looking up at him. "I thought…"

"You thought?" he urged, not really caring, but pretending to do so anyway.

Patty turned her head towards the same spot again and started walking towards it, grabbing Dante's arm as she did so. "I'll show you."

Oh boy, here we go again.

Dante didn't move an inch, which resulted in Patty trying her best to pull him forward. The girl would probably have had more luck trying to move a brick wall. "Come on Dante! I saw something! I'm sure of it!"

Dante yawned, growing bored. His couch was now 'really' calling for him, and so he started walking towards the orphanage, pulling Patty with him in the process.

"Dante stop! I saw something! I saw a unicorn!" Patty exclaimed childishly while trying to pull herself free. It drew the attention of a passer by who stood still and watched the scene with raised eyebrows.

"Sugar high." Dante explained him with a shrug of his shoulders. Patty continued on resisting.

"I saw a unicorn, Dante, stop!"

Dante chuckled and shook his head. "Yeah right, and fairies are taking over the world."

"Dante!" the little girl punched his upper arm with her little fists, not that it really hurt him. "I'm serious."

"Me too." he replied turning around, ready to pick the girl up by her waist and throwing her over his shoulder. She was making his arm rather tired with all the pulling she had been doing. And besides, the sun had almost set, and he had promised the non he'd bring Patty back by nightfall. Just when he was about to grab the little squirming girl, a shimmer of pearly white caught his eye across the street. It had flickered between the shadows of the trees, only for a few seconds, before it had disappeared again, but it was enough for Dante to pique his interest.

Patty noticed the man's hesitation.

"Told you!" she said, as soon as she saw the curiosity on the man's face.

Dante narrowed his eyes and scanned the park, but the pearly white appearance was no where to be seen.

"Let's go check it out." Patty said again, crossing the street with Dante now trailing on behind her.

As soon as they set foot in the park, Dante could feel some sort of presence that seemed demonic. He frowned and kept a hand near one of the guns he hid under his trench coat. With his other hand he grabbed Patty by her shoulder and pulled her closer. He wasn't really keen on the little girl being here now that danger was on the lookout, but he couldn't leave her behind. Besides, if he did leave her behind, she would probably go out and explore the park on her own.

As they stepped off of the path that curved through the 'woods' and walked between the trees, Dante could've sworn he heard a wolf howling in the distance. It rather disturbed him. The park wasn't all 'that' big and was located in the middle of a bustling city. It certainly was no place for a wolf.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a large pure white figure came galloping anxiously between the trees, making the two stop dead in their tracks. The creature dodged every tree swiftly and with grace, but it seemed terrified and on the run for something horrible. It's long white manes and white lion like tail waved on behind it. Its pure white fur was shining in a hypnotizing way in the light of the almost set sun. The creature was smaller then a horse, more elegant then a graceful pony. It could not even be described as a horse, unless someone would want to insult this creature. For it was far more beautiful then anything in the entire world. Patty stared at the creature, her mouth agape. To her, it did look like a horse and it was the most stunning horse she had ever seen. For a child's vocabulary is to limited to give it any other name. But to Dante, the long twisted and pointy horn that stuck straight out of it's forehead, was what caught his attention the most.

Patty had not been lying when she said she'd seen a unicorn. Dante didn't know those creatures actually excited outside of fairytales, but then again…he'd seen a lot of weird stuff in his life. Adding an actual unicorn to his list shouldn't be all that surprising.

"Dante, it looks really scared." Patty almost whispered, not being able to use her voice properly.

Just then the sun disappeared behind the horizon, cloaking the city with darkness. The only light coming from the moon and the street lanterns, scattered across the city. As if on cue, a shimmery white light expanded from the unicorns body, leaving Dante and Patty blinded. Protecting his eyes and Patty's from the light, he held his arm in front of his eyes and placed his other gloved hand over Patty's face. Dante himself was able to peek over his sleeve and notice to his great surprise, that right before the light died, a naked humanly figure came crashing down gracefully to the muddy soil. When the light was gone, so was the unicorn. With his hand still covering Patty's face, keeping her from her sight, Dante stared wide eyed at the naked figure a few feet away from them in shock.

Lying motionless in the mud before them was a young woman with pearly long white hair, pale porcelain skin, and the most perfect figure he had ever seen in his life. Her face was turned away from them. She was lying on her front with her slim perfectly lined back turned their way. Her hair was spread out behind her like a fan.

Patty, who was trying to tear off Dante's hand of her face, was growing quite restless. "Dante what happened, let me see?"

Dante lowered his hand, but kept his gaze in the womanly form, her appearance intoxicating him.

"Oh my god!" Patty exclaimed when she noticed the white female where only one minute ago the unicorn had been. She ran towards the female, kneeling down beside her with her hands millimetres above the skin of her back and shoulder, hesitant to touch her, afraid that she might hurt the woman in some way.

Dante came standing beside Patty, his blue orbs travelling shamelessly over the woman's body. She looked incredibly fragile, her porcelain skin shining white in the shimmery light of the moon. He could feel his face heat up just at the sight of her. It left him somewhat dumbstruck, as all he could do was stare while Patty helplessly tried to come to the female's aid.

Who was she?

"Don't just stand there, Dante! Help me out!" Patty exclaimed, letting out an annoyed sigh because of Dante's mental absence. "Men." she whispered under her breath, shaking her head as she did so.

Dante shook himself back to life and took of his trench coat, revealing his huge pair of gun's hanging on each side of his upper legs and the black shirt underneath. With the upmost care he placed his red coat on top of the girl, covering most of her naked form up. Attentively he put his hands under her upper legs and back and picked her up from the soil carefully, but with ease. She weight barely nothing, compared to his strength.

Her head turned limply towards him, her forehead now leaning on his broad chest. Dante's eye scanned the impossible perfect formed face in awe, but was snapped back to reality when Patty tugged on his shirt.

"She has to go someplace warm. She'll get sick if she stays out in the cold like this." Patty said, with concern written all over her face. Dante agreed, it surely was unhealthy to stay out in the cold while wearing no clothing whatsoever. "We'll take her with us." he said and started walking towards the path that would take them out of the woods, his headquarters as a destination.

Patty followed him closely, holding his shirt in the process. The woods were somehow giving her an eerie feeling. Chills went up and down her spine every time she heard something crack behind her. She felt safer when she was closer to Dante.

Hiding in the darkness and protection of a thick bush, two shiny yellow eyes watched the threesome leave the park in displease. His clear white teeth shone dangerously sharp in the moonlight and he let out a soft and angry growl. He had been so close this time, and yet she had managed to escape his claws again. He was growing furious as she had almost been his and now she was lying in the arms of the well known Dante, half demon, and devil hunter. To get her was going to be one hell of a challenge…

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