Sonny with a Chance of adoption

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Chapter 1-

Chad's POV-

It was 11 years after I fell for Sonny Monroe. I fell to hard and I ended up hurting myself. I still can't get over that day she said goodbye.


I saw Sonny pulling out of the lot of the studio in her new car. I went over to the car to see her. We had been dating for almost 6 months you know.

"Hey Sonshine what's going on?"

"Um… hi baby. I have to go ok. See you soon. Ok", she replied

"Ok, love you"I said and leaned in to kiss her.

"Love you to" she said after we broke apart "remember I will always love you" she said pulling out of the parking lot.

If I had only known that I would never see her again. I would have stopped her, kissed her, and talked to her. I mean I know she is still out there I read about her all the time. She apparently has started her acting career again after a long indefinite break. But I haven't seen her or talked to her since that day. I just didn't have the nerve.

I knew it was time for me to start doing something with my life. I wanted to have a family. I knew I couldn't start dating I would feel like I would be cheating on her. So I decided that adoption would work for me.

I had already spoken to the adoption agency. I told them that I would like a girl. Preferably from the USA, about the age of 11.

I heard my phone ringing in my pocket. I picked up.

"Hello CDC speaking"

"Hello Mr. Cooper this is the adoption agency. We think we have found the perfect child for you. Her name is Mackenzie Allison Dylan Cooper. Strange huh? She is 11 years old and is originally from Wisconsin. Would you like to meet her?'"

She sounded perfect to me. The name was a bit of a coincidence but whatever.

"Sure yeah I would love to. When can I come?"

"As soon as possible"

"Great I'll be there in 30 minutes. Bye"

I quickly drove my way to the adoption agency.

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